Tips For Shorter, Better Workouts!

Tips For Shorter, Better Workouts!

Life is busy with full time jobs, family, other things demanding time and everyone is dealing with hectic schedules. Along with these primary things, there are many small and uncertain time suckers, which consume a lot of time. It becomes very difficult to juggle everything that needs to get done, let alone things that you want to do – like going to the gym or working out with friends.

In the midst of all these confusions, the most crucial role is played by time management. Though it often seems like there isn’t enough time to complete your workouts, but if your target is to have a healthy and fit body that you’re proud of is your goal, make it a priority and find a way to fit it into your schedule.

Being strategic is the ultimate thing that can help you slash your gym time in half without sacrificing your results.

Here are some simple ways that you can shorten your workout session while improving your progress-

1. Get Serious About Your Diet

If you are trying to lose weight, then it is high time that you get very serious about your diet. The simple working is that if you eat more calories you are likely to spend a lot of time doing cardio to offset it. The stricter you are with your diet, the less cardio you’ll require, because you’ll be consuming fewer calories that need to be burned off.

This trick is the perfect fix to burst out your frustration bubble building since you have to to spend too much time on the treadmill to hit your fat-loss goals; it’s time to take a good, hard look at your food intake. This doesn’t mean that you should eliminate cardio from your workout routine, but still you could reduce the time marginally and still get better results.

2. Add Cardio Intervals Between Sets

We have highlighted this point in our blog sometime back already. If you want to see the results of your weight loss efforts, its time to replace cardio or strength training with cardio and strength training. Combine them! Perform your standard weight lifting set and instead of resting, break into a cardio movement.

Mountain climbers, burpees, high knees, or jumping jacks all work perfectly here. Perform a 30-45 second interval, rest for the remaining time to catch your breath and then go ahead with your next set.

3. Pre-Exhaust Your Muscles

Another smart way to shorten up the time of your workouts is to focus on pre-exhausting your larger muscles before doing your compound exercises. The traditional approach of doing the compound exercises before the isolation lifts is not necessarily the most efficient way to do it.

The smarter approach is to do a few sets of isolation exercises before you go for compound movements as this way you will be requiring fewer total sets of the compound lift to fully exhaust the muscles.

For example: on the chest workout day start with flies, isolating your pecs. Transition it to bench press for the compound movement. The end result is that fewer sets of the bench press will be required to fatigue your pecs.

4. Superset is a Smart Key

One of the smartest way to shorten our workout session and also kick start you fat burning mechanism is to stack an upper body with a lower body movement. This is because one part of the body is put to rest while the other’s working, reducing the total rest time.

You could structure your workout in a way which includes a set of push-ups, squats, lunges, shoulder press and burpees, which will help you cut the total workout time in half. Stop cheating with yourself by taking longer breaks, which is responsible for unnecessarily prolonging your workout duration without any added benefit of recovery.

5. Be Honest About Your Rest Timings

Breaks between workouts are needed for catching a breath and relaxing the muscles and not for chatting with your buddies, talking on phone, etc. Though these offences look minor but they do make a major impact on the amount of time that you spend in the gym.

For any isolation exercise the maximum rest period should be 30 secs while for compound exercises allow yourself a relaxation of 60-90 seconds. So now you have it all! You can start implementing these tips into your workout regime to free up more time for your other chores. It’s important to remember that you don’t have to sacrifice fitness progress to maintain your daily life.