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Wearable Fitness Devices are one of the latest and most exciting segments of new consumer related gadgets that is making a big difference to the lives of many people with refreshing benefits on comfort, fitness, health, lifestyle and even fashion!

Choose the gadgets that defines your personality or inspires you to build your better, fitter, future self.

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MevoFit Dark Beat Z100

MevoFit Dark Beat Z100

On-Ear Headphones - On-Ear Wireless Bluetooth Headphones | Bluetooth Headsets | Bluetooth Earphones Wireless

$ 95

Out of Stock

MevoFit Play N100 Sports

MevoFit Play N100 Sports

MevoFit Play N100 wireless headphones come with Bluetooth 4.1 technology that delivers superior sound quality and power to move you. ...

$ 54

Out of Stock

MevoFit Atom Play X100

MevoFit Atom Play X100

Truly Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds with Charging Case, Compatible with Android & iOS (Red)

$ 95

Out of Stock


What makes them so damn smart?

The wearables from MevoFit are not only smart on design, but on features, intuitiveness,
quality of technology, and premium hardware and software.

Smart Fitness Wearables

At MevoFit, our range of wearable fitness devices include a trendy range of smart watches and activity tracker bands for fitness, with the most cutting edge functions.

The wearable smart bands from MevoFit come in a range of beautiful designs and colors, water-proof and swim-proof grading, extremely advanced feature loaded with activity, fitness, health tracking, awesome tools and smart functions, coupled with an intuitive premium fitness app with data syncing and historical charts.

Smart Audio Wearables

The smart audio sport wireless wearable devices are designed for superior music experience and communicating with ease, even when in strenuous activity - be it home, outdoor, or the gym.

These devices are technologically engineered for quality of sound, comfort as well as style, besides featuring deep bass, clear sound and wireless microphone. The stunning premium sound and feature based bluetooth wireless headphones, earbuds, and earphones, compliment you everywhere you go.


Design and Fashion is the underlying criteria that is fundamental to any concept of a trendy wearable.

MevoFit recognizes the importance of this fact and makes it the root ingredient towards its approach on
coming out with its range of wearable fitness and sports gadgets.

You can select from a range of smart watches and fitness trackers, or wireless headphones that are Sporty, Classic, Elegant, Comfortable, Outdoor, Rugged, Cool, Trendy, and others.

Not just that but the range also boasts of trendy and classic color for the watch, as well as the straps, many of which are changeable and oozed with design elements, besides being comfortable and ergonomic on your wrist.


To further warm up the trendiness of MevoFit wearables, many of the smart watch bands, give you the ability to change and sport different watch dial designs for the screen to look different, and best suited to your personality or mood. Go flaunt it!

For the sporty bluetooth headphones, they are metallic shining, and not dull-plastic form, and they come in their new original design for sports, outdoors, or indoors.


  • Each kind of smart wearable range is available with a wide range of color options, that suit every need, style and personality. From the bold, colorful and trendy, to the more upright, classy and sophisticated.

Some of the color options in the device range are:

  • Black, Dark Grey, Light Grey, Navy Blue, Blue, Green, Red, Orange, Lilac, Purple, Silver, Gold, Metallic color options, etc.
  • At MevoFit, its - Your Choice, Your Preference, Your Style.


MevoFit smart wearable devices are bluetooth enabled, and compatible with a large range of devices including Mobiles, Computers, TVs, etc.

The smart watches, activity trackers, and wireless headphones are compatible with all major mobile cell phone platforms - Android and iOS.

  • Android Mobiles : Samsung, Xiaomi (Mi, Redmi), One Plus, Huawei, Vivo, Oppo, Realme, Motorola, Lenovo, Honor, other brand cell phones
  • iOS Mobiles : Apple cell phones

The bluetooth headphones are additionally compatible with all other devices that can run media on bluetooth like - ipads, computers, Televisions, Stereo systems, Media devices etc.


All MevoFit products a standard warranty of 1 Year against any manufacturing defects.
For full details on our warranty and exchange policies, checkout these links:

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The most wide range, variations and color options of MevoFit products is available on MevoFit Online Shop and MevoFit Fitness Tracker App.

  • Our range is also available on major online stores like - Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, PayTM

If you cannot find anything on our best priced shop online, it could be out of inventory, but we suggest to check with us on support, email or call to know if its available or will be coming next.


Wherever you purchase your MevoFit product from, the product support - help, setup, app, or other issues
and warranty support will be provided here on our Online website or the MevoFit app.

Here are the links for these issues for Product & Warranty Support:



Just get in touch with us, and we will put our best foot forward to help resolve your issue proactively.


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