Strategies To Overcome Overeating!

It often happens that you find yourself tempted by a snack and even if you decide to take a bite of it, you end up finishing the whole of it. Overeating and overindulgence are a difficult part of healthy eating. Here are some helpful strategies to help keep you on track:

1. Be particular about your choices

When choosing the food items be particular to select those options which will help you feel and satiated. In order to simplify the selection process you can go for foods with complex carbohydrates, protein and fiber. These food choices make your body feel full for longer duration as the body needs more time to digest them.

2. Listen to Your Body

Listen to your body signals and don’t confuse hunger with boredom. Generally overeating is a result of boredom which leads to consumption of unnecessary calories. When you feel hungry rather than going for a snack, first have a glass of water and then rethink if you are still hungry. To avoid overeating it is important to answer this question – are you hungry or are you bored? If you aren’t sure, go do something – read a book, do some housework or go for a walk! If you don’t feel hungry during the activity, you probably do not need to indulge in a snack.

3. Stay Satiated

The best way to avoid overindulgence and overeating is to feed yourself nutrient dense foods. The more energized and satiated you feel the less likely you are to overeat! 15 minutes before you sit to eat food drink a full glass of water as it will help you feel less hungry and signal your brain to eat a meal that is healthier and curb your cravings for unhealthy and greasy food options.

4. Say no to Trigger Foods

In order to avoid overeating it is strictly recommended to keep trigger foods out of sight. Trigger foods basically indicate towards your favorite food options. You are more likely to go towards overeating mostly on your favorite foods! For example if chocolates are your guilty pleasure avoid storing them in refrigerator. If you do not have the food near you, you are less tempted to eat it. Further, if you find yourself driving to grocery store to buy the same, don’t forget to remind yourself as to why you are dieting and what you have to gain in the long term!

5. Plan about long term in advance

Indulgence in simple words is an action for quick gratification. In order to avoid this it is advised to have a well defined plan for future to minimize the occurrence of any uncertainty. Further, thinking about the benefits of healthy lifestyle and keeping inspiration for your goals in your kitchen will be helpful when you are having a weak moment of craving. This will ultimately help in lowering the chances of overeating!

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