Why Portion Control Is The Secret To Losing Weight?

Having Too Much of a Good ThingIs it possible to have too much of a good thing? You can bet your life it is. You may be wondering why, even after piling your plate high with all of the tastiest, freshest, low calorie and healthiest food around you are still not losing weight . . . has the penny dropped yet? Even healthy food contains calories.Losing weight is not only about keeping an eye on what you eat; it’s also about how much you eat every day. The buzz words here are “portion size” – are you beginning to get the message?Reports suggest that portion sizes have more than doubled in the last twenty years and that some people eat pasta servings which are an incredible five times over recommendations . . . and that’s just an example.To put it into plain English, the majority of people eat far more than they need to, and what happens to all of that excess? Yes, you’ve got it . . . it ends up on the hips, the waistline, the “Mum tum”, the “muffin top” or whatever other nickname you have for your wobbly bits.There’s a lot to be said for the “little and often” technique. Starving all day to treat yourself to a large portion of pasta in the evenings is certainly not the way to reach your weight loss goals.Frequent Small Meals Will Help You Achieve Your Weight Loss GoalsBreakfast really is the most important meal of the day and not only helps to keep the hunger pangs at bay but also gives the metabolism a kick-start in the mornings. Eat a small, healthy breakfast within a half hour of getting out of bed, how about a bowl of fruit, a poached egg with a slice of wholemeal toast or a small bowl of cereals or porridge.Split your daily calorie intake into five or six small meals a day. This will help to keep your energy levels high while simultaneously getting rid of any excess pounds and encouraging the body to burn excess fat and not muscle tissue.The Problem With Starving YourselfWhen food intake stops the body is pre-programmed to shut down into starvation mode – it’s all about self-preservation. If you don’t eat something regularly every three or four hours your metabolic rate slows down – this is bad for weight loss. A frequent supply of small meals helps to increase the energy you expend even while you are at rest which burns extra calories and helps to decrease your percentage of bodyfat . . . i.e. weight loss.It’s a real uphill struggle if you are trying to lose weight while your body is desperately trying to hang on to it. Frequent, smaller portions of healthy, nutritious food will help you to reach your weight loss goals and stop you from feeling hungry when you might give in to naughty cravings. This also helps to keep you feeling energized throughout the day and able to exercise harder, burning more calories when you do get the chance to work out.

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