How to get a killer body by stair
climbing and a smart diet?

How to get a killer body by stair climbing and a smart diet?

You’ve spent hundreds of dollars on the most modern workout high-tech equipment and there they are just lying in the dust.

It’s time you look around the house and save huge amounts of money you might otherwise be spending on equipment that claim to provide quick (mythical) results. Do you have a set of stairs at home or anyway nearby? If you do, it’s good because this is all you will need to get into uh-mazing shape.

Stairs are not only ready-made cardio blasters, but they can also be effectively used for bodyweight exercises such as calf raises, lunges, step-ups, dips, and even pushups. Use your imagination and get wild but do not hurt yourself. Just 30 minutes of stair climbing every week can help you achieve immense cardiovascular benefits, as stated by a study in the Journal of Sports Science and Medicine in 2007.

How many calories can you burn from climbing stairs?

For all the calorie-junkies out there, here’s the good news: you can burn up to a whopping 500 calories per 30 minutes of running up and down the stairs. This is for a 150-pound woman, so the number of calories you burn can vary. Walking the stairs will help up burn up to 250 to 290 calories and is thus, more effective than walking on a flat surface.

You may have already tried the super-exhausting stair climbing and running exercises. You might want to incorporate them into a circuit workout which can be used to develop a killer HIIT workout.

Why are Warm-Ups important?

Warming up always creates a positive influence on your workouts. As a process, it stimulates your cardiovascular system and warms up the muscles to the bigger game ahead. A lack of such acclimatizing exercises can increase the risk of injuries subsequently.

Before you start any exercise, you must stretch and warm-up for about 3 to 5 minutes by walking up and down the stairs. Here are some smart reasons to start your workouts with a warmup. The following checklist would help you get started the easier way:

1. Start Sprinting

Sprint up and down the stairs for 30 seconds. Go beast-mode!

2. Pushup

At the base of the staircase, put your hands on the third step, and get into a pushup position. With your core engaged and spine neutral, lower yourself and then ascend just like you would during a normal pushup.

Perform as many pushups as possible, we would recommend at least 12 of them. If you aren’t a pushup-pro, you can do this exercise with your knees on the ground.

Standing Rows

Get a resistance tube and run it around the banister of your staircase. With the handles in each hand, go back far until you feel enough resistance on the resistance tube. Pull the handles towards your body with your spine neutral and core engaged and return to the starting position. Perform at least 12 reps.

Bicep Curls

By holding one handle of the tubing in each hand, pull the handles up to shoulder level by bending your elbows. Elbows should be in contact with your body. Slowly return to the initial position and perform at least 12 reps.

Triceps Dips

With feet flat on the floor, sit down on the second step of your staircase, keeping your hands on the step behind. Keep your knees at a 45-degree angle and lower your body by bending your elbows until your upper arms are parallel to the ground. Push your body back to the starting position, making sure your shoulders are away from your ears at all times.

Cardio Blast

Walk up and down the stairs for 2 to 3 minutes. This would help you burn more calories per unit session too, and you can count on nothing less than a burnout of ten calories with just walking 30 steps at a time.

PS: Here’s what makes Stair Climbing such an amazing anaerobic activity to pursue every day.


Perform a squat while pushing your elbows behind your torso. While you ascend, extend your arms overhead. This is one overhead reach squat, get ready for as many as you can do for 60 seconds.

Alternating Lunges

This should be done like a normal step-lunge. Step your right foot on the first step with your left leg behind you. Lower into a lunge and let your left knee bend to 90 degrees. Use your butt muscles to return to the standing position. Repeat by putting your left foot forward. Keep alternating it every minute.

Active Rest

Walk on a flat surface for 60 seconds and repeat the entire cycle twice more so that you have 3 in total.

We understand you could be thinking of running for the stairs. However, it would paint a one-sided image of getting some weight loss. It would rather be a more practical approach to get in line with a more refined diet.

Caution: If you are pregnant, you should check with your gynecologist if you can exercise during pregnancy. Consulting a healthcare specialist online can also help you with the same.

Combine your flight to a staircase with these easy ways and slash up to 100 calories every day!

The latter would ask you to stay away from all junk foods and other unhealthy foods that only create havoc on your immune system and drive your fitness level below. We still recommend using stairs but you could also learn to have a better diet plan through the following ways for free.

Perhaps the last thing you’ll ever want to do is go on a diet. Fortunately, fitness experts show that there are many ways to shrink your waistline without having salad all the time or even trying, for that matter. Keep reading to find out how.

1. Drink More Water

You’ve probably heard the “8 glasses per day” rule a hundred times by now but do you think you’re hitting 8 or even 5 every day? Chugging on a glass or two of water before every meal can help you eat much less. You won’t feel hungry so it’s a foolproof approach that you can stick to.

A study published in the journal ‘Obesity’ involved two groups, one that drank water before a meal and the other that didn’t, showed that the group that drank water lost roughly three more pounds than the other group.

The more these people loaded up on water, the better the results. Water refreshes you, fills you up, and helps you achieve satiety before you even finish your food. To avoid wasting food, place smaller portions on your plate- chances are you won’t reach for seconds.

2. Clean Your Kitchen

A messy kitchen can make an already stressed mind even more stressed. Stress is one of the main reasons people eat more than they should. You’ll think that if your environment is not in control, why should you be? One study showed that when 100 women were split into two groups, one with a clean kitchen and the other with a dirty one, the latter consumed 65 more calories in 10 minutes than the clean kitchen group.

If you have newspapers all over the table, a phone that doesn’t stop ringing, sticky notes all over your fridge, and dirty dishes piling up in your sink, it’s time to make a major makeover. De-cluttering your surroundings may make a huge change to your eating habits as well.

3. Exercise in the AM

Exercising in the morning helps boost your energy and metabolism throughout the day and curbs your appetite. For best results, throw in some activity throughout the day. After your morning workout routine, simply taking the stairs, parking further away from your office, and doing some jump squats or crunches when you’re free can help.

4. Load up on Protein and Fiber

Protein is a slow-digesting macronutrient and fiber is an indigestible matter that adds the bulk of plant-based foods, making both effective in filling you up fast. Protein takes even longer than carbs and fats to digest so your best bet would be to have more protein, such as chicken, fish, beans, or quinoa on the plate than rice or boiled potatoes.

Your metabolism elevates to about 20 percent to digest protein. Therefore, if you’re having a fiber-rich green leafy salad, add in tofu, cottage cheese, or chicken to increase its protein factor or if you’re having a banana, pair it with peanut butter.

Easy weight loss tricks

  • Skipping margarine for breakfast. Add 2 tablespoons of maple syrup to your wholegrain waffles instead of butter or margarine to save 110 calories.

  • Avoiding anything “candied.” Swap a small candy apple for a medium apple to save 118 calories.

  • Eating whole fruits instead of juice. Have a medium orange instead of 12 ounces of orange juice saves 106 calories.

  • Choosing thin over thick. Instead of ditching pizza completely, have a thin crust over thick to save up to 106 calories.

  • Eating Marinara instead of Alfredo. Craving for pasta? Replace 5 ounces of Alfredo sauce in your dish with 7 ounces of marinara sauce to save 129 calories.

  • Frozen yogurt for dessert. Have one cup of low-fat frozen yogurt instead of ice cream to save 121 calories.

It would also be just as important to avoid these 5 basic mistakes that rookies do in a gym. The key is to note that any exercise done improperly and inappropriately can even cause an irreparable loss to your body. Also, if you are exercising at home, you should do so under qualified assistance only- and consulting a virtual fitness expert could help by a mile!

Summing up!

We hope that you take the time to bring yourself closer to some better eating habits and use simpler methods to burn excess weight and calories. Remember, some of the best and easiest health tips start from home. Having a potbelly or a pair of flabby arms and thighs never look good on anyone. The sooner one starts to take the stairs to burn that extra fat, the better it usually is!