Flax Seeds & Weight Loss!

Flax seeds also known as linseed is a fiber crop that is grown in cooler regions of the world. It contains a wide array of nutrients that are considered excellent for humans. Out of all, the two main nutrients that contribute towards weight loss are:

a. Omega-3: These are the essential fatty acids (good fats).

b. Fiber: It contains both the soluble and insoluble types of fiber.


Though there have been many debates on whether fat is good or not for the human body over the years, but it has been proved by many studies that fat should be an important part of everyone’s diet, paying attention to what type of fat you intake is of utmost significance. Talking in terms of fats, saturated and trans fats are the unhealthy fats which ultimately contribute in weight gain and polyunsaturated fat is the good fat which is needed by your body to boost up the weight loss process. Not only fat in general is slow of digest and thus keeps you full and satiated for longer duration, but it also helps in boosting up the digestion process by breaking down carbohydrates and proteins; without which your body cannot process food efficiently. According to nutritionists, omega 3 fatty acids which are derived from the normal diet are no longer enough to meet our daily requirements and hence foods such as “Flax seeds” make it easy for your body to get the required nutrition.


Fiber in any form is very good for our body since our body needs time to process fiber thus keeping you full and satiated for longer duration. Considering flax seeds it is important to highlight that it contains both soluble and insoluble fiber. While soluble fiber plays an important role in lowering the blood cholesterol levels, insoluble fiber help in moving the stool through the colon more quickly, helping bowel movements. Further, flax seeds are extremely low in both carbs and calories which further helps in weight loss by not adding unnecessary and unwanted pounds from calories.

Additional Health Benefits

Not only these super seeds are helping with weight loss but there are some other health benefits too which are associated with them, which include –

a. Lower risk of heart disease

b. Prevention of some forms of cancer

c. Treatment of immune disorders

d. Help with diabetes

e. Relief from constipation

Tasty Ways to Eat Flax Seeds

Following listed are some of simple ways to make flax seeds a part of your daily intake –

a. Add them to salads, soups and sandwiches

b. Make muffins

c. Add in to your yogurts

d. Mix flax seeds into your oatmeal smoothies and protein shakes

e. Marinade your chicken with grounded flax seeds

f. Use grounded flax seeds as a substitute of flour in baking recipes

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