Health Benefits of Water Kefir
the New Soda? | Mevolife

Health Benefits of Water Kefir the New Soda? | Mevolife

The more I watch television or read online, the more aware of the term probiotics I become. Jamie Lee Curtis and Activa have been talking about it for years. But what do you really know about probiotics, other than the snippets you get on ads and tv commercials? What do you know about probiotics in water kefir, specifically? Water kefir…ah…that’s a new one, I bet.

Water kefir is hitting the Internet waves much the same way kombucha or milk kefir is. They all originate from living grains or fungus. They need fermentation for the healthy properties that many seek when drinking. Water kefir junkies also live for the fizz.

Water kefir is a healthy alternative to soda. The fountain never runs dry once you learn the art of making it. And it really is that easy: grains, water, and sugar. That’s it.

Let’s talk about what water kefir is and why it’s good for you.

What Is Water Kefir?

Water kefir is said to have originated in two places, so it’s up to you to decide which version you want to believe. It is generally believed that water kefir got its beginnings in Mexico, thriving in the sugary water of the Ountia cactus (prickly pear). Others believe it started further back in Tibet when monks gave the grains to Mother Teresa of Calcutta.

The word kefir comes from the Turkish word and means “feeling good.” Water kefir is a mild, zesty sugar-water beverage often compared to a natural, refreshing soda, and perfect for everyday drinking.

Ferment at room temperature for 24-48 hours with fruit or lemon, and that’s it, sugary goodness to drink for a probiotic pick-me-up. Kefir has a low glycemic index and is caffeine free.

Is Water Kefir Healthy?

Kefir is loaded with digestible sugars, valuable enzymes, and beneficial acids, minerals, and vitamins. It supplies your body with tons of healthy bacteria and yeast. Unlike kombucha (made with tea) water kefir is caffeine free.

How are bacteria beneficial?

Your body is made up of billions of bacteria and yeast that support internal microflora support for digestion. Your body needs a healthy dose of probiotics to fight off bacteria, viruses, and yeast, which kefir provides.

Research is also proving that kefir may be anti-mutagenic and help manage free radicals. The longer the drink is fermented the more folic acid and B vitamins are produced within.

Drinking kefir may help reduce cholesterol and blood pressure. Kefir is proving beneficial to many, from improving digestion, building immunity from colds and viruses, and boosting energy. Besides the health benefits, many are drinking just because they enjoy the effervescence of a soda.

What Does Water Kefir Taste Like?

Water kefir can taste pretty much like you want it to. Do you like pink lemonade? Then make it out of strawberries and lemons. Do you like black cherry? Make simple syrup out of cherries, water, and sugar. Add to kefir and you have a great tasting black cherry soda-feel. Add a splash of vanilla, I like it that way and you will too.

Some people make it out of basil and lemon, pineapple, grape juice, or just about anything you can think of. Don’t like what you make? Throw it out and try something different next time. The grains continually replenish, giving you a great, healthy alternative that is better than any soda anytime.

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