Best Foods to Prevent and
Get Rid of Hangover

Best Foods to Prevent and Get Rid of Hangover

Do you love drinking but avoid it because of a hangover and a regrettable behavior the following day? This embarrassing experience is popular among so many people and it only becomes worse on the weekends. If you too are struggling with your booze and drinking sprees, we are offering some of the best hangover foods that will help you control your drinks and the terrible feeling that comes with them.

You could be one of those old-schools who believe that eating certain foods before drinking will prevent a hangover because you might believe that food "soaks up alcohol" in the stomach. While some part of this is correct, there are medical reasons that offer a wider and a more correct picture of this belief. Here’s what you should eat to reduce the effects of alcohol the next day for the best results.

How to prevent hangover when drunk?

What should you eat to stay away from the wearing effects of your last drink? This is a tough question to ask because nobody knows the exact cause of a hangover, let alone knowing how to prevent one. A correct diagnosis would be affected by one’s lifestyle and dietary preferences, and not to mention the genetic and cultural factors.

However, there is one thing we know for sure. Most of the heavier foods will take more work for your body to break down so they may be best. But a "heavy" food, preferably one that is rich in nutrients and vitamins, can help you stay on course. This is the best hangover cure you could have for yourself because it would reduce your dependency on consuming more booze.

Note: We would also recommend placing a limit on the quality and quantity of the alcohol you are consuming. This would help be more disciplined with your consumption and its timing too.

Best cure for a hangover

As discussed above, you may consider increasing the intake of some high protein foods before consuming alcohol. This would help you have your fill faster and you might drink lesser, thus having a bit less headache and vomiting, etc. These are the signs of hangover and are terrible, to say the least.

The following foods are considered good to eat before drinking alcohol:

  • Eggs

  • Meat

  • Fish

  • Nuts

  • Cereals

  • Avocados

  • Bananas (they are one of the best hangover cures).

Alcohol dehydrates you:

You should note that alcohol dries us up from inside. The only reason why people go on tanking themselves with drinks and drinks on end is that they are feeling thirsty. They keep on drinking more of it believing that consuming more of it would cure their thirst, even when it works the other way around.

What foods help get rid of hangovers?

What can eat before drinking to avoid puking?

1. Avocado

This green pear-shaped fruit is loaded with healthy fats that keep you full for longer as they take time to get digested. Before going out for drinking, you can have a few avocadoes to reduce the desire of having more alcohol and to ward off the consequences.

2. Cereal

Cereal tends to be fiber-rich, especially ones like grape nuts, which will provide a good buffer for the alcohol, and will slow its absorption. It is recommended to have these mixed with low-fat milk because it is a very healthy option!

3. Hummus

You can try this chickpea dip with a bunch of raw veggies- it is a sure-shot way to get all the macronutrients in the right quantity. Since it is going to load you up with nutrition you are likely to effectively balance the alcohol intake.

4. Milk

The cow’s milk is an excellent option for an effective pre-game on its own. Alcohol leads to excessive urination, which results in a loss of potassium from the body. This is where milk comes in as an extremely nutrient-rich food alternative. It’s made of 90% water and can replenish the lost water content and potassium levels.

5. Salmon

Alcohol depletes your body’s vitamin B-12 levels but salmon has super high levels of the said vitamin along with Omega 3’s. These B-vitamins have many physiological functions in the body that include the promotion of short-term memory and general neurological function, which makes them a great option to eat before you plan to drink.

Note: Following the Mediterranean diet will help you stay away from a possible hangover. However, it would be best to consult a nutritionist virtually before adopting this diet.

6. Chicken

Foods like chicken are rich in protein and take a longer time to digest. This helps in slowing down how fast your blood alcohol level goes up. A chicken sandwich is the premier mix of protein and carbs so you should go with a poultry portion about the size of your palm to avoid more calories.

7. Eggs

This incredible food is not only good for curing the hangover. It is also one of the best foods to eat before you do things that cause you to get one there in the first place. This is because of the presence of essential amino acids in the eggs, which are needed to break down some of the alcohol.

8. Low-Fat Yogurt

Yogurt is a great snack option before you go out, just top this creamy stuff with a sprinkle of granola and you’ll get all the important macronutrients in one food item: carbs, protein, and fat. The selected food item will digest slowly in more than 4-6 hours which will help in lowering the impact of alcohol intake.

9. Quinoa

Quinoa is extremely rich in protein and fiber. A high fiber meal that includes quinoa results in slowing down the stomach’s emptying time, which helps ensure that alcohol’s effects don’t sneak up as a surprise.

10. Spaghetti

Alcohol changes your body’s stores of glycogen, a quick energy source stored in the liver. Carbs help your glycogen levels stay full, as well as your stomach. It is suggested that you pre-game yourself with spaghetti (made in lighter sauce like Aglio e olio) to minimize the negative impact of alcohol!

How To Stay Sober After Drinking?

Here’s a secret trick to stay sober even after you have consumed some alcohol or even if you are a bit high already.

1. You should eat foods that hydrate you and thus work opposite to the way alcohol works. The fruits that are high in water content like watermelon, cucumber, tomato, and cantaloupe may safeguard you and prevent dehydration.

2. If you give your body back the things that it needs and the things that it loses when you drink, you’re going to feel better no matter what. Bananas are rich in potassium and have strong electrolytic properties, and they can help prevent dehydration.

Ideally, you would eat a gorgeous, nutritious meal before drinking and be invincible all night- but that is not always how life works. If you forgot to eat before drinking and slices of pizza are calling your name, then eating while you're still intoxicated is going to be better than not eating at all, several healthcare specialists say. But it's better to eat before you start drinking to slow the effects of alcohol.

Alcohol has some health benefits too, provided you take it in moderation

Consuming alcohol seems trendy to most people and it is a way of life in several colder regions of the world. Taken in moderation, it does offer several health benefits over a period of time. These include a reduction in heart ailments like blocking of arteries and irregular pulse rates, besides lowering the rates of ischemic strokes and onset of diabetes.

The issue is when people take it in excess and end up being an addict. Please note that consuming excess alcohol and fatty foods can also create havoc on your digestive system and can make you seriously ill. Drinking in moderation thus comes as the most obvious cure to hangovers and other after-effects of consuming alcoholic beverages.

We recommend you talk this out with a wellness expert (a nutritionist and a mental therapist) for the best result. They would be the best persons to offer you a more medically-qualified opinion about the issue and help you contain the issue early.