Rules for Stronger Biceps

Rules for Stronger Biceps

When anybody asks you about how your muscle building plans are going?; the first thing you do is lift your arm and flex your biceps. This automatically implies that the biceps are the most recognizable muscle group in the whole body. The way to have well sculpted arms requires more than a few sets of curls once a week.

If you are really looking to build stronger biceps, all you need to do is start following these simple rules now –

1. Target your back muscles

The biceps are a small muscle group compared to the other muscles in the body. Before laying all your focus on them, it is advised to target the bigger muscles. Why target back muscles? All the back exercise, especially the upper back ones involve biceps movement too. If you fatigue your biceps first, your back will never get the attention it needs. Target the right area first to get the desired bicep muscle results.

2. No less than 8 reps

The best way to train your bicep muscles is to use variation of the curl exercise – exercises where you hold weights in your hands and bend your elbows to bring your hands closer to your shoulders. This movement requires single joint working which does not go well with heavy weights.

If you try to go too heavy, you’ll have to swing the weight with your hips or lower back, taking the tension off your arms and increasing the risk of injury. It is advised that when you are aiming to train your biceps, use a weight that allows you to do at least 8-15 reps. The best recommended workout pattern would be 3-5 sets with at least 30 total reps!

3. Weight moderation is the key

You must have seen that a lot of people use heavy weights, slinging the weight up and letting it fall back to the starting position. Please don’t try to imitate the same as it would be one of the biggest mistakes you can make when trying to build stronger biceps.

Controlling the speed of your reps is important because if you let the weight down too fast, the muscles relax and won’t grow. Try following the 1-2-3 tempo – take one second to curl the weight to the top position, squeeze your biceps for two seconds, then take three seconds to lower the weight back to the starting position to get the best muscles!

4. Take the challenge

Focus hard on your biceps by moving the weight and squeezing your muscles at the top of every rep, which will make the muscles work overtime and make each and every set more contributive towards your goal. To take it further, try squeezing your biceps even when you are lowering the weight. Be careful as this method is likely to make you extra sore!

5. Try Different Wrist positions

Doing the same curls everyday can be a boring task. To spice up your workout session try various wrist positions like supinated (palms-up), pronated (palms-down) and neutral (palms-facing)often. Changing the grips will also help in targeting the bicep muscles in different ways, as well as work smaller forearm muscles that can make your arms look bigger.

Opt for muscles and keep switching your wrist position after every few reps. Though building stronger biceps takes patience & rules – use lighter weights, lift weight slowly, change wrist positions and more but believe us these efforts will be worth it when you will be bursting out of your shirtsleeves and asking “whose got the strongest biceps?”

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