Still Figuring out your Pre- and
Post-Workout Foods?

Still Figuring out your Pre- and Post-Workout Foods?

Going to a gym and wondering about the best pre- and post-workouts foods you could take for muscle gain? Well, you are not alone. The diet you choose for your fitness and workouts is as important as your schedule, and it thus makes perfect sense to make way for something that you could eat and contribute to your health.

And that’s just why we called in our specialist dietician to help us make a list. We have zeroed in on a mile-long list of best vegetarian pre-workout meals for you, and we shall append it with one for after the workouts. We are very positive about a good result coming your way soon enough!

Best Pre-Workout Meals

1. Proteins

Proteins are one of the most significant building blocks of body tissues and double up as a fuel source. It thus makes perfect sense to ensure that our pre-workout meals do contain some good percentage of proteins. A good way to start will be to start with a protein milkshake mixed with a few bananas in it. Full Cream Milk, Cheese, and Eggs also come recommended to be consumed before any workout, and you could also choose nuts like Almonds.

Eating peanuts too is considered one of the best pre- (and post-)workout foods in India- and we shall explain it in a little detail.

Note: Proteins topped our list because they help in maintaining the body tissues and replenishing body energy levels. The more you work out in a gym, the more you’d need to bank on proteins to make a match of it.

2. Carbohydrates

Carbohydrates are what diesel is to a truck-it is the driving force. They have a reputation of breaking down very quickly in our digestive system to give us energy in real-time. It becomes possible because they result in fructose and glucose to pave way for instant (or suchlike) energy. Some alpha grade sources of Carbohydrates for vegetarian pre-workout meals are fruits, grains, and fiber.

Caution: It is just as easy to fall in the trap of ‘Bad Carbohydrates’ though. They could be very injurious if consumed over longer periods, and the list includes Cola drinks, cakes, and pasta. Make sure to stay away from them if you are going for a workout.

3. Water

It’s one thing you can’t go to the gym without! A human body contains more than 65% of water and it is important to keep it replenished with water at all times. One should consume about 4 to 6 litres every day, and it is important to drink one to two glasses of water around 15 minutes before starting workouts.

You would automatically feel an urge to keep drinking water as you continue to work on it, and so you should drink water to keep yourself in the hunt. Working out, taking short breaks, and drinking appropriate amounts of water are considered one of the best things you could do to yourself.

Note: It is also important to keep a track of the direction of your fitness and health in a gym. We thus recommend that you keep a check on your heart rate, blood pressure, blood oxygen content, and other such health-based variables too. One smart way of doing so is to use an activity tracker watch.

They are also available in a more elaborate form as smart fitness watches for men and women and are known for getting the job done with a lot of poise and grace.

Best Post-Workout Meals

1. Water + Glucose

Once you are done with your regular schedule at the gym, get ready to reward yourself with another mile-long list of recommended foods to replenish yourself in an appropriate manner. However, there is nothing more important than replenishing yourself with at least half a litre of water mixed with a few spoons of glucose.

Water would replenish your blood oxygen levels and glucose, as mentioned above, would provide you instant energy. This is one of the best post-workout meals to start with (even though it is a fluid and not exactly a meal).

2. Smart Snacks

It is extremely important to consume something appropriate within 15-30 minutes of working out. This would help you replenish the lost energy quickly and would help your body tissues heal much faster. The list includes cheese, nuts, dry fruits, boiled eggs, toast, whole wheat bread, fruit juices (homemade), oats, and beans.

They are quick to make and we suggest you either prepare them before you go to the gym or better still, call up someone at your place to make them for you as you are on your way back to them. Once you are there, you may take a minute to relax and then start taking the things up!

3. Proteins

As mentioned above, we all need proteins to replenish our energy levels and to strengthen our body tissues. Consuming protein-rich foods as mentioned above- eggs, almonds, or something like chicken breast, yogurt, milk, tuna fish, lentils, sprouted beans, whole wheat bread, etc. comes highly recommended.

Even if nothing else, here’s a golden rule- go with mildly roasted peanuts. They are an exceptionally strong source of protein, good fats, fibre, and minerals like potassium, magnesium, and vitamin B. They form the best vegetarian post-workout meals as ever!

Summing up

This was our take on the best pre- and post-workout foods that you could choose from while working out, and we hope this article would serve as a guiding light to help you make a smarter decision. Please note that the above discussion also includes a discussion on the ‘best pre-workout meal for muscle gain’ as well and that you are free to take the advice mentioned above.

We’d learn to know of your experiences with our dietary recommendations and our fitness gadgets. Please feel free to let us know in the space below, and on our social media channels as well.