How Do Artificial Sweeteners Influence Weight Loss?

Are you also one of those who top up their fries and burger with diet coke considering that it is less fattening than the regular coke? Considering the impact of sugar on weight gain people have now switched their preferences towards various artificial chemicals that have been invented to replicate the flavors of sugar. These chemicals are known as “artificial” sweeteners; they are sweet in taste and are often added to foods and beverages that are labelled as weight loss friendly!There is a big misconception which highlights that to reduce weight and lower blood sugar artificial sweeteners can be helpful. The truth behind this is that these sweeteners can actually increase your caloric consumption, appetite, and ultimately weight. The main aim of these sweeteners is to satisfy your sweet craving without loading you with calories, but recent studies have explicated some detrimental effects of its consumption which definitely outweighs any benefits these sweeteners may have for weight loss. Following are a few major consequence of including artificial sweeteners in you weight loss and diet regime:1. When consuming artificial sugar, you tend to eat larger portionsThe main reason behind this is that when people consume foods with artificial sweeteners they tend to rate them as “healthy food items”. This is because people forget that though it low in sugar but it still contains calories in the form of carbs, fats and proteins. Along with this, many studies have shown that the number of calories consumed from foods with natural sweeteners and foods with artificial sweeteners is almost same. This simply means that there is no calorie reduction by switching to artificial sweeteners!2. Hidden carbohydrate intakeMostly these sweeteners are used in bakery items which have high carbohydrate content. Though insulin-stimulated from carbohydrates are important for energy and healthy fats yet it must be considered that excess sugar or starch are converted into fat and cholesterol. This makes it clear that though artificial sweeteners contain negligible calories yet the associated calories also contribute in fat gain and ultimately delay the weight loss process.3. Increased sweet cravingsIt has been explicated that sweet flavors sizzle the taste buds and increase the appetite; despite of their source. Since artificial sweeteners are sweet they are bound to increase your temptations for sweet and carbohydrate products. Along with this, if you consume sweet or starches you really need to move and exercise in order to burn them off else they can result in weight gain. This makes it clear that when you have artificial sweeteners rather than consuming less calories you tend to intake them more.4. Metabolic confusionsAlong with this, another major reason as to why artificial sweeteners act as a blocker in the weight loss journey is that your body does not get be fooled by the sweet taste without the associated calories. The scientific reason is that when you eat something sweet your brain release dopamine which activates the brain’s rewards system along with releasing the appetite-regulating hormone. This plays an important role in informing your brain that you are full after certain calories. Since you try to trick your body with artificial sweet, the brain get activated but does not receive the associated calories. Hence, there is an overall metabolic confusion which ultimately results in excessive eating.5. Research refute the diet claimStudies that have been conducted over the period of last 30 years have highlighted that artificial sweeteners stimulate appetite, increase cravings for carbs, and produce a variety of metabolic dysfunctions that promote fat storage and weight gain. It clearly refutes any claim that highlights the use of artificial sweeteners for weight loss!Though artificial sweeteners have the potential to benefit the people suffering from diabetes or high blood sugar, but their use can actually hinder the goals in terms of weight loss. Instead of using natural or artificial sweeteners try to include other natural replacements like agave or honey!

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