Can you tell if you’re exercising enough?

Although we believe that exercise in any form is amazing it’s important to understand that they are not equal. If you’re questioning whether you’re working out hard enough or if you’re not seeing significant results anymore, chances are you need to revamp your routine a bit. Since all our bodies are different, it can be difficult to set hard and fast rules on what exercise and how much exercise works best for each of us. However, there are some telltale signs that indicate that you definitely are maximizing your workout routine – some of them include: 1. Your Heart Rate Some people make the mistake of relying on sweat being the only indicator to a tough workout. However, you may just be prone to sweating or you may be working out in a hot environment. A failsafe approach to determine whether you’re making the best out of your workout session is to check your heart rate. Want significant results? Make sure your heart is racing throughout your workout. Whether you’re doing high intensity interval training or you’re on a cardio machine, aim for a heartbeat that fluctuates between 75 percent of your maximum when you start and build to 100 percent as you progress. You can roughly determine your maximum heart rate by subtracting your age from 220. The easiest way to track your heart rate is by using a heart rate monitor. However, if you don’t have one you can stop midway and check your pulse the old fashioned way. If you’re too comfortable or if your heart rate isn’t significantly high while working out, chances are you need to boost your intensity. 2. Your Workout Intensity After sticking to a workout plan for a certain period, it is normal to become comfortable with the workout. You don’t feel as sore or tired while doing it. If this sounds a lot like your current routine, it’s time to up your intensity. If you’re weight training, add more. If your workouts require lighter weights (for safety and more movement), increase the number of repetitions by 10 or more. For cardio, you should move faster and incorporate interval training. The more effort you put into a workout, the faster the results. 3. Physical Changes This doesn’t mean that you should give up after a week of trying a new routine. Think about how long it took you to take your body to the level you’re at now. If you’ve been eating healthy and working out regularly for a few months and do not see any results, consider reevaluating your routine. You don’t have to jump into a super intense routine if you’re still just a few months new to working out but you still need to progress gradually.

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