Ways To Add Quinoa To Your Diet!

Ways To Add Quinoa To Your Diet!

Here comes the star of all the grains – Quinoa, a tiny, bead-shaped, bitter flavored and firm textured grain. Unlike wheat or rice, quinoa is a healthy protein – containing all eight of the essential amino acids.

United Nations label it as a supercrop for its health benefits: packed with dietary fiber, phosphorus, magnesium and iron. It is also gluten-free and easy to digest. Quinoa is easy to prepare and its fluffy texture and slightly nutty flavor make it an excellent alternative to white rice or couscous.

Check out some of the smartest ways you can make this wonder grain a part of your weight loss regime –

1. Plain Quinoa –

Quinoa has a lovely nutty flavor, and it can cook in less than 20 minutes, so we think it’s a great alternative to pasta or rice for a quick meal. You can simply rinse the quinoa, toast in a saucepan, add liquid and bring to boil, fluff and enjoy!

2. Substituted for another grain -

Quinoa has a similar texture when cooked to other fine and fluffy grains like bulgur wheat or rice. So it’s great substituted in dishes that use it as a core ingredients like quinoa tabbouleh or fried quinoa with vegetables.

3. In a salad –

Quinoa is a fabulous base for easy, quick, filling grain salads. You can start using it as an ingredient in any of your favorite salad and we are sure you will love it.

4. As a stuffing –

Quinoa makes a great stuffing. You can use it as a stuffing in tomatoes, dumplings, stuffed mushrooms or chile relleno. It just goes perfectly with everything.

5. Eat in Breakfast –

Quinoa’s high protein content and quick cooking time make it a great breakfast as it will keep hunger pangs away for hours. Try it in a form of breakfast bowls, pancakes with a little maple syrup and a handful of nuts, or simply sauteed with a fried egg on top!

6. Soups –

Quinoa tastes delightful in the form of liquid as well. Just cook it with your favorite vegetables and a hearty soup is ready for you in no time.

7. Toss into a smoothie –

Though chia seeds or flax seeds are a common addition to smoothies you can simply add quinoa also to get that extra punch of proteins. The dose of protein will transform your fruit smoothie into a legitimate morning meal that will keep you full until lunch. Use 1/2 cup of cooked quinoa per 1 cup of smoothie.

8. Amazing option for an energy bar–

How about making your own version of your favorite breakfast bar that too with the addition of quinoa. Doesn’t it sound yum? They really taste great and are loaded with protein when combined with oats, seeds, nuts, dried fruits, chocolate chips and your favorite butter.

This satisfying super food is more versatile than you think and will surely contribute in boosting up the weight loss process. Download Mevo app now from Google Playstore/App Store to get amazing healthy quinoa recipes which will keep you motivated to accomplish the weight loss goals faster and live a healthy life.