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Is Surya Namaskar | Sun Salutation good for weight loss
Is surya namaskar | sun salutation good for weight loss?

Today we are going to have a look at the benefits of yoga asana – surya namaskar for weight loss. people around the world have been looking for the best exerc

The Gluten Free Way
The gluten free way

As you all must be aware that gluten-free diets have become a boom lately and hence people who are gluten intolerant have loads of options available which might

Music makes workout easier!
Music makes workout easier!

Listening to music when you hit a gym to improve your workout isn't a new trend, but it is not really appreciated by the traditional runners who prefer the

Everyday Superfoods To Add To Your Diet
Everyday superfoods to add to your diet!

What makes a food item a superfood? the answer is high amounts of micro nutrients and other unique compounds that have incredibly healing potential. many people

5 Quick HIIT Workout moves you should try today
5 quick hiit workout moves you should try today | mevofit

Hiit is gaining popularity fast, but what in the world is hiit? it’s an acronym for high intensity interval training, and it’s become a popular way to worko

Weight-loss rules you will love to follow!

Weight loss is a time taking process which requires a lot of hard work and sacrifices. in order to lose weight & stay fit you have to train consistently, have a

Tips for shorter, better workouts!

Life is busy with full time jobs, family, other things demanding time and everyone is dealing with hectic schedules. along with these primary things, there are

Tips to overcome a weight-loss plateau

No soda drinks, no ice cream hogging, being careful with the overall calorie intake, working out and yeah the weight started to roll down. this boosted up the c

6 health tips approved by lazy girls!

If your biggest challenge so far is lifting yourself off your bed, you’re not alone. most of us have programmed our minds to come up with a series of excuses