Psychology: The Art Behind Losing
Weight Quickly!

Psychology: The Art Behind Losing Weight Quickly!

Weight loss is a tough and time-intensive process that requires a lot of dedication and hard work. People try to go all lengths to lose their flab and to get into a leaner and meaner body. I wish it were that easy!

Thankfully, we have psychology to the rescue. This art subject helps us understand what goes into the making of a successful health professional and to encourage us to take all those smart steps that count so crucial in the process. One such rule that can govern your fitness program is the Pareto Rule, or the 80-20 rule for healthy eating and indulging in the delicacies. We are discussing it next!

1. The 80/20 Rule: 80% Health & 20% Indulgence

The Pareto Principle is a scientific conclusion is named after economist Vilfredo Pareto. It highlights how an economic concept that explains how ‘80% of property in Italy was owned by 20% of the country’s population.’

It is a standard principle and can be applied in a wide range of areas such as manufacturing, management, human resources, etc. In the context of weight-loss, the 80:20 rule is not any type of diet rather it refers to overall lifestyle change for faster achievement of results!

The basic aim of a weight-loss regime is to eat a perfect diet which can help you quickly lose weight. As soon as someone plans to lose weight, he or she adopts a rigid diet regime, which rather than becoming a stepping stone, becomes a hurdle in the process. This is where 80:20 rule comes into action as it helps you to stay realistic about your diet plans.

What you can learn from it?

It teaches you about balance and moderation, a concept that never exists in a fad diet. To keep it simple and straight the idea is to eat healthily for around 80% of the time, and then to feel free to eat the foods of your choice for the other 20% of the time. It plays a key role in keeping you motivated and makes the whole clean-living thing feel doable for the long run.

This rule gives more importance to healthy food choices which play a key role in achieving the desired goals. 8 healthy parts and 2 parts indulgence is what you should aim at to have a longer and happier diet routine.

Your 8 healthy parts should consist of a variety of fresh seasonal produce, lean organic protein, unprocessed whole grains, and good quality essential fatty acids. To assist you with eating all the right foods is to simply think “rainbow”, that is, if it’s full of brightly colored fresh produce you know you’re on the right track.

How to apply it to reduce weight?

For an effective application of this principle apply the 80% rule to weekdays and enjoy the 20% indulgence on weekends. It can be easier to live healthily on the weekdays and then indulge in your treats on the weekend. Just because you’re eating well 80% of the time, that doesn’t mean you should use the remaining 20% to go on an all-out unhealthy binge. You should still watch your portion sizes.

The key to success is to plan your treat meals so that you have something to look forward to. In case you don’t feel the need to indulge, avoid it. Opt for ‘good’ food 80% of the time by cutting down on:

  • Alcohol

  • White bread

  • Refined flour

  • Potatoes

  • Sugar (Visible and hidden)

  • Bad fats

  • Ready-made meals

  • Fizzy drinks

  • Caffeine

  • Refined carbs

Here’s what you can do to use the principle in close unison with your eating habits.

  • Eat & cook healthily

  • Breakfast is a must

  • Eat slowly and stop when 80% full

  • Exercise every day (or at least 4-5 times a week (spanning half an hour))

  • Drink at least 8 glasses of water

  • Smart snacking on fruits, nuts, etc.

  • Eat at least 5 portions of fruit and veg daily!

To sum up the above discussion, the 80/20 rule is a doable, healthy lifestyle plan that helps you to reach your weight loss goals without losing out on fun and taste.

We are now pepping up the subject with some simple changes that you can adopt to get better results in lesser time. These tips do not take any elaborate arrangement to follow nor do they ask for any gym equipment.

2. Tiny Changes to Lose Weight Faster!

The Pareto principle is one good thing, but here’s how you can use it to build your lead forward. All you would need is a willingness to adopt a healthier lifestyle and simplified eating habits. If you are ready, we have got the details going below:

Losing weight is hard and when people take up this challenge, they don’t start small, they immediately go all in. The attempt to change everything in one go ultimately results in not changing anything at all and they tend to lose up the motivation to work for it. The better approach is to start with making a few simple changes to your daily routine.

a. Substitute whole grains for refined carbs

Choose whole grains bagels instead of regular white ones like brown bread, whole grain pasta, brown rice, etc. The whole grains have more nutrients and fiber and digest slowly which makes them the more appropriate for weight-conscious people. Refined carbs are high in calories but offer no nutrition. Besides, whole grains are far tastier and satisfying so after a while you won’t want to go back!

b. Eat lunch like a king

It is a common saying that breakfast should be the biggest meal for weight watchers but you might not be feeling too hungry when you wake up. You should prefer to eat lunch like a king as at that time your digestion is at a peak and you can fuel up your body at that time. Remember the proverb ‘eating like a king?’ It doesn’t mean eating burger and fries, it rather means taking a hearty bowl of lentil soup and kale salad for your lunch, and no fatty diet.

c. Drink a glass of water before every meal

Drinking water is really good for health. Along with this, when you drink water before you eat, you’ll already be full and won’t go beyond your point of hunger. This indicates a less calorie intake and smarter way to shed off those extra calories!

d. Prefer rainbows

Green, red, purple, yellow, orange… eating a rainbow will prove to be helpful to supply your body with disease-fighting phytonutrients, and will also lower down the temptations for unhealthy foods. Along with this, it will also ensure that you eat at least 5-7 recommended servings which will keep you full without increasing the calories!

e. Cut back on sweets

It is really difficult to say no to sweets, but it makes a massive contribution to hastening the weight-loss process. Cut down on artificial sweet products like pastries, candies, and other such desserts and satisfy your sweet tooth with natural products like fruits.

f. Smart snacking

Snacks should be just as nutritious as meals, it’s just that they should be smaller! Keep some basic rules in mind at the time of munching:

  • Never eat snacks if you are not hungry.

  • Don’t forget to include proteins in your snacks.

  • Choose real foods, instead of processed snacks.

  • Go for apple with peanut butter, boiled veggies with hummus, nuts, etc.

g. Don’t give up anything

Eat all the foods you enjoy but do it in smaller quantities and consider the rule of portion control. If you instantly give up on any food item the temptation is likely to force you to eat more of it. If you want to achieve your goals be smart in what way you choose.

Remember that there is no one giant step that does it. It’s a lot of little steps comprising minor changes and if you adopt them in your daily routine, they would add to big steps and would make your weight loss efforts more fruitful. It’s time you try them out for yourself!