Flax Seed, Brussels Sprouts, And Moringa
For Weight Loss | MevoFit

Flax Seed, Brussels Sprouts, And Moringa For Weight Loss | MevoFit

Flax Seeds For Weight Loss

Flax seeds also known as linseed is a fiber crop that is grown in cooler regions of the world. It contains a wide array of nutrients that are considered excellent for humans. Out of all, the two main nutrients that contribute to weight loss are:

  • Omega-3: These are the essential fatty acids (good fats).

  • Fiber: It contains both the soluble and insoluble types of fiber.

Nutritional Facts About Flax Seeds

Omega 3 (good fat)

Though there have been many debates on whether fat is good or not for the human body over the years, it has been proved by many studies that fat should be an important part of everyone’s diet, paying attention to what type of fat you intake is of utmost significance.

Talking in terms of fats, saturated and trans fats are the unhealthy fats that ultimately contribute to weight gain and polyunsaturated fat is the good fat that is needed by your body to boost up the weight loss process.

Not only fat, in general, is slow of digest and thus keeps you full and satiated for a longer duration, but it also helps in boosting up the digestion process by breaking down carbohydrates and proteins; without which your body cannot process food efficiently.

According to nutritionists, omega 3 fatty acids which are derived from the normal diet are no longer enough to meet our daily requirements, and hence foods such as “Flax seeds” make it easy for your body to get the required nutrition.


The fiber in any form is very good for our body since our body needs time to process fiber thus keeping you full and satiated for a longer duration. Considering flax seeds it is important to highlight that it contains both soluble and insoluble fiber.

While soluble fiber plays an important role in lowering the blood cholesterol levels, insoluble fiber helps in moving the stool through the colon more quickly, helping bowel movements. Further, flax seeds are extremely low in both carbs and calories which further helps in weight loss by not adding unnecessary and unwanted pounds from calories.

Health Benefits of Flax Seeds for Weight Loss

Not only these super seeds are helping with weight loss but there are some other health benefits too which are associated with them, which include –

  • Lower risk of heart disease

  • Prevention of some forms of cancer

  • Treatment of immune disorders

  • Help with diabetes

  • Relief from constipation

Tasty Ways to Eat Flax Seeds

Following listed are some of the simple ways to make flax seeds a part of your daily intake –

  • Add them to salads, soups, and sandwiches

  • Make muffins

  • Add into your yogurts

  • Mix flax seeds into your oatmeal smoothies and protein shake

  • Marinade your chicken with grounded flax seeds

  • Use grounded flax seeds as a substitute of flour in baking recipes

Brussels Sprouts For Weight Loss

People are unaware of the exact origin of this vegetable, though it’s logical to assume that it originated in Belgium. As part of the cruciferous vegetable family, brussels sprouts share a close relation to broccoli, kale, cabbage, and cauliflower.

Though for some reason this superfood hasn’t been able to get the attention it deserves from health food enthusiasts, if you see the nutrition they behold you will be surely amazed.

Nutritional Facts About Brussels Sprouts

  • It has more vitamin-C than oranges

  • It is loaded with vitamin A, folacin, potassium, and calcium.

  • It has almost twice vitamin K that is found in red cabbage.

  • It contains 3-5 grams of fiber per cup.

  • It has more glucosinolates than any other common crucifer.

  • It is extremely rich in protein.

Health Benefits of Brussels Sprouts for Weight Loss

The benefits of Brussels Sprouts are not only limited to their nutritional richness, but they expand further to weight loss as well. Brussels sprouts are very low in calories (1 oz of cooked and drained Brussels sprouts weigh in at about 10 calories), and they contain only trace amounts of fat.

Furthermore, the large amounts of vitamin C that are found in this vegetable play an important role in improving the body’s ability to burn fat. A study conducted by a team of scientists from Arizona State University reported that the study participants who had low blood concentrations of vitamin C burned 25% less fat during a 60-minute walk on a treadmill, compared with those who showed adequate blood levels of vitamin C.

Further, this vegetable has also shown up on HealWithFood.org’s list of the best food remedies for cellulite. They contain a natural compound called indole-3-carbinol (I3C), which is a precursor to diindolylmethane (DIM).

DIM helps certain liver enzymes to block the production of 16-OH estrogens, harmful substances that can cause cellulite by breaking down collagen which is supposed to keep your skin strong. The high content of vitamin C acts as a real anti-cellulite nutrient, which fights those unsightly bumps and lumps by promoting collagen synthesis and by scavenging free radicals.

Tasty Ways to Eat Brussels Sprouts

You can simply consume this wonder vegetable by – try roasting them, lightly coated in olive oil, or saute them in a mixture of no-sodium broth and minced garlic. Add flavor to your sprouts by using fresh herbs, such as rosemary or basil. Further, you can also have them raw by adding them to your favorite salads.

You can also steam them and top up with some dressing for a variation in taste. Indeed, brussels sprouts have not been able to gain the attention they deserve but now it is time to give this tiny vegetable more of a chance because they really are among the healthiest vegetables and foods on the planet.

Moringa For Weight Loss

According to researchers at John Hopkins University, the edible moringa tree is gaining a foothold as a healthy food source. Moringa is a plant that is native to parts of Africa and Asia. The name is derived from munakkai/murungai/muringa, the Telugu/Tamil/Malayalam word for drumstick. It contains 13 species from tropical and subtropical climates that range in size from tiny herbs to massive trees.

Every part of the moringa tree is edible, although the leaf clusters are the most easily accessible and among the most nutritious. The role of these leaves towards weight loss efforts is mainly because of the plant’s low-fat, high-nutrient qualities that make it an acceptable, low-calorie substitute for many other foods. Along with this, the leaves are high in Vitamins B-1, B-2, and B-3, which are needed by your body to convert food into energy.

Identifying Moringa

This amazing tree is believed to be native to Indian and Himalayan mountains. Some of the major characteristics of this tree which will help you identify it easily are:-

  • It is typically 25 feet high in its native regions and may grow to 10 feet or higher in locations where it is cultivated for food or medicines

  • The leaves of this tree are deep green, with long, edible oval leaflets.

  • The moringa tree flowers and produces long, bean-like, edible pods.

Nutritional Facts About Moringa

Moringa leaves are a powerhouse of nutrition, vitamins, proteins, and minerals, and that too without any fat and calories. Checkout its nutritional strength:-

  • 1 oz of these leaves has more calcium than 1 oz of milk!

  • 1 oz of moringa has more potassium than 1 oz of banana!

  • 1 oz of moringa leaves has more iron than 1 oz spinach!

  • 1 oz of moringa leaves has more vitamin A than 1 oz of carrots!

  • Moringa leaves contain protein at similar levels to whole milk & eggs!

Health Benefits of Moringa for Weight Loss

Moringa leaves indeed play an important role in the weight loss process which is typical because the leaves are low in fat but are packed with so many nutrients, which make it a healthy alternative to many higher-calorie foods. You will be amazed to know that if you consume moringa leaves you will be able to suffice 42% of the recommended daily minimum requirement of proteins and 125% of the recommended daily minimum requirement of calcium.

The leaves which can be either consumed raw, cooked or boiled are very high in all types of vitamin Bs, which boosts up the digestion process and also speed up the process to convert foods to energy thus improving metabolism.

Tasty ways to Eat Moringa

There are many ways in which you can conveniently consume these leaves. Some of the common and most simple ways are:-

  • Raw as salad

  • Added to cooked vegetables and soups

  • Boiled like green tea leaves

  • Dry powder

  • Supplement tablets

Try to make these amazing moringa leaves a part of your daily routine to boost up your weight loss process. You can choose the way you want to consume them as per your convenience since it beholds the same nutrition and health benefits in all ways!