Make Every Run Easier!

Make Every Run Easier!

Going for a run for the first few times can feel really hard – it’s difficult to breathe, muscles ache, lungs burnout, and all you want to do is STOP right away. Listen, don’t give up!

We have got some simple tricks and techniques, which you can incorporate in your routine and these will actually help to make running as easy as a breeze (definitely, for the first time you will enjoy running) instead of a difficult chore.

Here’s the list-

1. Slow Down

There’s no need to start your run at a speed of 8 minutes per mile. When you are new to running, the key to become a master at it is to go slow. The right speed for a starter would be enough so you’re breathing faster than you would if just walking, but not huffing and puffing so much that your lungs hurt or you’re gasping for each breath.

Just chuck the interval training (we know its great for faster weight loss especially around the tummy) and opt for a consistent running pace. If you slow down a bit, it will allow you to focus on correct running form, give you ample time to enjoy the scenic beauty and also you’ll have the energy to chat with your workout buddy, all of which can actually make you love going out for a run.

When you get used to running and are comfortable with it, your pace will increase naturally, and then you can begin to challenge yourself with sprinting intervals.

2. Hills & Squats

Strong leg muscles are a must-have to run easily. One way to achieve that is to incorporate leg-strengthening work into your runs by adding hills. Running uphill is very challenging, but as soon as you get back to flat surface you’ll be amazed to see the difference in your running speed.

Another option for a stronger leg muscles is to incorporate leg-strengthening moves like squats, lunges, burpees, or step-ups!

3. Add the element of fun

If you literally hate your run it means that you are actually doing something wrong. It’s time that you start finding ways to make it more enjoyable like bringing your dog with you, running while listening to your tracks, explore new running place and fitness gears, etc.. Adding an element of fun will bring a new spark and motivate you to go for runs more often!

4. Being Regular is the Key

In order to make your body accustomed to the demands of running, being regular is the key. Instead of waiting for free time or a nice weather to go for a run, it would be better if you could make a weekly running schedule.

When you plan to run often it will help in strengthening the lower body and core muscles which will ultimately make the running an easy activity for you. Ease into running regularly with shorter runs, and as it begins to feel easier, gradually increase the mileage per workout.

5. Don’t Beyond Run

Though running regularly is going to make you body very adaptive towards it, but it is important to go beyond running to get over boredom and repetitive-stress injuries. It is advised to mix your cardio routine with biking, hiking, dancing, swimming, trekking, etc.

Engaging yourself in other kinds of cardio is going to enhance the overall strength of your body, so next time when you prepare for run, it easier to stay ahead. Not only this, since you are taking a break from run, you are actually gonna miss it and when you get back to it, you will surely find it more enjoyable and fun!