How To Exercise At Home Without
Equipment Through Virtual Training?

How To Exercise At Home Without Equipment Through Virtual Training?

There are two reasons for the increasing demand for virtual fitness professionals in recent times. First, the rise of the COVID-19 pandemic and the second is the growing need for contactless services. Countless people, especially fitness enthusiasts, are gunning for the best home workouts with or without equipment, and they are asking for experts’ help to get themselves over the line.

American College of Sports Medicine’s Health & Fitness Journal had correctly predicted twenty trends and factors for 2020 in this article. These trends and factors together indicate a preponderance of revolutionary modes like Virtual Training, Wearable Technology, and Home Workouts. Their prophecy has indeed come true in some of the most (pleasantly) unthinkable ways possible.

How to get started with Virtual Training without equipment?

Virtual Fitness is easy to start and get along with in 2021

Availing of virtual or online fitness sessions is an easy, fast, and intuitive process that comes with benefits more than one. People are fast switching to it for space-, time-, and cost-flexibility that they may avail of as per their preference.

Here is why you should consider going ahead with virtual fitness in 2021, if you haven’t done so already:

1. The flexibility of choosing one’s preferred trainers from around the world

2. Available on-demand

3. Instant connection

4. Uses smartphone and internet connection

5. You can get live and real-time attention

6.Available for a wide range of formats

7. Professional guidance from the world’s best online fitness experts

8. A community of like-minded people

9. Helps you understand your needs and aspirations better

10. Builds your confidence

11. No need to travel or do any paperwork or to pay hefty fees

Starting with it is easy. All you would need is willpower to make a conscious decision to try the new normal. Here are some tips to do it in style:

1. Go for a bigger screen if possible (though smartphones work well too)

2. Decide what part of your body you want to tone up first

3. No Equipment Workouts may seem silly at first, stay patient

4.Warmup with simple and basic exercises

a. Planks

b. 7-minute workout

c. Chair or table dips

d. Arm Circles

e. Push-ups

f. Squats

g. Jogging

5. Decide your fitness trainer and discuss your work plan

6. Stay disciplined and consistent

If you are looking for a holistic experience, we are exploring it next.

Tip: Here are some simple tips for home workouts through online fitness to help you get started in detail.

How to exercise at home for beginners?

After you have warmed up, contacting your preferred online fitness trainer is the next step. We recommend staying in a well-lit and quiet place with proper internet connectivity and a working smartphone or laptop for the best results. You might want to connect the device with a speaker system for better audibility.

Post that, you can start with your online session. The key is to go slow and assuming a pace that is easy for your body. If you are an experienced professional, you could start with the more demanding regimes like HIITs, 7-minute workouts, Pilates, or Bodyweight Workouts. You may rest assured because not having equipment is not a limitation with them.

No-Equipment Workouts

You would need to understand that using your body as the fulcrum of all exercises is not always possible. You can choose to go with No Equipment Workouts when you can’t invest a ton of money on irons and weights, and a virtual fitness expert can help you rather take advantage of the situation.

Here are some easy No Equipment Workouts that you can do today:

1. Body Weight Squats

2. Pushups

3. Crunches

4. Legs

a. Planks

b. Lunges

c. Wall Sits

d. Jumping Jacks

e. Calf Raises

f. Bicycles

5. Working on your Midsection

a. Scissors

b. Bends

6. Combination Workouts

a. Burpees

b. Squats

c. Jumps

d. Dumbbell Squats

e. Pushups with Single Leg Raises

You can also pursue HIIT and bodyweight workouts as the need may be or as advised by your online fitness trainer.

Summing up

There are a ton of health-centric benefits of exercising daily. Even if you can’t go to a gym or can’t afford costly gym equipment, there should be no reasons for you to give up. Working out at home without equipment is just as beneficial, and we have mentioned some of the best at-home workouts that you can pursue this week to get started.