Lots of people swear by Zumba for weight loss, but does it really work? The answer is YES, it does work out really well for effective weight loss process along with many other amazing benefits. This form of workout was invented by Beto Perez, and now it has become a raving hit at the fitness centers worldwide. Zumba fans welcome the killer workout with the catchy music. It is a combination of samba, salsa, hip-hop and mambo, which makes it an ultimate fat burner that will have you sweating within minutes. Let’s explore the major benefits of including Zumba in your routine to shed off those extra pounds-1. Weight lossUndoubtedly the best advantage of including Zumba in your workout routine is the spectacular weight loss results this new fitness craze can bring. It boosts the weight loss process by burning around 800-1000 calories in an hour, which is a huge number. It is an extremely fun workout that will improve the working of your cardiovascular system, which plays an active role in fighting the unwanted weight.2. Complete body toningAlong with weight loss, this workout also helps to tone the entire body as well as it contributes in increasing your muscle mass and strengthening your body. While doing Zumba you unknowingly engage yourself in high-intensity workout moves like squats and lunges, which tone your body from head to toe. Though such results can be easily achieved via other forms of exercises as well but, Zumba is different as it is not boring and repetitive in nature.3. AddictiveIt is really difficult to fall in love with your workouts but with Zumba this problem easily gets fixed. This form of workout has so much fun that you would actually be looking forward to your next workout session. This level of motivation will make the process of weight loss a lot more faster and happier. So if you need motivation Zumba is the way to go!4. Get socialGoing to a Zumba class is a new way to make friends and get social. All the members of the group are directed towards one goal that is to stay healthy and lose weight, which makes it easier to socialize with them. Every workout session becomes a party and you tend to achieve your goals faster without even knowing. So get fit by connecting with like-minded people by joining a class now!5. Metabolism boosterZumba plays an active role in burning out calories even when your body is at rest. A higher metabolic rate indicates that you have a healthy body, so give your body the boost now. Along with this, it burns around 800-1000 calories in an hour which makes it very clear that you can have a treat or two without feeling guilty.6. Stress relieverZumba is a great stress buster and works as a perfect therapy for your body. It is a perfect way to bust out all your stress that you accumulate throughout the day. The music and upbeat moves help in releasing the mode improving hormones – endorphins. Along with this, when you are relaxed you will have a more sound sleep, which also contributes in fastening the weight loss process. Overall, it contributes in long and healthy life by reducing tension/stress, blood pressure management and other lifestyle related diseases.7. Suitable for every ageAge is not a road blocker for this workout form. It is perfect for all age group as it combines a lot of fun element and exercise with music/dance. Zumba makes people of all ages and from all walks of life, feel active and healthy. So don’t worry just go and shake it off!8. FlexibilityZumba is a perfect blend of dance with aerobics. It plays a very active role in increasing body’s flexibility and also stretches your muscles. If you stick to this workout form on a regular basis, stretches such as touching your toes and doing full splits will become a reality in no time.9. Boosts immunityZumba is an intense workout form that helps you go beyond your limits. Daily activity is often considered a major factor in improving the overall health and also boost the immunity levels. When you workout the blood gets pumped up and immune fighting cells are transported to the required areas, which ultimately helps in fighting off the disease. This is not a special benefit of Zumba, but it definitely is the most interesting and fun way!10. Beautiful skinA Healthy body leads to a healthy and beautiful skin. Every move of Zumba is targeted towards a specific body part, which makes it a full body workout. Dancing to fast beats will make you sweat, which will increase water intake. Drinking a lot of water will help your body to flush out all the toxins, which can cause pimples, acne, rash, blotches and disorders on your skin’s surface. Make a routine to do Zumba daily for 40-50 mins daily, and you’ll notice a visible improvement in your complexion!Join a Zumba class now to reap all these benefits and have a healthier and happier lifestyle! **CHEERS**

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