Vegetable Juices! Good or Bad
for Health ? | Mevolife

Vegetable Juices! Good or Bad for Health ? | Mevolife

Summer is upon us and with it, our desire to be beach-ready. That will have many of us reaching for the juicer and going through a course of “detoxicating”. After all, isn’t our normal diet full of toxins? It only makes sense that we clean our body and, hopefully, lose weight along the way. We will be healthy and fit. Right?

Not really. True, that is what many companies would have you believe because “healthy detox” programs are all the rage and they don’t show any sign of slowing down (not to mention that it’s good for their pocket). However, over the past few years, scientists have debunked “the myth of the detox” and according to the American Journal of Medicine there is “no strong scientific evidence to support these benefits”.

Our body is quite amazing and in fact we already have an effective detoxicating system in place – our kidneys and liver. If they function properly, we don’t need to worry about any other type of cleansing. So what about all those juices? They seem to be promoted everywhere, and ultimately, is it better to drink vegetables rather than to eat them?

Drinking vegetable juices can help you increase your veggie intake, along with the vitamins and minerals that accompany them (especially if you are one of the many people who do not eatenough leafy greens in their regular diet). However, it’s important to remember one thing: when you make a juice, you remove most of the fiber. We have discussed previously why fiber is an important ingredient for weight loss but it also has many other health benefits.

Fiber is the carbohydrate that helps you control the levels of blood sugar in your system. It slows down the rate of the food digestion and consequentially, balances how fast sugar gets into your bloodstream. This also controls hunger which means that if you ingest enough fiber, you would feel full for a longer period of time.

That said, a fresh vegetable juice will have sugar but no fiber which will cause your body to experience a blood sugar spike. This can lead to many negative effects such as insulin imbalance, skin outbreaks (in people who have acne-prone skin) and many more.

What can you do?

Simply substitute the juice for a fresh vegetable. That way you will receive all the nutrients without any of the fuss.

Tips & Tricks

If you have your heart set on drinking vegetable juices, consider the following healthy tips:

  • Add a little whole milk to the juice – to slow down the release of sugar, so that there are no sugar spikes;

  • Drink such juices twice a week – to avoid any lasting harmful effects;– Drink such juices 20 min before or 2 hours after meals – to help your digestive system process them.

So are vegetable juices good or bad for you?If you are a healthy person, there won’t be any harmful effects (considering you drink them in moderation) but it would still be more beneficial if you just eat your veggies. They are delicious!

How about you create your own glass of juice with your favorite veggies?

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