Hack Your Morning Routine For
a Healthy Day!

Hack Your Morning Routine For a Healthy Day!

Walking does contribute in weight loss and proves helpful in making visible changes except for the time when you eat while walking. The studies from the University of Surrey have highlighted that having a meal while on the move could make you prone to overeating throughout the day.

In order to reach to the conclusion, this study was conducted on 60 teenage girls in which they were required to fill out the questionnaire about how hungry they were and how urgently they wanted to consume food.

Further, the ladies were asked to eat a cereal bar while doing one of three activities for five minutes:

watching TV, chatting with another participant, or walking.After they finished the activities, they were asked to fill another questionnaire about their hunger levels, the need to eat and whether they were trying to watch out what they ate.

Further, there was a taste test which included chocolate, grapes, carrots, and chips; after 7 minutes they were asked to share their thought on the flavors and preferences.

The results of study brought forward that the women who walked after eating the cereal bar consumed more chocolate in comparison to those women who spoke to other person or watched TV.The researchers have come to a conclusion that walking is more of a distraction than talking or watching TV but they are still uncertain about the reasons for the same.

Along with this, the authors have also assumed that the women might have thought that “I just did some physical activity—

so I’m going to eat as much candy as I want” and thus indulged in more amount of chocolate.Though the researchers are not very certain about why these results turned out they way they did since the study didn’t look at causation, but it certainly makes an indication towards the fact that more research is needed to determine whether eating and walking could affect how much people consume over the long term.

Now the question that will eating on the go really sabotage your weight loss plans is still to get the right answer. Though the final verdict from the jury is still to come out, but it’s not a bad idea to sit down and eat your breakfast more mindfully just in case.