Do’s and Don’ts of Healthy Weight
Loss, As Suggested By Experts

Do’s and Don’ts of Healthy Weight Loss, As Suggested By Experts

Losing weight is hard and doing so in a calculated and healthy way is harder still. Healthy weight loss refers to shedding some extra pounds regularly, like losing a pound per week. Such experiences can only be derived through a motivated and positive lifestyle.

A healthy process of shedding some extra pounds chiefly consists of three essential segments- eating right, working out regularly, and taking proper sleep. It would also include resisting stress and being more positive too because our mind can overrule anything else.

We shall focus on two of the most important part of losing weight today- eating right and eating properly. There are several foods and eating habits that you should include in your daily life, and they would come back to help you in ways more than one. The key is to stay consistent with them.

Weight Loss Tips

We all need food to derive energy and keep our life processes running. Skipping a few meals in a day can severely put you at a disadvantage and may affect subsequent days, not to mention your decision-making abilities. There is no better reason to eat timely and properly than to stay alive in a better way.

However, this principle does not support the habit of compulsive or binge or emotional eating.

Your love for food is the biggest road blocker in your desire to shed some extra pounds because you are most likely to grab the first slice of your cravings after a short span of controlled eating. Though some well-defined guidelines are stated for the people who want to stay slimmer, yet it is obvious that no one-size-fits-all.

We are presenting some experts-backed rules for weight loss below:

1. No Indulgence

One of the most important healthy fast weight loss tips is that you should eat without indulgence and practice self-restraint in the wake of your health issues. Staying away from sugary foods in the wake of diabetes and oily (and deep-fried) foods in the wake of heart diseases is a strict no-no.

However, you may still bend the rules a little bit. There may be no harm in having a spoon of a dessert, alcohol, fried foods, etc. once a week but keep it at that only.

Did you know? When you deny yourself the bites you crave it can backfire, causing you to feel deprived and ultimately resulting in binge eating. This may lead you to a Weight Loss Plateau.

2. Eat Salad Everyday

There is a reason that salads rank among the best foods for healthy weight loss around the world. Eating salads made of green and leafy vegetables is beneficial in several ways as it helps you get a direct dose of vitamins and proteins in their raw and natural form. They are fast to make and easy to eat and can help you feel full in next to no time.

Salads may taste insipid due to a lack of salts and toppings, and this is just where you need to be on your guard. Adding creamy dressing, candied walnuts, cheese, cranberries, and avocado may turn your bowl of salads into a bowl of calories rather quickly, leading you to faster weight gain.

3. Say No to Carbs

Your weight loss diet is directly proportional to your intake of carbs. However, the myth that all carbs are high in calories also needs to be corrected. You should stay away from refined carbs like white flour, rice, and sugar. But you should include other high-carb foods like quinoa, oats, whole-wheat pasta, whole-grain bread, and brown rice in your diet to lose weight faster.

None of the high carbohydrate foods are low in calories but eating them in properly maintained sizes (portion control) would help. High carbs may also be full of proteins and fiber, and you should not throw the baby out with the bathwater.

Your eating habits may also lead you to have more belly fat and chubby face, and a lot of health issues. These may lead you to increased healthcare costs and may also cause mental stress.

4. Exercise is not optional

Simple workouts like brisk running and running 5k races can do more wonders to your body shape than dieting ever can. You can burn around 250 calories in a 30-minute jog too. As you work out or run or do any other form of exercise, it helps you burn the fat in your fat. This also helps you develop muscles and the strength to continue, thus making you feel better with every round.

These were some of the weight loss tips that you could use to speed up the process. We would also recommend you to consult a fitness professional to get a more personalized plan for yourself. Persisting with his advice and workout plan over time would help you get better results.

Next up are some of the worst mistakes that people make in their lifestyle every day, and end up putting more weight than they intended to.

What you should not eat to lose weight?

Sure you can break the internet searching for the foods that you should avoid for weight loss and making resolutions to work out every day, but they would do you little good until you practically follow them. A healthy process of gaining or shedding a few extra pounds would always be focused on your determination to stay away from unhealthy eating and lifestyle practices.

We are discussing some of the worst eating habits that obese and overweight people indulge in, and here they are:

1. Spicy Foods

Spicy and oily foods are a complete anti-thesis to all the fast fat-burning foods that you just love to eat. We are not asking you to refrain from all kinds of spicy and delicious foods in the name of shedding some extra pounds, but you should go for eating some green chilies to reduce your food intake.

However, fitness experts warn that spicy food can agitate the digestive system and may cause heartburn, something you would never want, especially during a workout. They also recommend not to eat anything spicy foods for up to 24 hours before a workout session.

2. Alcohol/Alcoholic Beverages

Alcohol has strong diuretic properties and it sucks water from our digestive system, thus causing a great deal of load on the liver. Drinking it makes us feel thirsty and drinking it even more only makes the matters worse. No wonder, doctors ask obese patients to stay away from it.

Alcoholic beverages top the list of unhealthy “foods” to avoid for weight loss. Another reason to stay away from them is that they suppress fat oxidation and rather help in its accumulation, thus making the person consuming them fatter than they’d like to. Booze is also a major contributor to belly fat.


Relax, your weight loss diet can comprise desserts!

They are a big no-no when you are going for a workout session because they are high in fats like oils, shortening, cream, and butter and they only make you feel full even without any energy to work on. You would not want your body to be full of something like this when you’re going for a proper workout session.

The key is to eat sweets and ice-creams in moderation after your dinner and then walk briskly for some time to let your craving reduce. It would also distract your mind from eating more of it- you can use the same advantage to control your body fat and to be slimmer.

Best foods for weight loss

Foods to eat lose weight in stomach

We are presenting a list of the best foods for weight loss that you can start today. However, you should consult a qualified healthcare or fitness professional for a personalized 7-day diet plan for weight loss for the best results.

1. Eggs

2. Green leafy vegetables

3. Avocadoes

4. Fruits and raw vegetables (as salads)

5. Quinoa

6. Oatmeal

7. Salmon and tuna fish

8. Lean meat (grass-fed animals)

9. Coconut milk

10. Cheese and potatoes

11. Legumes and lentils

12. Soups

13. Greek yogurt

14. Nuts

15. Chia seeds

16. Whole grains

Eating these foods would give you the requisite energy in the form of proteins and vitamins, without any excess carbohydrates. You can count on a diet made of these foods to melt excess flab on your stomach and face in a calculated and healthy manner. You should remember to support this diet every day with a proper intake of water too.

Losing weight in a healthy manner is important

There is perhaps no more need to go on a crash or fad diet than it is to pet a tiger nowadays. Moreover, adopting shortcuts for getting into a proper body shape will only backfire and lead to more health issues someday.

Our experts thus recommend that you maintain a journal to keep a track of your daily activities and eating practices, and also wear a fitness tracker when you work out. These habits would help you get more out of your fitness regimes from the start.