5 Best Low-Calorie Soups Recipes for Weight Loss & Fitness

If you think soup is just to soothe you in the winter season, think again. Did you know that soup is one of the best foods to eat for weight loss? Because soups are mostly broth, they tend to be lower in calories even though they fill you up. Don’t wait for the spring to start your weight-loss journey. Try making one of these three best soups for weight loss and kick start your diet!

1. Soothing Ginger Soup

1. This simple soup has noodles to fill you up, tofu for protein, and lots of ginger for your health. Ginger reduces muscle pain and soreness, has antimicrobial properties to prevent illness, and can raise your metabolism rate. The noodles in this recipe are made from sweet potato, so they give you complex carbs that won’t spike your blood sugar. So, let’s get started with three servings of this tasty soup now:



Next up is the ever so tasty soup of potato and broccoli. It is one of the best soups for maintaining robust cardiovascular health and to have a stronger immune system.

2. Scrumptious Potato and Broccoli Soup

Soups are a great way to get your greens during the winter. Broccoli is a green vegetable that prevents cancer and resists cardiovascular diseases. The potatoes in the soup give you the creamy texture you crave for, minus the added calories. Slurp away on this delicious soup without any added guilt.



Next up we take the sweet potato soup. It is known for its high glucose and fructose content, and can energize you real fast, especially during rainy or winter seasons!

3. Sweet & Savory Sweet Potato Soup

This soup is the perfect dish to keep you warm during those cold winter months. The sweet potatoes will satisfy your sweet tooth without spiking your blood sugar. The ginger and curry spices stimulate your immune system, helping you fight off colds. And this low-calorie soup will help keep you full while shedding pounds.



Do you prefer something tangy and acrid? If so, we suggest you get ready for the lime lentil soup that offers the best of both worlds for a highly energized workout that could be up next!

4. Lime Lentil Soup

4. The biggest challenge to lose weight effectively is handling the hunger pangs. Soups are a great option as they make you full without the intake of too many calories. As per a study conducted by Obesity Research Centre in 2005, people who ate two servings of low-energy-dense soups per day experienced 50 percent more weight loss than those who took in the same number of calories in a high-energy-dense snack.

Choosing the right type of soup is very beneficial for weight loss and to make it easier we have got 1 delectable soup recipe for you today, the ‘Lime Lentil Soup.’ Check it out now-



We have presented four delicious and high-energy soups that fall can be taken by vegetarians and non-vegetarians as well. It’s time we switch to the other side of the window and consider the non-vegetarians as well.

5. Healthy Mexican Ketogenic Chicken Crockpot Soup Recipe

Monday evenings are usually about a lot of hard work and boredom, and people often find it quite a task with lowered energy levels. If you too are going to a nearby gym but are not feeling energized, here’s something that you can cook up in just a few minutes to get your protein levels soaring. This soup is called Healthy Mexican Ketogenic Chicken Crockpot Soup Recipe and it is a powerhouse in ways more than one.

It would keep you physically active and mentally sharp so you could be at your very during the workouts. Some doctors and fitness professionals maintain that it also has anti-stress properties.

Nutritional Info



Nutritional Info

Crockpot cooking gives you a lot of extra time in hand to do other stuff rather than just standing in the kitchen and munching on titbits while the food is made. It lets you free and allows you to have some quality time with everyone at home. You only need 4 ingredients to make this ridiculously easy crockpot Mexican low carb keto chicken soup.

Switch to these five soups for a slimmer body, starting today!

These five best soups are guaranteed to fill you up without unnecessary calories. Intended mostly for weight loss, they are delicious soups that will satisfy your cravings without hurting your diet. Try taking the time to cook one for yourself and see how easy it can be to jump on the weight-loss bandwagon!

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