Can You Lose Weight By Drinking Buttermilk?

Though buttermilk is not a magical weight-loss elixir, but this tart beverage does play a helpful role in boosting up the impact of your weight loss efforts! You should not expect that sipping up buttermilk will help you loss weight immediately, but it can actually make you smile a little wider on your bathroom scale. Enjoying this drink as a healthy alternative to high-calorie dairy creamy products is a great way to actually speed up the weight loss process!


You will only be able to lose weight when there is a direct relationship between the calories you take in and those you expend. You’ll lose weight when the calories you burn through workouts exceed the calories you consume when you eat and drink. Since buttermilk is a dairy product it is filling, but can you really believe that 1 cup of buttermilk weighting somewhere around 245 gms has only 99 calories, 2.2gms fat, 12gms carbs and 8gms of protein. Drinking buttermilk increases your calories only marginally so it will not make any negative affect on your weight loss goals but will keep you full for longer cutting unnecessary empty calories!


Buttermilk is the best replacement for snacks that are unnecessarily high in calories. As highlighted above 1 cup of buttermilk has only 99 calories where as 1 oz of plain potato chips has 149 calories while 1 cola can of 12 oz has 153 calories. In comparison to chips and soda drinks which are empty calories buttermilk is a nutrient-dense snack, providing protein, calcium, potassium and vitamins. So if you make a decision to include buttermilk in your routine on a regular basis it can surely help you progress faster towards the weight-loss goals!


Ok, here comes the most important point, 1 cup of low-fat buttermilk is lower in calories and fat than a cup of 2% milk at 122 calories or a cup of reduced fat chocolate milk at 190 calories. Not only this, buttermilk is also a lower-calorie alternative to many varieties of yogurt as a 6oz contain of low-fat fruit yogurt, for example, has about 168 calories. So just adjust the tart taste of buttermilk and replace it with other dairy selections in your diet to help control your caloric intake.


Using buttermilk as the replacement to higher-calorie snacks and dairy foods, helps in lowering the your overall calorie intake, but you can always increase the impact to the next level by exercising. Exercise is a vital component of a successful weight-loss regimen. Try to include a moderate-paced cardiovascular exercise for 300 min/week to help your body burn enough calories to lead to weight loss.

Thus, the above point infer that though buttermilk is not a magical weight loss drink but it does contribute in boosting up the weight loss efforts if included in diets on regular basis!

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