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Is Surya Namaskar | Sun Salutation good for weight loss
Is surya namaskar | sun salutation good for weight loss?

Today we are going to have a look at the benefits of yoga asana – surya namaskar for weight loss. people around the world have been looking for the best exercise routine that can help them stay in shape. the simplest answer to this problem is something that has been around for thousands of years and has withstood the test of time. it has been recognized as one of the most wonderful and simple techniques for losing weight. it is ancient, powerful and something that has been practiced for over many centuries. not only it helps in boosting the weight loss process, it also strengthens the body, improves blood circulation, the breathing and keeps the body limber and in shape. a perfect fitness coach for your body, absolutely free of cost - surya namaskar | sun salutation for weight loss so without any further delay, let’s explore the ways in which, this ancient yoga technique can help you to shed off those extra pounds. what is surya namaskar & how is it helpful for weight loss? “surya namaskar” is sanskrit word which, means obeisance (namaskar) to the sun (surya). it is a set of 12 powerful yoga asanas (postures) that provide a good cardiovascular workout. these asanas have a phenomenal impact on the waist, throat, chest, heart, stomach, intestine, and legs. in simpler words, sun salutation or surya namaskar is a complete body workout in itself. this yoga technique is also the base of power yoga which aims at achieving more health benefits in less time. though the exercise can be performed any time during the day, but it is best done while the stomach is empty, before eating. it is a yogic exercise, which consists of 12 particular postures, one following another, in a fixed, cyclic order to ensure improvement and good health in one’s digestion, agility, rejuvenation, beauty and longevity. it will also help one lose weight and trim the waist. surya namaskar & weight loss to lose some weight with the help of surya namaskar, incorporate the following steps into your daily schedule and see quick results – 1. the first step is to learn how to do surya namaskar the right way. all the 12 asanas of surya namaskar, need to be performed with precision to see visible weight loss results! 2. you need to perform it every day at the same time to lose weight faster. if you would like to stay motivated throughout the exercise routine, try some soothing and gentle music. 3. you should perform the steps at a slow and steady pace. it would take around 12-15 days to perfect all the 12 poses. this will also allow you to build strength and get slim faster. 4. once you have built enough strength, increase the number of rounds you do! for effective weight loss, you could practice surya namaskar for about 6 days a week and do a total of 12 rounds. 5. end your yoga session with 5 mins of stretching and relaxation poses like shavasana (corpse pose). surya namaskar & calories studies have shown that if a person does 1 minute of surya namaskar he is likely to burn 3.79 calories. also, the time taken to complete a round of surya namaskar exercise is around 3 mins 40 seconds. therefore, it indicates that the calories burnt in 1 surya namaskar full round can be up to 13.91 calories. the further extension to the calculation of calories is that 1 pound of fat equals 3,500 calories. so, if you want to reduce a pound every week, on an average you are required to burn 300-400 calories. so using these values, the efforts required by an individual will bear the following results – 1. 18 mins > 250 calories 2. 25 mins > 350 calories 3. 40 mins > 500 calories and so on! tips to remember a) try to practice surya namaskar in the morning. b) before you start, do warm up stretches, which will help you ease into the yoga routine and also prevent injury. c) you should be performing every move in a slow manner for better results. d) if you want quick results, do 6-7 sets on a daily basis. to sum up the discussion, surya namaskar is the mantra to lose weight and stay peaceful, healthy & fit. yoga has been there since time immemorial, and nothing can be wiser than opting surya namaskar to reduce weight! so go get out of that bed and gift yourself a new body now!

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The Gluten Free Way
The gluten free way

As you all must be aware that gluten-free diets have become a boom lately and hence people who are gluten intolerant have loads of options available which might be a complete replacement to their favorite pasta, pizza's, bread, etc. there are certain foods that are sold in the market labeled gluten free which actually contain no gluten but these snacks are have high amount of fats which might lead to piling up of extra kilos and hence it is good to stay away from the following gluten free yet fattening food items: 1. processed meats 2. candies & chocolates 3. cakes, bread and pasta 4. ice creams 5. chips 6. salad dressings with mayonnaise 7. fruit smoothies 8. cookies rather these items it is advised to switch to everything whole and organic. from these food items, you can prepare extremely delicious dishes that you would never want to go back to gluten. when you consume such items you feel more energetic, fresh and it surely will help you to lose weight too. some of the examples of these food items are listed as under: 1. brown rice 2. quinoa 3. oatmeal 4. lentils 5. fresh fruits 6. fresh veggies 7. buckwheat here is the list of few tips that must be kept in mind before actually opting got gluten-free diets: a) have celiac; consult a doctor first it is very important that before going for gluten free eating you go for a proper diagnose to a doctor. if you have bee losing weight off lately, deficit in iron or have a history for celiac then you must consult a doctor before simply giving up gluten and evaluate its impact on your health! b) avoiding gluten may help you feel better people who have celiac disease need to completely eliminate gluten from their diets as consuming even small amounts triggers symptoms, including belly pain and bloating. however, people who test negative for celiac may also benefit from going gluten-free if they’re experiencing a condition called gluten intolerance, or gluten sensitivity. while it’s not the same as celiac disease, consuming gluten can cause bothersome side effects in many people, including flu-like feelings, bloating and other gastrointestinal problems, mental fogginess, and fatigue. so, avoiding gluten helps you feel better and healthy. c) be prepared to be bugged since gluten-free diets are mostly opted by celebrities, many of your friends and relatives may relate it and bug you for becoming like them with your diet. they might not be able to understand the actual reason behind quitting gluten. so be prepared to face their comments and question which will be mainly around what you're missing or questions implying there's nothing for you to eat. d) gluten isn’t in every type of grain just because it's a grain doesn't mean it has gluten. you've got lots of options, including amaranth, millet, buckwheat and quinoa. so just relax and enjoy! e) outings are still on there are many options available for restaurant lovers as there are growing number of restaurants that cater specifically to a gluten-free crowd, which means that you are only quitting gluten, not your social life. national restaurant association's highlighted on one of its reports that gluten-free food is among the top five food trends for 2014. some of the top chains offering gluten free are p.f. chang's, california pizza kitchen,  and dunkin' donuts. f) solution to skin problems people who have celiac and ditch gluten have shown that visible improvements in their skin. along with this, it also helps in curing skin problems like eczema and psoriasis. although the research have not yet proved that whether this is due to gluten specifically, to wheat more generally or to a simple switch away from more processed foods. but anyways you have clear skin and it is all that matters! g) gluten-free foods can be processed, too gluten may be hiding in some sneaky places so be smart with your food selection. to your surprise, it may be hiding in veggie burgers, salad dressing, certain supplements or even medications. you'll want to get smart about reading labels before you go in for consumption of any gluten free food too. h) gluten-free diets can have risks going gluten-free involves a bit of a learning curve, and it can be especially difficult at the initial level. those who do so out of medical necessity must be particularly cautious to avoid symptoms and additional health problems.  those who move to a gluten-free diet may want to work with their doctor and/or a registered dietician to identify new sources of these nutrients and ensure they are eating properly. so, just be smart with your options and don't forget to consult a doctor before going gluten free as it might create health problems instead of boosting the weight loss process. being careful is the key to success with gluten free diets!

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Music makes workout easier!
Music makes workout easier!

Listening to music when you hit a gym to improve your workout isn't a new trend, but it is not really appreciated by the traditional runners who prefer the peace and focus that comes with an earbud-free run. the question that arises is that does music negatively affects workout or does it actually boosts the performance? to find out the answer to this question, we poured through the results of multiple studies that have been conducted in this regard. the final conclusion of these studies was that music actually boosts the workout endurance. let’s have a deeper look at the contribution of music in a fruitful workout- 1. a good rhythm can elevate your mood ever wondered why the perfect song could make your tough workout, easy & interesting? an august 2013 analysis found that people often listen to music as a way to find self-awareness and change moods. no matter what happened an hour ago, you could use your playlist to help you escape negativity & power up your workout. 2. music triggers “want to move” mode it has been proven scientifically that music possesses “high-groove” qualities, which is the main trigger for an effective workout. as soon as, you play the rhythm the brain gets excited and induces physical movement & boosts up the workout performance even without your consent. 3. music motivates you to go longer need to get through a tough interval session? your playlist should do the trick! journal of sports and exercise psychology recently published a study, which explicated that listening to rock, and pop music while doing cardio workouts increases exercise endurance by 15 %, and also results in a more enjoyable exercise experience! 4. it helps you stay off the couch the results of a study explicated in journal of strength and conditioning research highlighted that athletes who listen to motivational music after a workout session stayed more active, and reported a lower exertion level than those who didn't. 5. a good rhythm can help you keep up the pace the rhythm of the workout music stimulates the motor area of the brain as to when to move, thereby aiding self-paced exercises such as running or weight lifting. effective responding to these time signals helps in an efficient use of energy levels, as keeping a steady pace is easier than a fluctuating one! 6. it is a good type of distraction working out with music helps in lowering the distraction caused by exertion, which can benefit the overall performance by up to 15%. basically, this implicates that your playlist has the ability to distract you & no matter how much you're dreading that workout, you’ll go through it! all these facts have made it very clear that music and exercise make a good team to boost up workout performances! this discussion can be very well concluded with a statement by costas karageorghis, ph.d., from london’s brunel university school of sport and education, “music is like is a legal drug for athletes.” so plug in your ear pods and get ready for a great workout session now!

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Everyday Superfoods To Add To Your Diet
Everyday superfoods to add to your diet!

What makes a food item a superfood? the answer is high amounts of micro nutrients and other unique compounds that have incredibly healing potential. many people think that superfoods are impossible to find, or are extremely costly, but most of them live in your local grocery stores only. checkout the list of the amazing superfoods that are readily available, which can easily be made a part of your daily routine - a) spinach everyone knows that spinach is a nutritional powerhouse. fastest way to load up on nutrients at lunch or meal-time, is to toss a handful of baby spinach into soups, sandwiches, and pasta dishes. 1 cup of spinach has about 41 calories with  - 377% vitamin a  - 29% vitamin c  - 24% vitamin b2  - 67% folate  - 35% iron  - 17% fiber  - 21% tryptophan b) avocado don't feel guilty when you dig into your favorite avocado as it is a complete overdose of nutrition. though this fruit is high in fat, but it is also loaded with fat-busting nutrients like fiber and vitamin b5. 1 cup of avocado at 233 calories contains:  - 39% fiber  - 29% folate  - 24% vitamin c  - 20% vitamin b5  - 20% potassium  - 19% vitamin b6 c) kiwi this hairy monsters are majorly packed with vitamin c. vitamin c is a potent antioxidant which plays a crucial role in helping your liver detoxify your blood and keep a myriad of other bodily functions moving along smoothly. not only this, kiwis are the perfect travel food too — no knife required because you can eat the skin and its fury exterior softens as soon as you start to chew. 1 kiwi is only 46 calories with -  - 120% of vitamin c  - 8% fiber  - 8% potassium enjoy kiwi in form of a gazpacho or sweet & spicy salads with your chips. d) cherries just like other fruits, cherries are also high in water content. the water content from the fruits is retained more efficiently by the body than just drinking a glass of water. other than this, cherries are high in phytonutrients, particularly anthocyanin, a powerful antioxidants that is good for the liver. cherries also have the ability to ease the aches and pains plus some studies suggest that eating a lot of fresh cherries can help you with weight loss too. further, 1 cup of cherries at 90 calories contains:  - 16% vitamin c  - 12% fiber  - 3% iron e) mushrooms mushrooms are loved by all health conscious people as they are impossibly low in calories, have cancer killing compounds, and are rich in niacin, also known as vitamin b3, that helps keep blood cholesterol in check.  3 cups of mushrooms contain:  - 19 calories  - 30% selenium  - 25% of vitamin b2  - 16% of niacin  - 21% copper this is a must have superfood which can be enjoyed in form of pasta, gravy, stuffed or roasted! f) broccoli a part of the cruciferous family, broccoli has been touted as a superfood, and for good reason: it boasts cancer-fighting compounds along with a long list of essential nutrients, 1 cup of broccoli has only 30 calories with -  - 205% of your daily recommended value (dv) of vitamin c  - 194% of vitamin k  - 2.5 grams of fiber  - 14% folate broccoli is a super-charged vitamin-packed veggies because it’s so easy to cook, has a mild flavor, and is even kid-friendly.

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5 Quick HIIT Workout moves you should try today
5 quick hiit workout moves you should try today | mevofit

Hiit is gaining popularity fast, but what in the world is hiit? it’s an acronym for high intensity interval training, and it’s become a popular way to workout anywhere, as hiit does not require you to use special environment or machines for training. it’s a great way to exercise since you don’t have to go to gym or purchase expensive equipment, and also because hiit exercise takes very little time: the entire workout can be completed within 30, 20, or even 10 minutes. each short exercise can be done in 20 to 30 seconds. in case you were wondering where to start, we compiled a list of 5 quick hiit workout moves for you to try today. 1. jumping jacks yes, this is a legitimate exercise move! to do a jumping jack, stand up straight with your feet hip-width apart, arms by your side. then, jump your feet out while raising your arms. repeat as fast as possible. if you experience difficulties with regular jumping jacks, you could step side to side while raising your arms. 2. squats to do a squat, imagine you are sitting on an invisible chair and try to keep your back and chest as straight as possible. your legs should be hip-width apart, and once you are in the position, push your hips toward the ground. lift your body into a standing position by pushing through the heels. your bodyweight should be on your heels. if you need assistance with this exercise, a chair may be used. 3. sit-ups because they are more exciting than push-ups, right? to do a sit-up, lie on you back on the floor and bend your knees 90 degrees. pull your chin in slightly. while keeping your feet and butt on the floor, lift your torso up off the floor and towards your thighs. come up as high as you can. 4. burpees they are known for being challenging, but as excruciating as they may be, they’re really effective at muscle building. to do a burpee, stand with your arms at your side, legs shoulder-width apart, and put your bodyweight in your heels. push your hips back, bend your knees, and lower your body into a squat. place your hands on the floor, directly in front of, or inside your feet. shift your weight onto your hands. jump your feet back to softly land on the balls of your feet, in a plank position. your body should be in a straight line from head to toe. jump your feet back so that they land just outside of your hands. reach your arms overhead and jump up high into the air. 5. side lunges to do a side lunge, hold down a pair of dumbbells with your arms, and stand with your feet and knees together. then, take a large step with your right foot to the right side, and lunge toward the floor. make sure your right knee does not extend past your toes and keep your left leg relatively straight. push off through your right foot to return to the start. these are all simple exercises by themselves, but when combined they are highly effective. the exercises are to be repeated as often as possible within the given exercise time for maximum effect.

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Weight-loss rules you will love to follow!

Weight loss is a time taking process which requires a lot of hard work and sacrifices. in order to lose weight & stay fit you have to train consistently, have a balanced diet and be careful with lot of other minute things. when you commit to weight loss you make a promise with yourself to lead a healthier life and each step is just a new push to reach to the next level. though there isn't a quick fix for faster weight loss, but you can still make sure that the efforts you are doing are right and effective to get the desired results. today we have got some of the best fitness rules to facilitate and boost up your weight loss process -   1. have a consistent routine losing weight is not just about physical transformation the process is equally emotional too. people tend to lose motivation when the results are not visible as per their expectations. what you need to understand is that everybody's body has a different pattern and some people take longer than others to shed off those pounds. simply be consistent and honest about your efforts and the results are bound to follow. set realistic goals and stick to your training routines even if you don't see immediate results!   2. set up new challenges for yourself the process of weight loss is not that easy as the journey involves a lot of hard work and consistent challenges for oneself to actually see the results. evaluate your daily/weekly routine and make sure that you are including exercises that are challenging for your body. it is important to understand that if you are using 10-pound dumbbells for bicep curls even though it's easy for you, it will not make any contribution on your weight loss. though the new challenges won't be easy, but allowing yourself to be as good as you can is totally worth it.   3. train insane grabbing weights and going in for strength training is a simple move to have significant weight-loss benefits. training with weights is a must even if you are engaging yourself in something as simple as walking. once you engage yourself in weight lifting with smaller goals; heavy traditional lifts down the line like deadlifts and pull-ups will become easy.   4. slow & steady wins the race it is obvious that you are really eager to see the weight loss results because of which you might take too much too soon. a good workout routine will be 4 sessions per week. don't get overwhelmed rather opt for effective ways which will actually help you in accomplishing your goals. try to engage yourself in activities that you enjoy like dance sessions, workout classes when you're not at the gym. further, make sure the four days that you commit to your workout, you commit to yourself and you really put in the hardwork required!   5. don't take too much stress about exercise exercising is really important for weight loss, but believe us if you miss a session because you have to travel for work or can't fit it into your already busy schedule, that's ok. don't stress if you miss a session as you're still on track. stay happy and focused and don't disregard a day and give up on your plan just because you missed your workout.   6. recovery is important too it's good to be competitive with friends and family and aim for higher goals, but it is important to consider that you don't let anybody's workout plan interfere with yours. everybody is different and everyone has different goals that require different training regimes. in order to maximize the benefit of your workouts it's important to take time to recover fully — so don't feel bad for taking a day or two off! this allows your body to rest and prevent injuries plus it ensures that your workouts are being executed at a quality level. we all know quality wins over quantity.

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Tips for shorter, better workouts!

Life is busy with full time jobs, family, other things demanding time and everyone is dealing with hectic schedules. along with these primary things, there are many small and uncertain time suckers, which consume a lot of time. it becomes very difficult to juggle everything that needs to get done, let alone things that you want to do - like going to the gym or working out with friends. in the midst of all these confusions, the most crucial role is played by time management. though it often seems like there isn't enough time to complete your workouts, but if your target is to have a healthy and fit body that you're proud of is your goal, make it a priority and find a way to fit it into your schedule. being strategic is the ultimate thing that can help you slash your gym time in half without sacrificing your results. here are some simple ways that you can shorten your workout session while improving your progress- 1. get serious about your diet if you are trying to lose weight, then it is high time that you get very serious about your diet. the simple working is that if you eat more calories you are likely to spend a lot of time doing cardio to offset it. the stricter you are with your diet, the less cardio you'll require, because you'll be consuming fewer calories that need to be burned off. this trick is the perfect fix to burst out your frustration bubble building since you have to  to spend too much time on the treadmill to hit your fat-loss goals; it's time to take a good, hard look at your food intake. this doesn't mean that you should eliminate cardio from your workout routine, but still you could reduce the time marginally and still get better results. 2. add cardio intervals between sets we have highlighted this point in our blog sometime back already. if you want to see the results of your weight loss efforts, its time to replace cardio or strength training with cardio and strength training. combine them! perform your standard weight lifting set and instead of resting, break into a cardio movement. mountain climbers, burpees, high knees, or jumping jacks all work perfectly here. perform a 30-45 second interval, rest for the remaining time to catch your breath and then go ahead with your next set.   3. pre-exhaust your muscles another smart way to shorten up the time of your workouts is to focus on pre-exhausting your larger muscles before doing your compound exercises. the traditional approach of doing the compound exercises before the isolation lifts is not necessarily the most efficient way to do it. the smarter approach is to do a few sets of isolation exercises before you go for compound movements as this way you will be requiring fewer total sets of the compound lift to fully exhaust the muscles. for example: on the chest workout day start with flies, isolating your pecs. transition it to bench press for the compound movement. the end result is that fewer sets of the bench press will be required to fatigue your pecs.   4. superset is a smart key one of the smartest way to shorten our workout session and also kick start you fat burning mechanism is to stack an upper body with a lower body movement. this is because one part of the body is put to rest while the other’s working, reducing the total rest time. you could structure your workout in a way which includes a set of push-ups, squats, lunges, shoulder press and burpees, which will help you cut the total workout time in half.   5. be honest about your rest timings stop cheating with yourself by taking longer breaks, which is responsible for unnecessarily prolonging your workout duration without any added benefit of recovery. breaks between workouts are needed for catching a breath and relaxing the muscles and not for chatting with your buddies, talking on phone, etc. though these offences look minor but they do make a major impact on the amount of time that you spend in the gym. for any isolation exercise the maximum rest period should be 30 secs while for compound exercises allow yourself a relaxation of 60-90 seconds. so now you have it all! you can start implementing these tips into your workout regime to free up more time for your other chores. it's important to remember that you don't have to sacrifice fitness progress to maintain your daily life.  

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Tips to overcome a weight-loss plateau

No soda drinks, no ice cream hogging, being careful with the overall calorie intake, working out and yeah the weight started to roll down. this boosted up the confidence so you started going to gym and burnt more calories. everything was going good, but now you feel stuck as the weight is not going down any further - weight loss plateau! what has caused this - are you already at your ideal weight?, are your goals too high to be achievable? here steps in the set-point weight - the weight that you body likes to maintain. though this can be adjusted but it takes time! in the process to lose weight, it can be tempting to cut calories too low to shed pounds faster. the opposite side of this: your muscles are fueled up for energy which results in lowering your metabolism levels. whether you want to shift your natural set-point weight or it is getting to hard to shed off those extra pounds, here are a few ways which can actually help you overpower the weight-loss plateau -   1. readjust your calorie intake since you have lost weight, your metabolism level goes down as your body now requires less calories for energy. the calorie intake that you initially when you began your weight loss journey will need to be adjusted to match your body’s current needs. it is recommended to readjust your calorie goals after every 15 pounds you lose. 2. readjust your workout routine working out on the elliptical cycle for a long time? it's time to change your workout routine now. the muscles in your body have become used to the same workout pattern which had made it less effective. try to go out of your comfort zone and try new workouts to get the best results. hiit is the best way to burn maximum calories and body fat effectively. just be careful when including hiit into your routine as doing too much too fast can leave you sore, tired or even injured.   3. flush it out with fluids if your body is dehydrated there are high chance of you craving for extra calories. this is because the symptoms of dehydration are similar to symptoms of hunger, so it’s easy to get confused. keep yourself hydrated and aim to drink at least 3 liters of water per day.   4. sleep sound sleep plays a really very important role in helping your body lose weight as it resets your hormones. if your deprive yourself of sleep it can lead to increased cortisol, a stress hormone. elevated cortisol levels in the body can lead to fat accumulation around the midsection.   5. be careful with those small bites an extra bite here, a small bite there also has calories and they do count even if they aren't on your plate. check if mindless munching and unhealthy snacking is the main reason, which is keeping you away from your desired results!   6. intake quality foods getting over the weight-loss plateau requires far more than just the calories in and calories out mechanism which typically works for weight loss. the things you need to cut weight-loss plateau off is the intake of quality whole foods which includes - high-fiber fruits, beans, lean proteins and raw vegetables. these are the food items which are needed by your body engine to start burning that fat again.   7. focus on strength training what to burn calories even when you are rest? try to include weight training in your workout routine. this is simply because the more muscle you have, the more calories you burn, and the more body fat you’ll shed.   8. go to a doctor if you have tried to change your calorie and workout routine plus have been more careful with your efforts but still the weight is not going down, it is time to consult with your doctor to rule out any underlying medical conditions that could make it difficult for you to lose weight.  

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6 health tips approved by lazy girls!

If your biggest challenge so far is lifting yourself off your bed, you’re not alone. most of us have programmed our minds to come up with a series of excuses to skip a workout or a healthy meal. to help even the laziest women out there, we’ve come up with a list of expert-approved tips and tricks that anyone can follow in their everyday lives. 1. workout less - but eat right it’s simpler than it sounds. instead of spending hours on the treadmill, you can try cutting down your empty calories, such as those from sodas, candy and junk food and drop your pounds dramatically. opt for healthy, clean foods such as lean protein, healthy fats, whole grains and fruits and veggies as they are packed with nutrients and come with very little calories. in addition, they’re also packed with protein and fiber that will help fill you up and prevent you from overeating. as for your gym session, cut it down to 30 minutes and if you want to take your health and weight loss to the next level, we recommend hiit.   2. maximize your workouts performing short bursts of intense exercises is a great way of getting a 50 minute workout in 10 minutes. push yourself above and beyond your limits and chances are you’ll be able to go back home to your bed within a fraction of your regular gym time.   3. freeze your produce going to the supermarket and recalling what you need, only to find them rotting at the back of your fridge later is a huge chore. a solution for this is to purchase a week’s worth of produce on a sunday and freeze them in portions. this will prevent your fruits and veggies from going bad and will preserve their freshness and nutrients. they also become easily accessible for smoothies, stir fries and soups.   4. drink more water this is an old grandma’s tale but we can’t stress enough on how important this is. not only because water keeps you hydrated and sustains all of your bodily mechanisms, but it also keeps you full, boosts your metabolism and increases fat burn. hydration is key to boosting workout performance, keeping your mood light and lifted and your skin supple and glowing.   5. sleep well not getting around 7 hours of shut eye produces higher levels of cortisol – a stress hormone that stunts your energy levels, productivity and fat breakdown. to combat sleep deprivation, be sure to shut down all electronics an hour before you sleep and practice a healthy sleep routine.   6. take your multivitamins taking your multivitamins every day is crucial to maintain a healthy nutrient intake every day. multivitamins make sure that you are able to take in all the nutrients you may have missed or have not taken enough of. this prevents any nutrient-deficiency related issues, including sleep problems, mood swings and weight gain.  

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