The Ultimate Abs Workout for Men

The Easiest Way To Build 6-Pack Abs Workout At Home

Most fitness professionals work intensely for a super awesome 6-pack physique, but many aren’t aware of how they are supposed to work to achieve them. Unfortunately, a proper workout for a sexy midsection doesn’t always involve hundreds of crunches or sit-ups. You can also get great looking abs with some simple workouts at home. 

In order to get washboard abs, you need to focus on improving core strength and core stability. We would recommend you consult a qualified fitness professional or expert online for the best results. He or she would be better placed to help you with specialized exercises like Pilates, HIIT and Crossfits and you would need to stay persistent with them to get better results. 

Benefits of core strengthening exercises: 

Here are some benefits of core strengthening exercises: 

  • Provides structure to abdominal muscles

  • Helps you show your progress

  • Improves the functioning of muscles 

  • Boosts the stabilization of the torso

  • Distributes the body’s center of gravity 

  • Boosts neuromuscular efficiency of the body 

  • Strengthens the spine 

  • Best of all, it cuts out belly fat

How to get abs at home?

What are the best core strengthening exercises?

The core consists of 29 muscles and it is the center of all your body’s movements. Almost every movement you make connects to the core. Inadequate core stability can wreak havoc in any workout, whether it involves the abs or even the legs. Crunches and sit-ups are great and a staple part of any man’s regimen but their efficacy wears down after a while.

Try adding these advanced core exercises to get those 6-pack abs at home:

1. Leg Raises:

Leg raises are awesome for your lower belly. Performing a single leg raise is simple. Start with your back against the floor and raise your legs vertically toward the ceiling. Keep your legs as straight as possible, keep your toes pointed up, and slowly bring your legs together toward the floor.

You should feel it in your abs after 2 reps. If you don’t feel it, make sure your lower back is in contact with the floor as you bring your legs down and slow your movements down a little. Here are some calf muscles that you can do to get started

2. Hip Lifts and Reverse Crunches:

This exercise is similar to normal leg raises but it adds the hip element. Lie with your back flat on your mat or the floor and hold your legs vertically in the air. Keep your legs straight and point your toes to the ceiling. With your arms on the side and palms touching the floor, focus on the region below your belly.

Let your legs lean back toward your shoulder and lift your hips off the ground. Raise them as high and possible. Pause and gradually return to the initial position. This makes one repletion, brace yourself for 10 more. 

3. Oblique Rotations:

Sit on the floor with your hands behind your head, supporting it. Bend your knees and keep your feet flat on the ground. Lean your torso back at a 45-degree angle to stabilize it and twist your core to the left, lowering your body towards this direction.

Right when you’re about to reach the floor, turn clockwise to your right while swinging your body back to center and then toward the right. Continue this movement left and right and perform 10 repetitions on each side. 

4. Hanging Knee Crossover:

Hang on a pull-up bar with your hands slightly more than shoulder-width apart. Make sure your palms are facing forward and your feet are almost touching the ground. Slowly raise your knees with your legs together toward your right shoulder. 

Lift as high as possible and pause in the uppermost position for a few seconds. Straighten your legs and repeat the same movement toward the left shoulder. Perform as many repetitions as possible and repeat this entire workout twice more. Doing squats is also welcome. 

Tip: Here are some other core strengthening exercises that you can do: Hollowman, Plank, Bridge, Superman Pull, V-Ups, V-Sit, and Plank Knee Crosses. It is best to do them under the guidance of an online fitness professional when trying these workouts at home.

BONUS: How To Train Via Video Conferencing?

If you are a professional, using smartphone-based online fitness training software can help you get more done with ease. It can help you bring new and existing clients onboard an online platform, and connect with them even when you are on the go. 

You can operate your online fitness sessions using a smartphone to avail of the following benefits: 

  • Create, Manage, Operate, and Grow your services online

  • Web-based Dashboard and Admin Tools

  • App notifications for appointments and user chats

  • Option to offer pre-recorded videos and/or do live sessions

  • Helps you build a brand for yourself

  • Helps you schedule and monetize your business on the go

You can avail of personalized, one-click access to your clientele with real-time tracking of their health vitals without violating their privacy. The online fitness software offers features like Admin Console, Client Information Organizer, Schedule Organizer, Workout Plan, and Nutritional Audits, Notifications, and Secure Payment Gateways that can all be used to provide a holistic experience to the clients. 

How to reduce belly fat?

A crucial aspect of having a well-toned body is to have little to no flab on the midsection. An excess of belly fat makes us look undisciplined, unattractive, and prone to many illnesses. It is important to eat healthily and workout in proper measure to burn the flab faster.

Core strengthening exercises are a fabulous way to beat the race to be slim and in shape. These workouts are also your best bet to strengthen your pelvis, lower back, hips, and abdomen. Professionals with a better core always have an advantage over those who work in bits and pieces. The best thing is that you can strengthen your core and midsection by doing these simple exercises regularly. 

Having a nice pair of 6-pack abs is just the pinnacle of fitness for most people and it’s rightly so. Should you have such abs, you can be reasonably sure that you have better fitness standards and overall posture. It may, however, come with reduced bladder control and irregular bowel functions too but they can be dealt with. 

We recommend that you get in touch with a professional fitness trainer today to start working on your core strength. Who knows, you too could be next in line waiting to flaunt your abs someday!