Burning Calories With Everyday Activities!

Burning calories is the only way to lose weight! We all burn this fuel in one way or the other in our daily routine and there’s a specific term to denote it as well, i.e. NEAT – non-exercise activity thermogenesis. This refers to the energy that is exerted in everything from climbing up the stairs to texting and if you are really smart you can easily turn these simple activities into calorie burning opportunities without actually spending hours in the gym! Not only this, according to new research, these activities can help with weight management and actually count toward recommended exercise guidelines, i.e. 2 1/2 hours of aerobic activity every week, along with muscle strengthening activities on 2 or more of those days. It is important to note that every minute when you’re not lounging on the couch is a positive step towards weight loss, – be it shopping, daily household tasks or any other task for that matter.


Earlier researchers thought that in order for exercise to count as a physical activity, the person should be active for at least 10 minutes at a time, but now new study from the American Journal of Health Promotion has forced the scientists to rethink what they actually believed. The researchers examined the physical activity of people between the ages of 18-64 years and found that both long (at least 10 mins of activity) and short bouts (less than 10 minutes of physical activity) of higher-intensity exercise result in lower BMI and reduced risk of obesity. This highlight is enough to motivate you to make the most of your daily activities be it cleaning, cooking or going to the laundry room. The key is to simply turn off the auto mode and handle the daily tasks with a little more intensity, energy and speed and let the burnout boost sneak in. Here’s your action plan:


Engaging yourself in house cleaning activities like sweeping, vacuuming, or swiffering is a good way to burn about 150 kcal/hour. So now get dual benefit of cleaning your house and burning a few extra calories. Pick up your laundry basket and by the time you reach the machine keep twisting the torso side to side for a quick oblique workout.


You get dirty when you lunge forward to pick fresh tomatoes from your garden but what you leave behind when you get up is a huge amount of calories. Can you believe that a few hours of gardening can burn 650 – 800 calories plus you also get the benefit of eating freshly produced fruits!


Whether it is your regular grocery shopping or a new LBD you want to purchase, shopping indirectly means walking which ultimately burns about 240-300 calories/hour. Want to take it a level higher? Park away from the mall entrance and say no to lifts/escalators and go for stairs which will burn more calories per minute as compared to jogging.


Enjoy shinning up your family vehicle as it is a fun way to workout. Cleaning you car with soap, bucket of water, sponge and hose will burn about 120 calories in 30 mins…. isn’t it great?


Use the push mower for mowing your lawn and you can shed about 350-380 calories. Also, if you spend some more time for raking up the grass clippings you are likely to burn 150 calories as a bonus!


Don’t get bored up while sitting in classes or at your work desk, rather work for improving your body. Put your shoulder muscles at work by crunching time towards the ear. Also you could tighten the core and squeeze the butt which is really a great way to begin muscle toning!


Everybody knows that too much sedentary behavior is bad for health and waistline. Replacing sitting with standing will help you burn more calories. The fact is that standing may not actually contribute towards weight loss, but it does prove helpful when you are aiming at maintaining weight. Some of the options you might be able to get up off your butt during the day are: train ride, staff meetings, answering a phone call, watching TV, etc.


Don’t worry there’s more in store after you finish all your daily works. Just tuck yourself in bed to spend some cozy time with your special person and you can still burn calories. A vigorous 30-minute smooching session will help you burn about 30-50 calories!


Don’t rely completely on everyday activities to lose weight as the traditional aerobic activity and strength training are the real keys to lose weight. It’s just that everyday activities can be an additional way to get you moving — especially with the use of these calorie-blasting tricks.

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