Corona Virus: The Pandemic We Know Very Little About!

It was the turn of 2019 and the world was looking to celebrate the New Year. All the celebrations and preparations were in order in every country of the world, and that was the moment that the tide turned for the worse.

The World Health Organization was informed of a deadly virus called COVID-19 (or Coronavirus) that had spread in a sleepy little town of China and was all set to shake up the world order on its own terms soon enough.

No one has ever been the same ever since. This new and deadly pandemic has accounted for thousands of lives so far and it is still on a rampage for many more from around the world. Worse, there is little to no awareness in several parts of the world and this has further made the way to its containment a lot harder.

Today, we take a satellite view of the rising issue of Coronavirus so that you could stay safe and live through the time in a sane manner. Prior to that, here’s a recap of all that we know of it and just how you could do your part to stay safe.

Dated 31st December 2019: China’s Wuhan city was grappling a virus strain that the mankind had never heard or dreamt of, and all the efforts made by the local authorities to contain it were proving futile.

The Chinese government had tried its best to include some tier arrangements like sealing geographical borders and discouraging international air travel but to no avail. The virus continued to spread and it was never in the business of taking prisoners. The World Health Organization too was rattled beyond belief and it shot out a host of precautionary advisories on a cosmopolitan level.

Dated 16th March 2019: The situation is just all the more alarming now with the virus spreading around the world like a wildfire. Several European countries like Italy and Spain are now staring down the barrel with a large number of casualties even as China continues to try its best to contain the issue.

The UK and the US too are clueless with their share of casualties so far. India, with its class-leading medical faculties and reputation of medical tourism, had withdrawn its students in China last month by airlift and in Iran earlier last week. Anyone infected here is being treated to the best of medical resources available.

If it were not so life-threatening, no country would have made a huge uproar over it.

The key is not to press the panic button!

Yes, as much as it is important to be aware of the COVID-19 or Coronavirus, it is also important not to press the panic button now. No matter what country you are living in, please rest assured that your respective local government is doing its best to keep you safe and secure.

Your government should also be keeping a tab on all the latest updates on the Coronavirus in China and any medical breakthrough would be communicated to you at the earliest.

Please find below some of the best preventive measures for Coronavirus that you should follow:

  • Do not spread or believe in rumors, especially through WhatsApp or Social media.

  • Maintain personal hygiene.

  • Wash your hands with antiseptic or antibacterial soap regularly. Alcohol-based handwashes are best when you use them after sneezing or before or after eating or drinking something.

  • Keep a safe distance of three feet from anyone who is sneezing and/or coughing.

  • Avoid touching your face and lips every now and then.

  • Try to avoid physical contact with hands at the time of greeting someone.

  • Wear N95 or other approved masks.

  • Most importantly, seek immediate medical assistance if you have fever, a running nose or if you are experiencing any difficulties in breathing.

  • Also self quarantine yourself if you have contacted the virus and the same has been confirmed medically.

Pro Tip: For those who are 60 years or older, it comes highly recommended to get yourself additionally checked for any cardiovascular disease, respiratory ailment, diabetes or any other persistent health issue. The reason is that while these diseases may not be directly related to the Coronavirus, they would certainly bring down your body’s resistance to the pandemic itself.

Coronavirus: Symptoms, Myths, and Treatments available

Coronavirus is a new infectious strain that may be best described as deadly, however there have been a few survivors too. Its consequent symptoms are usually very simple and that often lets people take it lightly- and it is just the mistake that you should not commit. We are presenting its list of symptoms below for a ready reference:

  • Sore throat

  • Running nose

  • Cough

  • Fever

  • Weakness

  • Difficulty in breathing

We are also debunking some popular myths regarding COVID-2019 below:

  • The virus spread is limited to countries with hot and humid climates.

The virus is spreading across the world at an alarming rate and it makes no distinction on the basis of climates and geographical boundaries.

  • Extreme temperatures can kill the virus.

There has been no conclusive evidence to suggest that very hot or very cold temperatures can kill the COVID-19 virus and thus cure a patient.

  • Hot steam bath can keep you safe.

As mentioned above, temperature has no effect on this virus. You might only burn yourself in the process of taking a very hot steam bath under unsupervised conditions.

  • The Coronavirus can be transmitted through bugs and mosquitoes.

There are no medical reports so far to confirm that someone could be infected from this virus through bugs or mosquitoes.

  • Ultraviolet lamps can be used to disinfect hands and kill the virus.

This myth is especially important to debunk. Human bodies are not meant for consumption of ultraviolet radiations and anyone trying to disinfect oneself through these radiations would only be courting disaster.

  • Pneumonia and Flu medications can keep one safe.

It comes highly recommended that one should not rely on prevalent medications for flu or pneumonia to deal with Coronavirus Disease. There are also no medications, as prescribed by the World Health Organization (WHO), for this deadly disease so far.

  • Eating garlic or cloves can cure the virus.

Stay away from such unfounded home remedies. There is no medically conclusive evidence to suggest that eating garlic, onions or cloves could have any effect on COVID-19 virus.

  • United We Stand, Divided We Fall!

This virus strain is new and is way more evolved than the previously encountered SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) and MERS (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome) viruses of the past decade. The mortality rate of COVID-19 is way more than those of SARS and MERS combined and it would take sometime for the medical world to devise a befitting reply.

COVID-19 has no WHO-approved treatment available so far. Several WHO-backed medical organizations are trying their best to devise a medicine to contain the onslaught of this virus and we are positive that someday we would be able to get on top of the virus.

Until then, everyone is advised to remain calm, not panic and continue to receive preventive or supportive medical care as available. We would also advise you to stay in touch with your local medical authorities and use best measures to stay safe.

Corona Virus The Pandemic We Know Very Little About!

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