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Get On-Demand Online Wellness sessions and qualified advice from some of the world’s most acclaimed professionals. Cost-Effective live sessions for Wellness available online via Video Conferencing- anywhere and anytime, on your smartphone

Live Consulting Sessions for Online Wellness Services

Avail personalized consulting from some of the world’s best Online Wellness Professionals through video conferencing, wherever you are and whenever you want, at prices that won’t pinch your pocket!

What is MevoLife’s Online Virtual-Wellness program?

It is a comprehensive, app-based, on-demand virtual wellness consulting endeavor that helps you connect with the professional of your choice through video conferencing.

  • On-Demand Online Wellness Consulting through video conferencing
  • App-based one-click interaction
  • Licensed Online Wellness Experts
  • Freedom to choose a wellness trainer, anytime and anywhere
  • No waiting time, no appointments and no medico-legal paperwork
  • Emphatic and careful understanding of your physical and/or mental issue(s)
  • Result-oriented, Structured and Personalized Wellness Programs
  • Safe, secure and Confidential
  • Cost-effective

MevoLife is home to a wide range of quality-centric, on-demand wellness live-sessions from some of the world’s best online wellness consultants. It offers you the flexibility of resolving your physical and/or mental issues with a time-centric, result-oriented, and cost-effective solution from licensed online wellness experts. All this at one swipe of your fingertips on your smartphone!

Get ready to be courted to an exquisite experience of your complete physical and mental well-being from qualified medical professionals from around the world. It’s time to make a smarter choice that respects your privacy, and time and space constraints to offer you the best consultation at cost-effective prices. Welcome to a new world of online wellness at your fingertips, courtesy MevoLife!

You’re just one click and one smart decision
away from turning your life around!

The world is spinning at a faster rate than ever before and this has brought the domains of medical and technology closer to each other. The medical ecosystem is now transitioning towards a smart online marketplace that lets the user enjoy one-click access to several on-demand online wellness services, even when he is on the move.

MevoLife has pioneered the space by bringing you closer to some of the world’s best virtual wellness consultants and professionals to draw out the health issues that concern you. These services are available as on-demand virtual wellness sessions as a time- and place-independent variable on the MevoLife app.

You may also use the service to take multiple consultations and second opinions from the participating experts on our platform. For example, you can choose a psychiatrist in New York, a dietician in Gurgaon, and a conditioning coach in Bangkok in close unison. You won’t need to make any appointments, completing any paperwork or formalities, or pay personal visits, or to wait for indefinite periods for it.

All you would need to do is to sit back, login to the MevoLife app, make easy payment through our secure gateways, and connect with any of the experts instantly. This endeavor is completely time- and location-independent and it is all very cost-effective.

On-Demand Virtual Wellness Services: Benefits

MevoLife has invested a lot of time and resources in bringing you closer to the world’s best wellness professionals online. You may thus enjoy a completely new, time-centric, result-specific, and cost-effective view of your physical and mental well-being without any need for paying any hefty consultation fees or paying personal visits to the doctor every week.

This is a radically new and improved way forward that cuts out all the impediments between a “patient” and a “doctor”, and only keeps what’s important- a mutual interaction between the two. This smart system works as a natural and obvious extension of your overall health and wellness plan, though virtually. It seamlessly blends with your daily routine and doesn’t ask for any specific time or place to be implemented, though you might want to keep it private in some cases.

  • No need to visit a doctor
  • Video-conferencing based consulting
  • Interact with the specialist of your choice
  • One-to-one or group-based interaction
  • No waiting times, no appointments, no paperwork, no obligations
  • Available 24x7
  • No need to check local availability of qualified health experts all the time
  • Only the best service every time, guaranteed
  • Freedom to take as many consultations and “second opinions” as you want
  • Safe, secure and confidential

Say ‘Yes’ to a whole new world of personalized and virtual wellness on your fingertips!

Virtual Wellness Services Marketplace Model

MevoLife places tremendous importance on a careful match between you and your preferred online wellness expert. It has thus focused on sourcing only the most distinguished names in the health and wellness industry to conduct these virtual consulting sessions.

These experts are available through video conferencing on the MevoLife app and they are all segregated as per their disciplines, qualifications, locations, user reviews, and ratings. You may also select them as per your preferred cost bracket and experience in real-time.

So, here’s how our model works. You can download our app from the respective app store and then create an account or log in to one if you have already. You may then select the Online Wellness section and go for an advice from the professionals mentioned there. You may also segregate their availability into several heads like qualifications, availability, cost, reviews, and 5-star ratings, and so on.

Once selected, you can proceed to pay up for them on the go with our secure payment gateways. Once the payment is realized, you may go ahead to interact with them from the comfort of your home, without the need of paying personal visits.

This process seamlessly integrates with your lifestyle and you can even get an on-demand virtual wellness consultation in as little as 5 minutes. You may well extrapolate this process to talk to an expert again to successfully discuss and treat your physical and/or mental issues.

Our class-leading services are backed by an intensive background check of each participating professional on our platform. We may thus assure you of quality-centric services in your preferred price bracket and at the time and place of your choice at all times.

  • These health professionals provide the best service in your preferred price brackets
  • You can segregate them as per a transparent system of User Reviews and Ratings
  • You may avail free trials
  • You are welcome to take several ‘second opinions’ for the same issue from several qualified professionals available
  • You can always choose the time and place of the interaction, and it is available even when you are on the move
  • Our virtual consulting services offer quality-centric experience and high customer satisfaction

MevoLife has championed the cause of a smart platform where the user is entitled to a well-rounded system of online health and wellness services. Powered by an unbeatable combination of price, quality, location, and on-demand virtual sessions, it is just the complete online virtual wellness service package for you and the ones near you!