How a Combination of Cardio & Strength
Leads to Weight Loss?

How a Combination of Cardio & Strength Leads to Weight Loss?

Strength training plays an important role in boosting the weight loss process as it leads to faster fat loss, improved metabolism and better muscle mass. Along with making a healthy diet a part of your routine, the right way to go towards your weight loss goals is making a program that consists of both strength & cardio training!


The main target of strength training is on building muscles. Lean muscles are working on burning fat even when the body is at rest. The point to notice here is that no matter how strong or defined a muscle is, it will not show any result as they are hidden under layers of fat.

Both males and females should go for cardio on top of strength training to make the most of their weight loss efforts. The main logic behind is that cardio helps in melting away the fat that is hiding the muscles. When these cardio sessions are combined with lifting weight they help in maximizing the calories that are burnt.

Ultimately since the body is using more energy than it is consuming it leads to weight loss!


If a person is not suffering from any type of injury, sicknesses or other limiting issues, strength training is a wonderful tool. Though males are used to strength training while females are sometimes afraid that strength training will to lead to big, bulky muscles and an unfeminine shape, but actually the opposite is true.

With the proper combination of cardio and strength training techniques, women can tone their muscles and increase definition.


When targeting weight loss the focus should be on a strength training program with a specific number of sets, repetitions and weight rather than adding a lot of bulk. When going for strength training do 1-3 sets of an exercise with at least 12-15 repetitions.

By the end of the strength training your muscles should be tired and the selected exercise should be hard to complete. This is primarily because a lower number of repetition will lead to bulky muscles while lesser repetition will make no impact. Every move with the weights should be slow and controlled.

There is a difference in the definition of appropriate cardio plan to follow depending upon a person’s ability. The right approach top follow is that people who do not have a good cardio base should complete a low intensity cardio workout for 30 mins where as people with a strong cardio base should use interval cardio training (periods of different work intensities) for 30 mins.

Thus from the above highlighted points, it is quite clear that Cardio and Strength together form a solid combination and are really effective for people who are willing to lose weight!