Presenting MevoLife’s Online Healthcare
Software for smartphone

On-demand consultations for Preventive, Infection,
Disease, Behavioral and Skin Care

MevoLife’s smartphone-based Online Healthcare Software helps you be a smarter alternative to your clients’ local healthcare service providers. You can offer virtual care for Preventive, Infection, Disease, Behavioral, and Skin related issues to your clients, and keep a tab on their progress in real-time.

Be Found On-demand With Our Virtual Healthcare Platform, 24x7

The world is currently transitioning from a pandemic to a post-pandemic era, and people are looking for options beyond their local healthcare professionals. With health risks growing, we have devised a specialized Online Healthcare platform where you can invite your clients for a safer and cost-effective resolution of their health issues. You can also use it to project your services to a wider range of caretakers.

As one of the best software for providing online healthcare sessions, it lets you offer your consultations from anywhere and anytime. This is the next best thing to be there in person for your clients as it helps you treat their Preventive, Infection, Disease, Behavioral, or Skin related issues in real-time. You can make videos, share charts and information, create questionnaires, track their progress, and interact with them on-demand.

MevoLife’s Online Healthcare Software for Professionals offers a simple, easy, powerful, and automated solution for you to reach out to your clients and offer your services virtually. Your clients will be rewarded with a new and safe experience of getting their healthcare issues resolved without stepping out of their homes.

As an online healthcare expert, you can prescribe remedies and suggest medical tests or alternative health practices, etc that better align their health goals and lifestyle. Our unified virtual platform also helps you arrange Online Virtual Business Meets with your clients in pre-assigned slots. You may use this facility to keep a track of your clients, their health, and their progress through a dashboard baked in the software itself.

Step up the game with our Virtual Services Software

We welcome you to join the fastest growing virtual healthcare platform and set your sails for a better revenue-centric experience. You can invite your loyal clients and add new ones for personalized and result-oriented consultations to do more with your time. Our software is tailor-made to help you make video calls or to chat with your clients, to monitor their progress, and work with them for better results.

You may well use your smartphone to manage your business, offer your consultations, extend the scope of your business online, and boost your revenues from home. These services are further scheduled as per your calendar-based reservations to help you be in control of your time and consultations.

MevoLife’s online business management software features a personalized web-based dashboard. It contains Admin Tools so you could manage your clients and interact with them in real-time. Using a client-based application in our virtual services platform, you can leverage your position as an expert to get new clients and increase your revenues.

Jumpstart Your Healthcare Services With
Our Online Business Software

You can choose to make a positive difference in your clients’ lives in both qualitative and quantitative terms. This runs through interactive, real-time consultations that comprise video-on-demand sessions, right from your fingertips.

Salient features:

  • Create, Manage, Operate, and Grow your services online
  • A marketplace that seamlessly matches online healthcare services providers and users
  • A smartphone-enabled platform that helps you seek and provide location-independent quality services
  • Web-based Dashboard and Admin Tools (for professionals) and an Application (for clients)
  • Get notifications for Calendar-based appointments and user interactions
  • Provide on-demand virtual healthcare service sessions
  • Offer personalized instructions through pre-recorded videos and/or live sessions
  • Helps you schedule and monetize your business on the go
  • Build your brand as a leading online wellness service provider

Offer personalized healthcare consultation from your smartphone

You can choose to stream your consultations live through our seamlessly integrated business solutions. As the world is making a transition to the post-pandemic era, you can lead your business to deliver quality-centric and cost-effective online personalized healthcare services.

We welcome you to join the new age of virtual Preventive Care, Infection Care, Disease Care, Behavioral Care, and Skin Care specialists on our platform, no matter where you are. Get yourself its subscription to offer virtual coaching sessions, launch regular online programs, and deliver qualified healthcare consultations through video streaming to your clients!

  • Quick access: Our software helps the trainers get online and offer their consultations on-demand. It works independently of the trainer’s and the client’s locations, and keeps the data synced at all times.
  • Ease of customization: You can always attend to more than one user at a time by offering them pre-recorded videos or live healthcare sessions (using video conferencing), as per their choice.
  • Real-time tracking: As a smart alternative to an online software healthcare studio, it offers you a simple and unified dashboard that collates all the data to help you track the progress of your clients in one glance.
  • Confidential: Your clients can always ask their queries through chat during or after a virtual consultation. They can rest assured of their privacy at all times because none of the interactions can be seen by anyone else, except the trainer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our software offers six user-centric and strategic features. They are the Admin Console, Client Information Organizer, Schedule Organizer, Workout Plan, and Nutritional Audits, Notifications, and Secure Payment Gateways.

You can receive notifications only after you have logged in to the app. This includes chats, notifications, booking alerts, etc. that would be delivered in real-time.

Yes. You can always bring in your existing clients and add them up with new ones to offer everyone a radically new way of looking at fitness experiences. You can also manage schedules, track progress, and receive payments through our app.