Benefits of Kickboxing!

Benefits of Kickboxing!

Kickboxing is an excellent cardio workout that is a great substitute for your regular aerobic routine or your indoor equipment exercises. It’s incredibly efficient and you can burn up to 750 calories per hour!

Read on to learn why kickboxing is one of the most efficient and effective workouts:

Fat Loss

To maximize your fat loss results, try adding a jump, such as through jump rope. Adding more jumps to a kickboxing workout may help you torch anywhere around 750 to 900 calories per hour, which is something you cannot expect from a regular workout. For comparison, you can burn up to around 350 calories per hour jet skiing and around 398 calories per hour jogging.

According to one study done by the American Journal of Physiology, aerobic exercises (such as kickboxing) do a much better job at burning belly fat than resistance workouts by annihilating about 67 percent more calories.

Improved Coordination

All that kicking and punching action involved in kickboxing helps improve your coordination and balance. You’ll notice your reflexes improving after a few workout sessions.


As you learn the technique, you’ll perform the movements with greater precision and power, which helps strengthen your upper and lower body muscles. The different positions required in kickboxing will boost your abdominal muscle strength. Your hamstrings will develop significantly when you’re kicking too.

Kickboxing also helps maximize your core strength. Core strength is important for every aspect of your life, from carrying grocery bags to lifting killer weights.

Cardiovascular Fitness

If you ever visit a kickboxing class, you’ll see people drenched in sweat. A kickboxing workout requires constant movement, which keeps your heart rate and blood circulation at an all-time high. Keeping your heart rate high is important as this will help you burn maximum calories throughout your workout and even after – this is called the after burn effect or EPOC.

Stress Busting

Think about it. What can be more stress relieving than taking out your frustration on a punching bag? According to the American Fitness Professionals and Associates, kickboxing is an excellent method of reducing stress and gaining some peace of mind.

High intensity workouts help compensate for the lost endorphins during stress. The workout stimulates the release of feel-good chemicals such as dopamine and endorphins which result in positivity, happiness and an overall better mood.

Self defense

If you ever have to defend yourself physically, at least you’ll have the right skill set to do it. Kicking and punching are important self-defense techniques that strengthen with each kickboxing session.

Kickboxing is a martial arts technique, which serves as a way to help you whenever you’re assaulted by another person. You don’t have to practice kickboxing with a human to get its self-defense benefits, even practicing with a punching bag will help you develop the skills to gauge the distance of your moves and make your actions more precise.

Furthermore, you also develop a sense of your strengths as well as limitations.