After Overeating: What to Do to Get
Back on Track?

After Overeating: What to Do to Get Back on Track?

Enjoyed your weekend with food? Now what to do to get back your weight loss regime on track? Simplest solution – you plan to carry on the same indulgent routine that includes heavy meals because of de-motivation to go off the track… but WAIT!

Before you give up on your weight loss desires because of being guilt for one heavy meal, check out these steps, which will help you to get back on track when you’ve blown your calorie budget-

1. There’s Always a New DayOne heavy meal or one day of binge eating won’t have a big impact on your progress, but if you have been following the same unhealthy routine for a week or month then it can definitely set you back.

Now, rather than planning to have healthy meals from tomorrow, it is advised to begin eating right from your very next meal only. A little indulgence would not destroy your week’s efforts – just get right back on track, and you will feel good that you did.

2. Be PositiveDon’t punish yourself for slipping up or falling of the wagon, rather regain focus on the reasons that led you set these goals in the first place – look stunning in a friends’ wedding?, fitting in your favorite LBD?, etc. Keep a positive outlook! Remember that this is a time taking journey, after all, and it will be full of peaks and valleys.

3. Reassess your Calorie BudgetWant more calories to enjoy your favorite sweet dish after dinner?? It’s time to sweat it out! Burn more calories throughout the day by indulging in hardcore workout routine to have a bigger calorie budget. Plus, don’t forget that the more you workout the closer you are to your weight loss goals!

4. Formulate Effective StrategiesOk! So you know that you have blown off your calorie budget… It’s time to check out the reasons behind it. Did you eat the cake because it was there in the refrigerator?

Did you have a heavy dinner because it was a party? Did you eat the sweets because you were tempted to eat them? Assess whether the reasons behind the act were internal or external.

If they were internal it’s time to practice standing up for yourself and embracing the power of “no” and if the reasons were external stay away from them (don’t bring the cake inside your house if you can’t exercise portion control).

5. Skipping Meals is not the SolutionJust because you have blown your calorie budget at lunch that doesn’t mean that skipping the dinner is a solution to it. If you try to severely restrict your calorie intake to make up for the splurge, it is likely to backfire which can set you up for a never-ending cycle of blowing the budget.

Skipping meals creates ravenous hunger and, at that point, everything in sight might look good! The best solution is to just chalk it up as a small splurge and continue on with your healthy eating plan.

6. Get SupportWeight loss is not easy, so make sure you have enough support to create lasting change. In order to discuss emotional eating and barriers to change, it is advised to get some professional support from a dietitian or a counselor.

Even if you blown off your calorie budget, it is important to consider that splurges are part of daily living – the key is to keep them in moderation so that they don’t become a barrier in your weight loss progress!