Waking up hungry? Your salt intake
might be at fault!

Waking up hungry? Your salt intake might be at fault!

The American Heart Association recommends consuming 1500 mg of sodium (salt) per day. Research shows that an average American consumes more than 3000 mg of salt per day, which is double the recommended amount!

You cannot survive without sodium but that is no excuse to eat junk and unhealthy food. Processed food and snacks consist of heaps of salt and oil content. We advise you to check the packaging and find out how much salt (and unprocessed sugars) every serving contains before having something.

How you can reduce salt from your diet?

Your best bet would be to prepare your meals at home. This would give you complete control of all the ingredients that you’d add to your meals. You should also consider making the following changes in your lifestyle:

A golden rule is to stay away from all store-bought cookies, chips, crackers, and other salty snacks. Processed junk is always packed with sodium. There are many cleaner alternatives for processed junk food. As an example, try oven-baked sweet potato fries instead of having packaged chips. Season them with a pinch of sea salt and add some herbs to make them a healthy and delicious snacking option.

1. Get rid of store-bought salted nuts

The obvious alternative for this is consuming raw and unsalted nuts as snacks. You may buy raw peanuts and nuts and then roast them to make a healthy snack for yourself, or you may also have some popcorn in the evening. Having some dry fruits is an even better option.

2. Ease into a low-salt lifestyle

If you are used to having a lot of salt in your food, focusing on getting rid of all the junk food in your pantry will help. You may also switch to a light salt or try adding your favorite spices to your food to add flavor. Make sure to avoid making drastic changes to your dietary patterns as this may make your new health choices less sustainable.

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Your daily salt intake can make you ill or healthy 

Salt intake and improper timings often sit at the base of your fitness process on a daily basis. The longer the issue persists, the worse it starts faring for you. You would always have a positive side of switching to a healthier and organic diet, and also by cutting down an unnecessary amount of salt (processed or unprocessed foods), especially for snacks and junk foods.

Remember, if food and salt could energize you for the day, they can sap your day just as easily too!