10 Proven Ways To Break Weight
Loss Plateau And To Look Slimmer

10 Proven Ways To Break Weight Loss Plateau And To Look Slimmer

It’s mighty frustrating to follow a restrictive diet and fitness schedule and to do all the things right to shed some extra flab. You get up early every morning, work on your fitness, stay away from the choicest foods, and then repeat the process all over again the next day. But it’s even more frustrating to see little to no positive results and only putting on more fat.

The reason is Weight Loss Plateau and this article is about how you can break it.

What is a Weight Loss Plateau?

Nothing beats the pleasure of seeing some extra pounds actually falling off your body with proper exercises. Weight Loss Plateau is the anti-thesis to this pleasure, and it leads to frustration and a drop in efforts to lose weight. It arises from the body’s need to gain the same energy that it had lost during the times of restrictive diets- and the more you eat unhealthy foods, the more weight you put on.

There are two essential elements to lose weight- to eat healthily and be physically active. Once we miss on that balance, we lead ourselves to irregular patterns of weight gain or loss. Here’s how you can wade through them with these simple strategies- they will help you stay committed to healthier habits even when you are not losing those extra pounds as per your expectations.

Can you lose weight without exercising?

Theoretically, yes, you can lose weight without exercising.

It is simply because any change in our body weight is closely related to creating a calorie deficit- that is, burning more calories than consumed. For those who are unable to exercise, success in shedding extra pounds depends on making smart food choices and staying close to those daily calorie goals.

Note: Not too many people like working out every day. They put up with excuses like injuries, medical conditions, lack of time or motivation, or they may simply be working out in an improper manner.

How do you know if you

Here are some telltale signs that can help you know if you have hit the zone of Weight Loss Plateau:

  • You are on a Keto or Mediterranean or low carb diet.

  • Your hunger seems largely reduced.

  • You wake up tired even after sleeping for six hours.

  • You feel lethargic, sick, and depressed.

  • Your liver is not working properly (you don’t feel like eating).

How to overcome Weight Loss Plateau?

How to look slimmer in clothes?

We are offering ten simple and easy tips to solve your weight loss issues (including those related to abnormal spikes in them). Should follow this guidance properly, you would be able to get rid of irregular weight patterns. You would also start fitting in clothes better and this would give you more confidence to continue.

1. Maintain a weight loss journal

Though we all think that we will be able to track the calories we are eating manually, there is a high probability of losing a check on them. This may result in consuming more calories. To avoid such loopholes, it is advised to log whatever you eat in a digital logbook or a fitness tracker. This would also help you know the foods you should eat more often for the best results.

2. Eat only when you are hungry

It’s high time that you stop handling your boredom, happiness, excitement, tension, or any other emotion with food. If you want to lose weight without exercising, you must learn to differentiate if you want or need to eat. It’s better to eat some calories for the time until you are actually (physically) hungry.

3. Eat nutritious and balanced meals

Get the most nutrition out of the calories you eat by consuming more whole grains, legumes, nuts, seeds, fruits, vegetables, meats of grass-fed animals, and reduced-fat dairy. These are foods that are rich in protein, fiber, healthy fats, vitamins, and minerals at every meal. These will leave you feeling satisfied longer than foods that are high in calories but not much else.

4. Check your diet

At the initial stage of weight loss, controlling your addiction to foods may play a major role in helping you shed some extra flab but after a while, you should reassess your diet. It would be advisable to switch to low-calorie foods for a longer duration.

To push away the barrier of the weight-loss plateau, it is important to include foods that are rich in fiber and lean protein. These food items will make you feel fuller for a longer duration and cut away the intake of unnecessary calories.

How many weeks is considered a weight loss plateau? :

Usually, weight loss happens after six months (or 24 weeks) after following restrictive dietary and working out practices. This phenomenon may not last forever but if left unattended, it can stick with you for months on end!

5. Plan and prep meals for the week

To avoid intake of more calories, it is advised to jot down some healthy breakfast ideas, brown bag lunches, and spend some time cooking up the dinner during the week. This will minimize the temptation to grab take out or make poor choices when hungry.

It would be important to check with a professional dietitian to know what foods she’d rather not eat to look slimmer and healthy. This would give you a roadmap to accept or reject foods that would help you in the process.

6. Smart daily routine

Small things like walking, parking farther from the grocery store, taking the stairs instead of the elevator, creating a standing workstation, or doing chores while watching television add up. Even switching to public transport would help. Take advantage of burning a few extra calories whenever you can, this would come back to help you look more attractive physically.

7. Have health and fitness goals

Don’t get too happy or discouraged with what your weighing scale reads because staying fit is an ongoing process. It is important to consider the benefits of adopting a healthier lifestyle, which will help you push the barrier of this plateau away.

You should rework the goals and get excited about the non-scale victories, like getting in a dress you always wished to or getting positive comments from your friends and family. If you take time to celebrate these achievements, you will stay motivated to work out and eat healthily even when the scale isn’t moving.

8. Make a plan

Planning for the upcoming week can go a long way in keeping you on track with healthy habits. The key is to anticipate the upcoming challenges and be prepared to face them. Think of the foods you are going to eat and anticipate their effect on a weight-loss plateau in the best possible way.

Tip: If you have a balanced body but a chubby face, here is how you can make your face look slimmer. We welcome you to follow these simple Face Yoga tips to strengthen your facial muscles, reduce the appearance of wrinkles, and tighten your skin.

9. Be realistic

The truth is, dropping pounds will likely take longer without exercise. By setting a realistic plan of shedding half to a pound every week, you’re less likely to feel deprived or discouraged and give up. Improving our health should be a life-long journey, not a race to hit a certain weight or fit into those skinny jeans.

Weight Loss Plateau can be beaten back too!

Working for fitness requires a great deal of consistent hard work and patience. Weight Loss Plateau is a unique consequence that may arise from some indulgent habits or practices and may lead you to look flabbier than you’d like to. But it can be beaten back too with determination and the right eating habits.

It is mighty important to work on your fitness, just as it is important to keep a check on your eating habits. Consulting a fitness expert for a few live sessions could be an incredible way to start because he can provide you a personalized roadmap to go about the business through exercises and fitness plans. You can make a difference to yourself if you follow his advice properly.

We hope you find these helpful! Feel free to share any tips in the comments section that you might have for other readers who aren’t able to exercise but still want to lose weight.