Why You Should Start Using a Workout
Plan Today? | Mevolife

Why You Should Start Using a Workout Plan Today? | Mevolife

Most people get on the fitness bandwagon with no plan in mind. Unfortunately, this makes them quickly return to their old ways, without even understanding why. However, using a workout plan can do the exact opposite. A workout plan can be the deciding factor in your formula for fitness success.

Sure, any physical activity is better than none but if you want results, consistency and efficiency is key, which can only be attained via a workout plan. Keep reading to find out the three important benefits of having a workout plan and why you must start today.

1. A workout plan ensures consistency

Let’s face it, despite our best intentions, life happens and suddenly going to the gym stops being a priority. Therefore, scheduling your workouts in a smart and strategic way is a great way to ensure you stay in the exercise wagon and keep the “too busy” excuse at bay. In order to reach your weight loss or fitness goals, you need to be consistent with your effort.

Going for leisurely walks every now and then may ease your guilty conscience but it may not torch a decent amount of calories or burn tummy fat.Therefore, set a workout plan with days and times that work best for you throughout the week. This will ensure that you reach your goals faster, without any obstacles.

2. You’ll exercise more with a workout plan

A workout plan scheduled around all your weekly obligations is smart but it needs to be designed to your individual needs. If you’re looking to have a six pack, just doing 10 crunches a week isn’t going to do the trick. You have to fit in the right amount of cardio and strength training every week to attain your goal. In addition, it’s important that you do not forget about proper nutrition.

Whether you want to slim down, tone up or gain bulk, you need to put the right amount of effort to see noticeable results. Working out thrice a week may be enough to maintain your weight but to ensure that your metabolism is at its peak at all times, you need to commit to at least 4 to 6 days working out.

3. Your efforts will not be wasted

Thanks to science, experts are coming up with better ways of exercising and losing weight every year. Therefore, create a workout plan that is up to date with the latest research and skip the boring workouts that lead to little to no results.It’s time you start taking advantages of formulas that are proven to work out.

Yes, the basic principles of reducing calorie intake still apply, what’s more important is the intensity of your workouts, how frequently you work out and the workouts themselves. Are you doing 100 crunches every day or are you performing a balance of high intensity cardio and weight lifting to sculpt your midsection?

Fortunately, you don’t have to figure all of this out yourself. Mevolife is a complete, all-inclusive solution with expert advice, workout routines and weight loss recipes for you to get started. The app also includes a handy workout plan feature that allows you to design your workout and set milestones along the way.The app is available both on ANDROID & iPHONE!