Can Oatmeal And Cinnamon Help
With Weight Loss?

Can Oatmeal And Cinnamon Help With Weight Loss?

Organic is often the most important buzzword associated with weight loss, no matter which part of the world you are from. It refers to the most natural form of foods that you can eat to satiate your hunger and also to get yourself on the highway to a chiseled physique (or figure).

We are offering this article to help you know just how easily you can get started with oatmeal and cinnamon, two of the simplest organic options for the purpose. Let’s get started!

a.) Oatmeal

Oatmeal is not a new word for people who are willing to lose weight. It is a comfort staple breakfast for generations but it is what remains hidden under the layers is the most versatile and nutritious component of oat bran. It contains a very high amount of a unique type of fiber called beta-glucan that is good for weight loss and also has several health benefits.

A bowl of oat bran contains about 50% more fiber than the same size of oatmeal. The former is thus more effective in managing cholesterol levels and boosting the weight loss process. In terms of calories too, oat bran wins the race as it has only 66 calories in a 3/4 cup serving in comparison to 124 calories that are found in the same size bowl of oatmeal.

Oat bran also has more antioxidants, protein, calcium, iron, thiamin, phosphorus, riboflavin, magnesium, and zinc than oatmeal. It is a powerful slimming food. Apart from being low in calories and high in fiber the other properties which enrich this superfood are:

1. Satiating power

Oat bran keeps you satiated for long. It is so because it absorbs the liquid and expands up to 25 times making you full quickly. It keeps you full for a longer duration, which ultimately helps in cutting down the unnecessary calories between the meals!

2. Intestinal calorie loss

When you eat food, it is broken down into individual components like carbs, proteins, etc. The calories released from these components are then absorbed into the body. When you consume oat bran, it blends with the intestine and produces a gel-like substance called Bolus.

It absorbs the nutrient breakdown and flushes out the calorie-rich components of fats, glucose, and amino acids out of the body through the stool. This process helps to slow down the assimilation of sugar and removes extra calories from the body.

Simplest ways to make it a part of your daily diet

Confused about the right way to have it? Here’s how you can make it a part of your daily routine without making any extra efforts-

  • Add 30% in your oatmea

  • Add a tbsp in your yogurt or smoothie

  • Mix in your omelet

  • Sprinkle it on salad

  • Mix it in a soup or stew

  • Add it to your bowl of porridge

  • Use it as a key ingredient in muffins or pancakes

When trying to shed off those extra pounds, don’t forget to include this fiber-rich food in your diet. It will increase the satiety value, curb appetite, and regulate blood sugar levels.

Just remember to combine a daily dose of bran with a blend of a healthy diet and exercise to make your weight loss journey a sure shot success. Next up is the interesting case of cinnamon.

b.) Cinnamon

Cinnamon plays an active role in slowing down the process of the food movement in your stomach. This keeps you full for longer durations and its sweet flavor also helps to suffice your sweet cravings.

1. Helps in burning belly fat

Abdominal fat is a problem faced by many obese people. The consumption of this household spice has a positive impact on abdominal fat because it relieves you from the most dangerous type of fat that may be formed near our most vital organs. Not to mention, less belly fat is good for your overall health too.

2. Lowers cholesterol levels

Studies have shown that cinnamon can help lower LDL (bad) cholesterol, which is good for your heart. A recent study on diabetic patients concluded that a dose of cinnamon triggered lower LDL levels among the patients over a certain period.

3. Metabolism booster

This spice can alter the metabolism levels of sugars and carbs alike. This proves to be helpful as your body can effectively use the carbohydrate storage and hence control its conversion into fat.

Just like peppers, the presence of the cinnamon in your body allows your metabolism to speed up just because it takes a little extra energy to metabolize. The boost in the metabolism levels allows you to burn more calories and fasten the overall weight loss process.

4. Decreases blood sugar

Maintaining regulated blood sugar levels is a crucial factor in the weight-loss process. Cinnamon does this by controlling the insulin quantities and also acting directly on the blood sugar. A recent study states that adding cinnamon powder to meals can lower their glycemic index by almost 30% and this can control your blood sugar levels.

How to add a scoop of cinnamon to your daily routine?

The best thing about this wonderful spice is that it can be conveniently added to any meal you make. Here are a few ideas as to how you can incorporate cinnamon into your diet to lose weight:

  • Have a glass of lukewarm water with the cinnamon powder, honey, and lemon.

  • Sprinkle a teaspoon on your cereal, oatmeal or porridge.

  • Add to your green tea or black coffee.

  • Add into fruit juices or ciders.

Here’s an important tip for you to consider. Always go for fresh cinnamon and avoid capsules and supplements. Incorporating a teaspoonful of cinnamon into your diet can suppress your appetite and help you lose weight and even layers of fat around your abdomen.

Do consider that cinnamon can’t help you lose weight alone, and you should eat a nutritious diet and exercise regularly to achieve your weight loss goals. Most people think it is difficult to leave your dietary preferences and to adopt a more limited lifestyle often in the name of weight-loss.

That may be true to a certain extent, but if you understand the basics of the game and are willing to go the extra mile, there would always be interesting and tastier options right ahead of the first turn. We hope you get that perfectly chiseled body shape this year!