Ways to Fit More Steps
into Your Day!

Ways to Fit More Steps into Your Day!

The simplest way to reach your fitness goals is to increase your daily step count. It’s a great way to get you moving more often to spark up or resume an exercise habit. Even if you have been exercising routinely for years, it may not be enough to combat the ill effects of hours of sitting.

That’s why adding more steps to your day is not only beneficial for your waistline but also for your overall health – lowering the risk of high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, etc. Yes, we know that walking is not a major calorie burner, (only 100 calories per mile) but working on mileage can really help in making a big difference in your weight control.

A research conducted at Harvard Health Watch (2009) highlighted that individuals who walked regularly gained significantly less weight than those who didn’t. You must have heard that every individual should walk at least 10,000 steps a day, but this is not applicable to everyone as everybody’s daily activity level is different

UK’s National Health Service highlighted that an average British adult walks between 3,000–4,000 steps a day. Suddenly jumping from 3,000–4,000 steps to 10,000 could be overwhelming for both your body and schedule. Today we have got some simple tips, which will help you in breaking down your goals in smaller and more manageable ones.

Follow these tips and aim to add about 500 steps a day, which will eventually lead your way up to 10,000 daily steps!

a) Walk Reminders There’s no need to fit in all you steps in a single go. To gain more benefits and squeeze in more steps it is better that you spread them out throughout the day. If you often get stuck in work, try setting a reminder for every hour, and spend 10-15 minutes walking. If you’re able to repeat this five times a day, you may reach your 10,000 step goal before you leave work!

b) Walking Buddy A good idea to spend some time with you family and also squeeze in some steps would be to go for a post dinner stroll with your family. Also, you can spend some time with your friends in the morning by going for a power walk with them. Sharing your steps with someone else is a great way to stay accountable and stick to your daily goal of walking more.

c) Opt for Indoor Walking It becomes difficult to fit it the extra steps, in case you get free for walking only at odd hours. The great news is there are plenty of indoor walking DVDs. These DVDs allows you to mix and match your miles to create your own personal walking plan every day. This is a simple yet great trick to have more daily steps.

d) Walk while you Talk Make a simple rule – every time you talk on you phone, you will walk. Whether you are in your office or at home, simply pace around your location. Turning every phone conversation into a walking one can increase your daily step count almost effortlessly.

e) Say No to Convenience You must have heard about taking the stairs instead of elevators or parking far away from stores while you go shopping, but the concern is how often often do we actually do it?

Sure, it’s more convenient to use the closer parking spot and to take the elevator, but don’t forget that just a little more effort into your routine will actually help you in reaching your daily step goals.