Have You Tried These Trendy

Have You Tried These Trendy Workouts?

Are you bored of your regular workout routine?

Is it too boring to pursue in long run? Let’s be honest: it is! A boring workout routine not only effects the exercise enjoyment but also influences the motivation and commitment level. Some studies have shown that when you inject the element of freshness and variety into your workouts, interest in the task at hand improves, ultimately leading to increased motivation.

Another study has even demonstrated that spicing up your workout routine can help you stay more committed to it over the long haul. So now you must be looking for ways you change your workout routine?

To simplify this process, we have we’ve tracked down some trendy workout options that are fun as well as effective too. These top fitness routines are exactly the opposite of boring; they will keep you on your toes and boost up the motivation to a higher level.

a) Global Groove Workout

If you are looking for a fun, and exciting cardio-workout, then this one is a must try. Global groove workouts pair simple dance moves with a variety of music genres to appeal to every fitness enthusiast and thus are a perfect replacement to traditional cardio.

Some of the most common dance-style workouts include salsa, samba, pop, zumba, among others. Known for being accessible to people of every fitness level, these workouts are a perfect option to start your new workout regime.

b) BodyArt Training

Bodyart training routine aims at creating harmony between body and mind. It is a dynamic training method focuses on everything from strength to endurance to flexibility and mobility using exercise from yoga, physiotherapy, stretching and pilates combined with breathing techniques and relaxation. Not only will it assist in boosting fitness, but it will also help reduce daily stress.

c)Pound Workout

Let’s be honest–when a workout isn’t fun, it’s hard to stick with and that’s where POUND comes in! Pound is a full-body cardio jam session, combining light resistance with constant simulated drumming. Known as Ripstix, the drumsticks offer a bit of resistance training as you drum to the music.

This means that you’re able to follow along with the workout simply by listening to the beat. The workout fuses cardio, pilates, isometric movements & poses, and plyometrics into a 45-minute series.

d) Urban Rebound : Trampoline

Uninspired by your treadmill routine? Embrace your inner child with a low-impact trampoline. Performed on mini trampolines, this workout will have you bouncing and balancing your way through a major calorie-burning workout.

Trampolining aims at strength, endurance and balance all at once. It’s also low impact workout, since the trampoline absorbs most of the shock as your body comes in contact with it. So now bounce and drop those pounds!

e) Amenzone : A Back to Basics Workout

This is one workout which can be easily tailored to your current fitness level. A strength-based routine, this workout include a series of body-weight exercises, as well as those done with cleaned car tires. Does it sound too intense??

Simplicity is the name of the game when it comes to this one, making it an excellent option for people looking to gain strength. So now it will be difficult for you make excuses as you have a whole lot of new workouts which are not only new, exciting but highly effective too!