Get Online Virtual-Fitness Services
with Live Sessions

On-Demand Visits for Fitness Services with Personalized
Video Consultations at MevoLife



Get on-demand virtual sessions from the world’s Top Fitness professionals at easy to afford prices.


Avail app-based, on-demand fitness consulting services
on-the-go held online via Video Conferencing.


It is an app-based, on-demand online fitness consulting service that helps you connect with the professional of
your choice through video conferencing. This endeavor is completely independent of your time zone and location,
and works through MevoLife’s safe and secure virtual platform.

  • On-Demand Fitness services through audio or video conferencing
  • Licensed, qualified and emphatic fitness experts
  • Works on Android phone or iPhone through an app-based environment
  • No waiting time, no appointments and no paperwork
  • Choose from thousands of professionals worldwide
  • Result-oriented, personalized and qualified fitness professionals
  • Supporting video and audio sessions for every consultation
  • Result-oriented, personalized and medically qualified fitness services
  • Privacy guaranteed
  • Cost-effective

MevoLife represents the coming together of a glorious idea that your fitness should not be a function of the health service providers in your immediate environment and time constraints.

You should have an independent domain over and above that level to avail only the very best of services for health and wellness wherever you are and whenever you want.

Besides, they should be provided only by experts and must be cost-effective.

We have thus opened up a radically new and unexplored avenue that runs through our platform and your smartphone to offer you on-demand virtual fitness live sessions.

These experiences are relayed through a virtual interaction between you and your preferred fitness expert via audio or video conferencing on your smartphone.

We have made available thousands of fitness service providers from all parts of the world and segregated them as per their respective qualifications, specializations, and a transparent matrix of user ratings and reviews.

All this comes at a fraction of cost that one bears while making appointments and paying for
consultations and conveyance overheads. Isn’t that worth a deal?


MevoLife has taken the hard work and the guesswork out of your next fitness plan with its excellent on-demand virtual fitness services.
They run pivoted on your health and wellness needs to provide you a suitable response in the same time bracket as you’d expect.

We have created an ecosystem where you may leverage the best in class online fitness consulting from some of the most acclaimed professionals in the world, all at the time and place of your choice. You may go for medically-qualified assistance for the following requirements:

  • Personal Trainers
  • Yoga Masters
  • Zumba Experts
  • Miscellaneous Experts

Each of these services is highly cost-effective, whether taken for a one-to-one personal interaction or group-based consultations. Conducted via audio or video conferencing, these services or consultations do not require any appointments, medico-legal paperwork, or waiting periods.

So, you may simply log in to the all-new MevoLife app to open yourself up to a new world of online fitness. You may
thus now enjoy a Personal Trainer from New York, a Yoga Master from Mumbai, and a Zumba Trainer
from Bangkok. Besides, you may take a second opinion for each of them too.


These live sessions are powered by on-demand consulting services and they are conducted by some of the world’s best online fitness experts. They are medically qualified, emphatic, and thorough professionals who can diagnose your issue and offer you a proper resolution for it in real-time.

This endeavor is completely independent of your time and place, and only requires MevoLife’s app-based connectivity to get you closer to a fruitful conclusion.

These services are completely on-demand and would not require you to pay any physical visits to a doctor or an expert, and they thus help you save on the conveyance charges and a lot of your precious time.

You would also find that these smart services integrate seamlessly with your daily lifestyle and that you do not make out special arrangements for them.

  • Free trials available
  • Consultations are available 24x7 through audio or video conferencing
  • The comfort of interacting with an expert from the comfort of your home
  • One-to-one or group-based consultations available
  • No need to make appointments or wait indefinitely
  • Works anywhere and anytime
  • No need to visit the doctor personally
  • A smart alternative to local health and wellness services
  • Safe, secure and confidential
  • Numerous consultations and multiple ‘second opinions’ available

MevoLife has enabled secure payment gateways on its app so you could get a seamless and secure experience of availing these
class-leading online fitness consulting sessions, and this works even when you are on the move.


MevoLife has offered its wide gamut of online fitness services so you could get one-click access to Personal Trainers, Yoga Masters, Zumba Experts, and miscellaneous Experts. This is a completely on-demand endeavor that’s sure to send down a few shock-waves in the unexplored
nascent space of virtual health services.

It aims to offer its users a tangible advantage of contacting a qualified medical professional from any part of the world, and they can further fine-tune their upcoming experience by segregating it as per a transparent system of user reviews and ratings.

It means that one may ask for a 5-star personal trainer from New York, 4-star yoga master from Mumbai, and a 5-star Zumba Trainer from Johannesburg and then back it all up with a ‘second opinion’ from other similarly qualified professionals on the MevoLife app.

MevoLife’s radically improved concept of marketplace shall enable the users to connect with thousands of online fitness professionals from around the world. We have collaborated with only those professionals whose reputations precede them and that you may always rest assured of their qualifications and prowess.

  • Our fitness experts provide emphatic and top-notch care at cost-effective prices
  • Their consultation come enabled with audio and video presentations
  • A transparent system of user ratings and reviews is also available
  • These online fitness consulting come with free trials
  • We welcome ‘second opinions’, in case you’d want to explore the issue or its resolution

These services are completely driven by your requirement of on-demand online fitness advice for any of your outstanding fitness issues. MevoLife has afforded a unique luxury to bring you closer to its easy, simple, cost-effective and comprehensive range of services- and they are all at a swipe away from you today!