4 Lower Belly Exercises to Kill
that Belly Pooch

4 Lower Belly Exercises to Kill that Belly Pooch

A flatter midsection may ease away your swimsuit concerns however, a stronger core has a myriad of health benefits beyond the aesthetics. Not only does a stronger core provide more stability to your body and make your workouts more effective, it also protects against numerous health conditions linked to belly fat. Looking for ways to get rid of that stubborn belly pooch? Keep reading.

1. Scissor Kicks

This exercise may look simple but it burns after just a few reps. Lie down on your back with your hands behind your head and lift your head and shoulders off your matt. Do not pull on your neck – keep your elbows wide.

With your abdominal muscles, lift your legs off the ground in a straight line (the lower they are, the better the results!) and scissor kick, crossing one foot over the other and alternating. Keep alternating without pushing your chin forward or straining your neck. Perform 25 reps, stop for 5 seconds and perform 2 more sets.

2. Jack Knives

Lie down on your back with feet together and legs extended. Place your arms overhead and inhale. As you exhale, suck in your abs, squeezing them and raise your right arm and left leg causing a contact between hand and foot or ankle. Lower to starting position while inhaling and repeat for 15 seconds. Switch sides immediately and repeat with opposite side for 15 more seconds.

3. Leg Raises

Lie down on your mat and place your hands under your tailbone to stabilize your back. Tighten your core and lift your legs using your abdominals until they are perpendicular to the ground. Keep your toes pointed and legs straight. If you are unable to keep them straight, it is still okay to perform this exercise with your knees bent.

Slowly lower the legs back to the ground using your ab muscles. Do not drop your legs haphazardly as this will make the exercise ineffective. Avoid this exercise if it causes pain in the lower back. However, you can expect soreness in your lower belly, which is a good thing!

4. Roll Ups

Lie down on your back, stretching your arms and legs so that you form a straight line with your body. Inhale deeply and bring your arms overhead. Begin to curl your body off the mat, starting from the shoulders, vertebrae by vertebrae. The slower you do this move, mimicking a curling motion rather than going just straight up, the more effective the exercise will be.

Exhale when your upper body forms a right angle with your legs and continue rolling forward so that you can reach your toes. Inhale and return to starting position, again very slowly. Repeat 10 times.