Best Exercises for Your Chest

Best Exercises for Your Chest

Think you need expensive equipment or a gym membership to get an awesome, well-defined, thick chest? Well, think again. Fortunately, gravity is on your side and it can help you work your chest, arms, abs, legs… anything!

Utilizing the force of gravity by performing body weight exercises for resistance can help you amplify muscular strengthen, definition and flexibility. But here’s the secret: You need to get out of the couch and get moving. Move at least for 2 minutes and you’ll get hooked!


When it comes to working your chest, the first thing that comes to any person’s mind is pushups.

Pushups are versatile and can be performed to work your entire upper body which includes the arms, shoulder and chest.

Start by getting into a basic plank position by supporting your bodyweight on your hands and the balls of your feet. Make sure that you position your hands right under your shoulders but are slightly more than shoulder-width apart.

Engage your core and form a straight line from your shoulders to your ankles. Lower yourself to the floor by bending both arms by the elbow at the same time. Stop when your chest is just above an inch above the ground.

If you are unable to perform a normal pushup, place your knees on the ground and form a straight line between neck, shoulder, hops and knees. Pause for a second and return to original plank position. Perform as many reps as you can and focus on increasing reps every week.


Get into plank position just like you did with the normal pushup.

Instead of forming a straight line from shoulder to ankles, stick your butt into the air and perform a pushup.Lower your body just as if you would with a normal pushup but instead of going down straight, dive forward using your chest while lowering your butt to the ground. Pause for a second and repeat after returning to initial position.


This is similar to a regular pushup but instead of placing the balls of your feet on the floor, place your feet on the wall (make sure they are clean!) and allow your chest and core to balance you.

Make sure you are forming a straight line from shoulder to ankles and lower your body by bending bot arms while ensuring your feet are in contact with the wall at all times.

Pause for a second when your chest is just an inch off the ground and lift yourself up to plank position by using the muscles in your arms, shoulders and chest. Repeat until you can’t take it anymore!


People who go to a gym often use a dip machine for this movement but a couple of chairs at home can do a terrific job too. Stand between two chairs and place each hand on each of the top backs of the chairs. Make sure your chairs are sturdy or else you might get hurt. Lift your feet off the ground, supporting your entire bodyweight with your arms.

Bend both your arms together and lower your body toward the ground.Stop when your upper arms are parallel to the ground.

Pause for a second and straighten your arms to return to initial position. Rest and repeat.

Warning: if you experience any severe pain during or after these exercises, see a doctor ASAP.