Weight Loss: Run the show with
Buttermilk and Lentils

Weight Loss: Run the show with Buttermilk and Lentils

Weight loss is a time-intensive process that requires a lot of hard work, dedication, and discipline. You would almost always find scores of health professionals sweating it out in a gym and doing a lot of exercises. It is usually alright but we are presenting two easy and organic ways you can lose weight- by drinking buttermilk and by consuming lentils in different forms.

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1. Losing weight by drinking buttermilk?

Though buttermilk is not a magical weight-loss drink, it does play a helpful role in boosting up the impact of your weight loss efforts. You should not expect that sipping it up will help you lose weight immediately, but it sure can make you smile a little wider on your bathroom scale.

Enjoying this tart beverage as a healthy alternative to high-calorie dairy creamy products is a great way to speed up the weight loss process. Secondly, it also does not have any health-based side-effects.

Weight Loss and Calories

You will only be able to lose weight when there is a direct relationship between the calories you take in and those you expend. You’ll lose weight when the calories you burn through workouts exceed the calories you consume when you eat and drink.

Buttermilk is a dairy product that can answer your daily dietary requirements to a great deal. One cup of buttermilk (that weighs somewhere around 245 gms) has only 99 calories, 2.2gms fat, 12gms carbs, and 8gms of protein. Drinking buttermilk increases your calories only marginally so it will not make any negative effect on your weight loss goals but will keep you full for longer cutting unnecessary empty calories!

Why buttermilk is the best snack?

Buttermilk is the best replacement for snacks that are unnecessarily high in calories. As highlighted above 1 cup of buttermilk has only 99 calories whereas 1 oz of plain potato chips has 149 calories while 1 cola can of 12 oz has 153 calories.

In comparison to chips and soda drinks that only contain empty calories, buttermilk is a nutrient-dense snack that provides protein, calcium, potassium, and vitamins. So, if you decide to include buttermilk in your routine regularly it can surely help you progress faster towards the weight-loss goals.

The perfect alternative to other dairy products

Did you know that one cup of low-fat buttermilk is lower in calories and fat than a cup of 2% milk at 122 calories or a cup of reduced-fat chocolate milk at 190 calories? Buttermilk is also a lower-calorie alternative to many varieties of yogurt as a 6oz of low-fat fruit yogurt contains about 168 calories. So just adjust the tart taste of buttermilk and replace it with other dairy selections in your diet to help control your caloric intake.

The buttermilk-exercise connect

Using buttermilk as the replacement to higher-calorie snacks and dairy foods helps in lowering your overall calorie intake, but you can always increase the impact to the next level by exercising. Exercise is a vital component of a successful weight-loss regimen. Try to include a moderate-paced cardiovascular exercise for 300 min/week to help your body burn enough calories to lead to weight loss.

Thus, the above point infers that though buttermilk is not a magical weight loss drink it does contribute in boosting up the weight loss efforts if included in diets regularly!

2. Weight Loss with Lentils

You can add a generous serving of lentils to your meals without any guilt because not only is it low in calories, it has small quantities of fat too that makes it fit for any weight loss plan.

Half a cup of cooked lentils can give you about 115 calories and that’s more than enough to keep you full and prevent you from eating anything extra. The same quantity of lentils cooked in water will only have 0.5 grams of fat, making it a great low-fat option.


Lentils are a great vegetarian protein source. A half-cup serving of cooked lentils in water provides 9 grams of protein, helping you build lean muscle mass. However, lentils aren’t a complete protein source so be sure to team them up with quinoa, beans, brown rice, or black-eyed peas in your diet plan.


Including plenty of foods rich in fiber is perhaps one of the healthiest methods of losing weight fast. Lentils take a while to chew and consume, allowing your body to register that you have eaten enough and do not require further nutrition. Fiber also remains in the gut for a while and it prevents you from snacking after your meals.

Most people who consume lentils daily report feelings of satisfaction for hours after their meals. This is especially true for people living in countries like India and Pakistan where lentils (or daal) are a staple in their diet. A half-cup serving of boiled lentils will give you 8 grams of fiber, contributing to your recommended daily intake of 21 to 38 grams of fiber.

Blood Sugar

Boiled lentils have a low glycemic index, which means they do not increase your blood sugar or insulin levels dramatically. Canned lentils have a slightly higher glycemic index because of the amount of processing involved but they are still healthy to eat if fresh lentils are not available.

Since lentils are high in fiber, they help slow down the digestion of your meal, keeping your blood sugar levels more stable. Fiber is not digested in the human body and it thus contributes to the mass of the food without offering any added calories.

Stay on the side of Mother Nature

Lentils and buttermilk have their pros and cons too, but at least they are all organic products. This automatically elevates them to a better status of healthy foods without too many dilutions involved. We also suggest that you take them for better results regarding weight loss and to complement your regular diet.

And do not forget to work out just as you have been doing so far!