Anti-aging Facial Exercises

Anti-aging Facial Exercises

Your face and scalp consist of ten different muscle groups that are attached to the bone as well as your skin, much unlike other parts of your body. This fact allows us to make millions of facial expressions but the same arrangement can contribute to fine lines and wrinkles as we age. However, the good news is you can work these muscles in your face to tighten and tone them to make your skin appear much firmer and youthful.

We are discussing how you can get it all going with some of the simplest and easiest, yet the most effective anti-aging facial exercises to make the most of your primary appearance. These exercises would not take any more than 15 minutes a day and would bring a grand difference to the way you are perceived around.

Understanding how these exercises would benefit you

You might be wondering “why should I do these facial exercises every day?” Yes, this is a very sane question to ask and we are explaining the answers below.

You see, the human face is the most important, yet the least worked out part of the human body. It is just the part of our body that communicates our physical presence, our emotional and mental state, and also paves a way for the most significant form of facial expression. The human face comprises 43 muscles that are responsible for showing up various types of emotions like happiness, sadness, anger, anxiety, and even excitement and boredom. A combined show of theirs helps us to be ourselves and to appear just as attractive to those around us.

However, with time and age, these muscles start getting weaker and also tend to lose their elasticity. This causes them to work with the same intensity to show the same emotions that they used to do with a few years back. The older you get, the worse they start to perform.

This is just where doing thee simple anti-aging facial exercises comes into play. You may get them all going by choosing facial exercises for sagging cheeks and then work your way up to include the specialized exercises for eyes, eyebrows, forehead, and neck. We are presenting four of these simple to do exercises that would help you be better at your game. Please find them listed below:

Presenting four of the easiest facial exercises you can start doing right now:

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You can begin working up your facial muscles by knowing just how they work in unison and the way you can leverage it. Please note that these facial exercises require just as much consistency and discipline as do other strenuous workouts, and you would always be well advised to chalk out a routine for them for six days a week.

1. Facial Yoga

Facial yoga is a great routine to sculpt the muscles of your face and neck by increasing blood circulation and releasing tension in your facial muscles. It is especially beneficial in preventing smile lines and also in toning the cheek muscles.

Start by standing straight, relaxed, and inhaling deeply through your mouth. Trap the air in your mouth and extend your cheeks, as if you’re blowing into a trumpet. Hold for one minute and then slowly exhale via your nose. Repeat 5 times several times a day for best results.

2. Neck

The front of the neck holds a muscle called the platysma. As we age, this muscle and the skin over it become loose and begin to sag. Performing a neck exercise can help tone your platysma, giving you a tighter neck and jawline. Start by sitting or standing straight and turning your head so that you’re looking at the ceiling. Keep still and press your tongue to your palate (the roof of your mouth).

You should feel a slight strain in the muscles at the front of your neck. Keep pressing your palate with your tongue and bring your chin to your neck. You should feel the platysma and your chin muscles contracting.

3. Cheeks

Age can cause your cheek muscles to sag as well. To prevent this, stand in front of a mirror to ensure you perform this exercise right. Do your biggest smile with your lips closed and the corners of your mouths almost touching your ears. Allow your cheek muscles to move up by wrinkling your nose and hold for 5 seconds. Repeat ten times every day to tighten facial muscles.

4. Forehead

Starting to see signs of folds on your forehead already? Try doing this exercise. Place both of your index fingers right below the eyebrow, above each of your eyes. Lift your eyebrows as high as possible while pulling down the skin under it at the same time with your index fingers. Repeat 10 times every day to prevent lines on your forehead.

The one marked on the top, Facial Yoga, is the underlying force that would offer a platform from where you could launch yourself into the harder tasks like the exercises required for eyebrows and neck. Secondly, the one marked as ‘Cheeks’ has a special case that we shall describe in detail below.

Facial exercises for sagging cheeks

It is important to focus on your cheeks first. They offer the boundary of your facial expressions and help your face have a proper and beautiful appearance. Too puffy or sagging cheeks only let the observer believe that there is a clear case of malnutrition or any underlying illness that is plaguing the appearance, and one should thus commit to doing specialized facial exercises for sagging cheeks first up.

These exercises are easy to do and would not take more than 15 minutes of your hectic schedule. However, persisting with them would offer a series of cosmetic and health-related benefits over a period of time- and that too for free!

Here’s how to get started with them:

The Cheekbone Lift

  • Put your fingers on either cheekbone.

  • Gently lift the skin there up to your eyes.

  • Try making an ‘O’ shape with your lips and stretching your fingers upwards.

  • Hold it for 20 seconds.

  • Repeat 20 times.

The Chipmunk Cheek Squeeze

  • aqueeze your cheeks inwards to make an infinity symbol.

  • Tilt your head backward slowly.

  • Hold it there for 20 seconds.

  • Repeat 20 times.

These exercises will also help you have a sharper and firmer shape for your face. You can count on getting well-defined cheekbones and a slimmer face with these two facial exercises that are meant for sagging cheeks. The key is not to underestimate their benefits and to rather stick with them on a schedule.

Japanese facial exercises for men and women

Like most traditions, Japanese culture too has its fair share of methods for keeping body fit. Those meant for the face alone are termed under our discussion for Japanese facial exercises and they really work. Here’s how you too could benefit from them:

Anti-Gobble Neck

The anti-gobble neck exercise is best suited for those suffering from double chin. To do this exercise, slowly stretch your head back and lookup. Imagine that your chin is being pulled up from the lower ground up to the ceiling and then stick out your tongue upwards as much as you can. Try to stay like this for 20 seconds.

Lip Sumo

Imagine that you have water in your mouth and you are swirling it form one side to another. You can do this by filling your mouth with air and then keep doing the rounds for 20 seconds. Do a few repetitions as well.

Smile Line Ironing

This exercise aims to massage the inner lining of your mouth, especially the area that lies immediately under the smile lines. The trick is to keep the force from your tongue to the maximum so that the muscles start tiring soon. This would also force the smile lines to wrinkle out the stress lines really fast!

Simple facial exercises for men and women

With the launch of smartphones and various types of handheld devices, the world has suddenly become a smaller place. The stress of work, daily commutes, and pollution have together added themselves to the soreness of the issue as working men and women are battling with a reduction in their physical attraction and facial features.

We know that you could be sitting in the same boat and that’s why we are presenting our list of four simple facial exercises for men and women. Please find these exercises below:

Double Chin Reduction

This is one of the simplest ones to do. Sit or stand straight, then put your lower lip over the upper lip and try to smile naturally. Now rub your palms on the underlying muscles and repeat until you find a strain in your lower neck. Stop and repeat.

Forehead Repairing

It is easy to do this one too. Try to act surprised by rolling over the skin of your forehead upwards in a way that it widens your eyes to the maximum allowed extent. The key is to not let the forehead develop any wrinkles.

Flex Your Brows

Use the tips of your fingers to catch your eyebrows and then stretch them upwards. Now do the reverse by letting the eye muscles force themselves down on the fingers. This back and forth movement will help you have sharper eyebrows and firmly defined facial features.

Combine these anti-aging facial exercises with a better diet plan and meditation

We believe our presentation on these anti-aging facial exercises should be good enough to get you started on the path of getting sharper facial appearances and more pronounced facial features without committing yourself to Botox or other harmful surgery.

You may also note that you can add up the total effects by drinking six liters of water every day and following it up with a fitness-centric diet. Secondly, you may also join the above endeavor with Yoga and Zen meditation processes to tone your mind, body, and spirit in the same direction for maximum mileage. The benefits of following a controlled diet plan and meditation are just about endless to consider.

A proper mix of diet and meditation would also help you get the most of these facial exercises. More important than that, it would also help you build a firmer base on which you can launch subsequent anti-aging exercises in times to come and to launch more benefits per unit time!