Does Zumba Work For Weight Loss?

Does Zumba Work For Weight Loss?

Who doesn’t love to party?

A party which makes you dance, smile, laugh and lose more than 600 calories at the same time. A party which enhances your fitness levels while you dance on some amazing international beats.You may call it a dance fitness extravaganza,we call it ZUMBA.

ZUMBA is a fun workout based on intermittent training in which participants raise and drop their intensity alternatively. It’s a perfect combination of cardio, toning and stretching which not only improves the cardiovascular fitness but also enhances agility, coordination, balance and flexibility.

Facts state that such fitness training is the most effective in terms of weight loss, stamina and endurance. Anyone who loves music and who would instantly do a shoulder-shrug or a foot-tap after listening to the irresistible rhythms can do ZUMBA.

Merengue, salsa, reggaeton ,Soca, Samba, cumbia, hip hop, Bollywood, bhangra are just few of the renowned dance forms that are used in any Zumba class. It’s the magical music that has motivated around 15 million people across 180 countries to be a part of this fitness party every day.

Various celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Emma Watson, Kristie Alley have adopted this fitness program as a part of their daily fitness routine. Aqua ZUMBA, ZUMBA toning(using toning sticks), ZUMBA Sentao (chair workout), ZUMBA kids and kids Jr, ZUMBA gold (for over 50s), ZUMBA step are some specialised ZUMBA fitness programs which have been customised for people with different levels of age, interest and exertion.

The ZUMBA community is expanding in the entire world like fire and has already transformed millions of lives with its friendly and addictive format.

A bland everyday gym workout can be spiced up with some cool n curvy ZUMBA moves. Even after one full hour of sweating, grooving and dancing, you would end up asking for more.