Importance of Warm-up Exercises!

Importance of Warm-up Exercises!

Doing a warm-up is an important part of any exercise regimen. It may not seem like it at first, but you’ll notice that a warm-up gives several benefits to your body as you go through with any exercise program.The key to releasing your body’s full energy potential in a workout session lies in your ability to get your muscles all “warmed-up” before any exercise routine.

Warming-up can make a huge difference in how you perform your workout, you just need to give it a try.Whether you are a newbie that’s still starting your health program, or already a fitness buff who is a pro when it comes to exercise and working out; a warmup is a mandatory part of your routine.


Since warm-up is essential for every type of workout, here are the reasons why it is so important that you do one before your main regimen:

1. Warming up conditions your muscles for the workoutThe main idea of the warm-up is to get your muscles fired-up for your routine. Most of your muscles are in a period of stasis prior to the workout, and to “wake” them up, it’s important to do warm-up exercises first. If you don’t, you’ll feel sluggish doing your workout only after a few reps or so.

2. Warm-up is essential to prevent injuryIt is not only in exercise that warm-up matters greatly—athletes get their bodies all warmed-up before they practice or ahead of their games. Why? Because when you warm-up properly, the muscles can stretch further without breaking.

Warming up before any type of workout gradually increases the tension that the joints, tendons, ligaments and muscles can take. Without proper warm-up (especially for athletes), injury for the mentioned body parts are imminent, and can hinder good performance.

It is the same principle when it comes to your own routines—no warm-up can get your muscles injured, and can cost you days to weeks of pain and no-workout sessions.

3. It increases flexibilityNot only does warming up prevent injury, but because it gradually increases the load that the body can take, it helps increase the muscles’ flexibility. You can be able to stretch your muscles further, thus being able to achieve your body’s potential all through the workout.

4. Warm-up is important in giving the right psychological conditioning for the upcoming workoutAs warm-up conditions the body for the impending workout, it can also help signal your brain that you are going to take on a “physical challenge”, therefore helping your mind to focus in the workout.

When you start to warm-up, the body sets the appropriate conditions for your body needed for the upcoming minutes of exertion during your routine. As the heart rate gradually increases and the muscles become warm, the brain is reminded that you are going to expend energy.

This, especially for workout newbies, is critical; aside from physical strength, the right mindset can help you to finish your workout.Even if it is so much tempting to exclude warming-up in an exercise routine, leaving it out causes more harm than good.

The most successful people in the sports and fitness industry know this, and put extreme value in warm-up in the beginning, and cool-down towards the end of their routines.So if you want to be able to do better in your work-out, make sure that you do the proper (and appropriate) warm-up needed for your exercise regimen.

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