MevoFit Yoga Mats: TPE - Single Color & Reversible Mats, Cork Mats

MevoFit Yoga Mats

MevoFit’s highly awaited and latest collection of lines of organic Yoga Mats. They are more than perfect for your daily style and fitness pursuits.

The range of MevoFit’s genuine Yoga Mats is best suited for fitness-minded Men, Women, and teenage boys and girls. We have offered you a matrix of variants and colors to help you buy the one that you identify with yourself.

MevoFit yoga mats are made of high-quality and genuine organic materials to provide you with a high quotient of workability and style.

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MevoFit Yoga Mats - Cork, TPE & Reversible

Yoga Mats for Men, Women & Kids with Yoga Mat Bag & Carry Strap

Get the best quality, eco-friendly, anti-skid, organic, premium yoga mats by MevoFit. MevoFit Yoga Mats takes into consideration both the fashion & aesthetics of a product. We source our ingredients in the purest form and from the best places to develop organic and eco-friendly yoga mats. All our products go through rigorous quality checks to ensure that you are provided with the best fitness yoga mats to help you crush your fitness goals.
MevoFit mats are made completely free of toxic substances without compromising on their tensile strength and longer life.

Yoga is the need of the hour

Yoga mats that help you the most of your workout

Yoga increases your positivity and you should thus take all measures to contain this charge as much as possible. That’s why investing in a premium and genuine Yoga Mat is the best way to emerge a better fitness professional because it acts as an insulator to contain your positive energy inside your body. They also become your faithful assistant to help you accumulate maximum benefits from yoga or aerobic exercises. These mats are strategically made for fitness-centric men and women and also teenage boys and girls.

Get the best yoga mats for your daily workout

Longer, Thicker, and Wider than most of the mats

Our workout mats have enough dimensions for an average 6 feet tall person to work on them for extended durations of time. Choose from organic jute TPE- or Cork-based Yoga Mats to get started with our first workout today. These substances absorb sweat but do not let the malodor disturb your peace of mind.
MevoFit has thus thoughtfully crafted these mats with a mix of strong rubbery grip that lies below to cling to the surface while the upper TPE or Cork layer provides you an additional cushion to workout.

Wide range of options

Choose as per your preference

MevoFit’s Gym Mats compliment your style and their colors and styling blend with your personality, thus eliminating a need for using a common mat. Available in two variants and select trendy colors, these genuine mats offer an unbeatable combination of quality and craftsmanship at prices that won’t pinch your pocket. Along with this all our yoga mats come with a smart gym bag and extra carry strap to make it convenient for you to carry them.
Also Our Yoga Mats go through extensive tests and quality checks so you always get nothing less than the very best.

MevoFit Yoga Mats - Cork, TPE & Reversible Yoga Mats for Men,
Women & Kids with Yoga Mat Bag & Carry Strap!