Music Makes Workout Easier!

Music Makes Workout Easier!

Listening to music when you hit a gym to improve your workout isn't a new trend, but it is not really appreciated by the traditional runners who prefer the peace and focus that comes with an earbud-free run.

The question that arises is that does music negatively affects workout or does it actually boosts the performance?

To find out the answer to this question, we poured through the results of multiple studies that have been conducted in this regard. The final conclusion of these studies was that music actually boosts the workout endurance. Let’s have a deeper look at the contribution of music in a fruitful workout-

1. A good rhythm can elevate your mood

Ever wondered why the perfect song could make your tough workout, easy & interesting? An August 2013 analysis found that people often listen to music as a way to find self-awareness and change moods. No matter what happened an hour ago, you could use your playlist to help you escape negativity & power up your workout.

2. Music triggers “want to move” mode

It has been proven scientifically that music possesses “high-groove” qualities, which is the main trigger for an effective workout. As soon as, you play the rhythm the brain gets excited and induces physical movement & boosts up the workout performance even without your consent.

3. Music motivates you to go longer

Need to get through a tough internal sessioin? Your playlist should do the trick! Journal of Sports and Exchange Psychology recently published a study, which explicated that listening to rock, and pop music while doing cardio workouts increase exercise endurance by 15%, and also reesults in a more enjoyable exercise experience!

4. It helps you stay off the couch

The results of a study explicated in Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research highlighted that athletes who listen to motivational music after a workout session stayed more active, and reported a lower exertion level than those who didn't.

5. A good rhythm can help you keep up the pace

The rhythm of the workout music stimulates the motor area of the brain as to when to move, thereby aiding self-paced exercises such as running or weight lifting. Effective responding to these time signals helps in an efficient use of energy levels, as keeping a steady pace is easier than a fluctuating one!

6. It is a good type of distraction

Working out with music helps in lowering the distraction caused by exertion, which can benefit the overall performance by up to 15%. Basically, this implicates that your playlist has the ability to distract you & no matter how much you're dreading that workout, you’ll go through it!

All these facts have made it very clear that music and exercise make a good team to boost up workout performances! This discussion can be very well concluded with a statement by Costas Karageorghis, Ph.D., from London’s Brunel University School of Sport and Education, “Music is like is a legal drug for athletes.”

So plug in your ear pods and get ready for a great workout session now!