Rules you can break and still lose
weight, even during holidays!

Rules you can break and still lose weight, even during holidays!

Your love for food is the biggest roadblock in your desire to lose weight as you are most likely to grab the first decadent food you can find after a short span of controlled eating. Though some well-defined guidelines are stated for the people who want to lose weight, yet it is obvious that no one-size-fits-all.

Then comes the festive season, one that brings in a lot of happiness and celebrations. People tend to overstep and forget all about their weight loss programs. The situation hits rock-bottom with more friends and relatives coming into the picture. So, what can you do?

Thankfully, there is some help available. Here are some common rules for weight-loss you can bend and still drop pounds from the scale.

#Rule 1: No Indulgence

Just because you want to lose weight, doesn’t mean that you have to live without the foods you adore like dessert, alcohol, fried foods, etc. When you deny yourself the bites you crave for, it can backfire and may cause you to feel deprived. This would only lead you to binge eating.

You can’t eat these foods all the time if you want to lose weight, but it’s perfectly healthy to enjoy a few spoonfuls of ice cream or a small glass of champagne every once in a while. Just tone down your portion sizes and indulge about once a week.

#Rule 2: Eat Salad Everyday

Salads indeed help in weight loss, but they aren’t for everyone. The dissatisfied feeling that you get after eating the salad could cause you to head to the nearest fast-food joint. Also, salad toppings can add up. When a bowl of greens is covered in a creamy dressing, candied walnuts, cheese, cranberries, and avocado, a seemingly healthy salad can run higher in calories in comparison to a burger.

You should enjoy the foods you’re eating to stick with a healthy meal plan. If you don’t like the bowl of raw veggies, choose other low-calorie meals that incorporate veggies such as sandwiches, broth-based soups, grilled veggies, and whole-grain salads, etc.

#Rule 3: Say No to Carbs

It is indeed true that carbs are high in calories but not all of them. Refined carbs like white flour, rice, and sugar are the ones to limit while complex carbs like quinoa, oats, whole-wheat pasta, whole-grain bread, and brown rice should be consumed for sure to lose weight faster.

These food items are full of carbs that’ll give you energy and fiber that will keep you full. You need to watch portions of the complex carbs since they aren’t calorie-free, but you definitely shouldn’t ditch all carbs in the name of weight loss.

#Rule 4: Exercise is Most Important

You can burn around 250 calories in a 30-minute jog. This would help you in losing weight faster but is it the only way to burn calories? No! If you can’t exercise because of any reason, you can still lose weight. It just means you have to be willing to eat less and cut calories in your diet instead.

If you do skip out on workouts, keep active in other ways. It is important for so many other reasons like heart health, stress relief, and better sleep.

#Rule 5: Measure Everything

While portion control does play an important role in weight loss, you don’t have to be rigid about measuring everything. There are tons of foods you can eat as much as you want and not measure a single bite like salad greens, peppers, celery, and cucumbers.

If your daily diet seems too strict, try to include foods like these that you can munch on without worrying about how much you’re eating. We are not done with our discussion yet. The special case of controlling your weight-loss program during the festive season is still on and it’s up next!

Special Case: How to stay in shape through the holidays?

Here comes the hard part- the festive seasons. It’s that time of the year again and everyone is busy planning for short getaways and family fun. At this time, it becomes a little difficult to let the exercise slide in, plus this season of holidays brings in extra eating that makes it all the more important to move that butt.

Instead of saying bye to your fitness routine until the new year, use these tips to create a plan of action and to stay on track with your healthy lifestyle during the holidays too. Check them out now:

1. Draft a smart plan

It is very important to create a schedule if you are serious about squeezing in the fitness routine into your holidays. With the holidays also comes a lot of stress and if you create a plan, you can limit wasting the time into irrelevant activities and rather use it for exercising.

Be sure to write down all the exercises along with the time that you are going to devote to this. Just in case it is a little difficult to make time during the day, you may get it done in the morning itself before anyone else is awake. Set your alarm 30 minutes early and finish your workout.

2. Look out for travel-friendly workouts

Even if your schedule for the holidays is full of trips, there are still plenty of ways to get your sweat even if you are away from your home. If you prefer indoor workouts, you can squeeze in a session with exercise apps. Not only this, but you can also check out some new types of workouts from YouTube or a wide variety of subscription-based fitness programs available online.

Should you prefer gyms, you can make your trip an opportunity to check out a new fitness center. You can also opt for simple body-weight exercise options for a routine you can easily do in your hotel or guest room!

3. Workout with family

Quality time does not have to mean laying on the couch and eating all day and night long. These holidays involve the whole family and workout with them in a fun way. Walk around the area to check out the lightning decorations, have a theme-based dance party, or play a football game. Forget the traditional ways to show love with food and power it with something more interesting and challenging!

4. Target multi-tasking

Rather than going for one task at a time, aim at multitasking to work out even without notice. E.g., you may try to squeeze in some extra steps by including window shopping in your routine. While making a family lunch, hit your treadmill for a short session while you wait for it to cook. Simply remember that something is better than nothing and a few jumping jacks or a few sets of squats would also make a positive difference.

5. If you can’t lose weight, at least try to maintain it

We understand that it is the festival season and all you want is to relax and spend some time with your near and dear ones. Even if you are too busy to workout, simply set smaller targets and celebrate your victories as it will be helpful to get back into the game again as soon as you can.

If you target on maintaining, it will be much easier to adapt to your routine after the holidays rather than starting all over again in the new year. These tips will help you in staying on track in the context of weight loss even when you are not exactly focused on the workout and are instead having fun with friends and family.

It is important to know and believe that selective restriction is the name of the game, and you just do not have to shut yourself out from the world to lose weight. The festive season is no exception.