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Buy Premium Activity Tracker Bands for Men,
Women & Kids for Fitness Tracking

Get the Best Prices Online on MevoFit Brand Shop

Select from a wide range of Original MevoFit line of Premium
Fitness & Activity Tracking Bands

Checkout the latest (2019-2020) collection of MevoFit lines of Activity Trackers - Perfect for your daily
style and fitness outlook. Here are some of our most popular trackers, that have got into the
best performing category gadgets for MevoFit.


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MevoFit Drive

MevoFit Drive Activity Tracker

MevoFit Drive plus is a smart fitness band, which tracks your daily activities like steps, calories burned, distance traveled and also monitors your sleep patterns.


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Activity Fitness Bands
  • Get 'MevoFit' Branded Premium Smart Tracker Bands for Sports, Fitness, Health & Activity Tracking at the best prices on MevoFit online shop with Genuine MevoFit products.

  • Get Free Shipping and Cash on Delivery on your purchase on select places that qualify for our friendly shipping program.

  • Our range has something for everyone - Men, Women, Boys & Girls. So just get started on your fitness regime, backed with our high grade technology.

  • Select the devices that fit your need from our affordable range of smart wearable watches with Online Deals, Big Discounts, Free Shipping on purchase of Genuine MevoFit products.


Sports, Fitness, Activity & Health Monitoring Fitness Tracking Bands for Men, Women, Boys & Girls

  • MevoFit Activity Trackers are premium quality hardware devices with bluetooth based communication and comfortable fitness tracking bands that allow deep activity tracking from your day to day lifestyle.

  • This device, coupled with excellent date/clock/alarm functions trumps as a watch, but also health monitoring, and handy tools for productivity and convenience, as and when needed, on the move.

  • These fitness tracking bands can monitor all your activity, health and heart well being indicators, handy tools and controls to smartly play around your daily activities, and come in a range of changeable watch faces, dial designs, and straps, with high battery power.

Activity Trackers Bands

Choose the smart band that defines your personality or inspires you to build your better, fitter, future self.


Activity Tracker Bands
  • When it comes to having an activity tracker to monitor your fitness, style comes as an important judgement factor to choose the one that should work for you.

  • Of-course you are going to wear it, flaunt it, and that thing on your wrist must look attractive and smart. And probably must offer you a host of color and designs to suit your preferences.

  • And besides the element of being in style, the one thing that matters the most is the functional aspects of the band to be built for performance and practicality.

  • The MevoFit keeps the pace with your needs and offers you the range that goes with your styling and usability requirements. Offering a range that is solid on battery performance with long operational time, ease of charge with USB direct or magnetic cables, or making you free from the worries of water, by offering IP-67 and 68 based waterproof capabilities for safe daily use.


  • The Health and Fitness Tracking functions of these devices include walking, running, calories burning, distance, prolonged sitting, sleep monitoring, heart rate, blood pressure and oxygen monitoring, and specialty based functions like ECG & PPG, or GPS tracking on map for your outdoor fitness ventures.

  • The wearable bands also exhibit a host of smart features to boost daily convenience in life such as push notifications to alert you of activities on phone like social, chat, calls, etc. and gadget functions like alarm clock, weather alerts, calendars, timer and stop watch, etc. And you also have power to control functions like screen brightness, watch face, finding your phone, auto on screen on twisting your wrist, camera and music functions on phone, all from your smart wrist band.

Activity Tracker Bands


Activity Tracker Bands

Owning a fitness band can make a big impact to your life by helping you alter your lifestyle with convenience with right guidance, backed by substantial evidence of day to day activity markers.

With ready assistance coming in readily from the device and the power of a premium fitness app, the combination can just do wonders to what has been difficult in keeping much before.

Activity Tracker Bands

When choosing to get a new gadget, you have to be confident about its effectiveness, distancing it from the usual clutter and fads of mindless want of new gadgetry obsessions.

An activity tracking device actually cuts the ice, and coupled with some objective data analysis and your commitment, it can help you make a big fat difference to your fitness and over all well-being.


Activity Trackres Bands
  • With the devices that are crafted for superior functional aspects coupled with outstanding hardware, technology and platform assistance, the gadgets enable the latest advancements available for achieving maximum fitness quotient.

  • They can form basis of your commitment towards activity and fitness tracking going hand in hand with your other daily activities. They keep working and monitoring you stats, whilst you keep busy with your schedules and daily work, and additionally workouts if that gets featured in your sundry chores.

  • Wanting to have a fitness device to assist you is a boon to your way of things, simply by adding a logic of facts and reason that seamlessly flows within the fabric of your daily movements and action.

  • The tracking devices are smart, and make you look and feel that your health, fitness and personality matters to you, and you are no ordinary slog without directions and affirmations.


  • The device is pair-able with the MevoFit Fitness Tracking app that transforms the way you perceive your health and daily activities by capturing, monitoring, analyzing and reporting the data load of your fitness and health regimes.

  • The app fully syncs all information from the device and makes it available to monitor over day-week-month or even year basis for progress backed with facts.

  • You can also keep your vital information, like weight, age, goals, and see your BMI, but also log in your daily food intake in the app to track the calories you add to yourself with each eating event. You can also take home workout videos without any equipment or gym workout schedules built within the app for taking the ante up.

  • With a solid and stable connection with your device, the premium app from MevoFit assists you in a fashion that is built for functionality and convenience with practical approach. The app and device functions operate on a fast and secure basis, to keep you trouble free while delivering solid performance.

Activity Tracks Bands


The range of MevoFit Activity Tracker bands are suitable for Men, Women and Kids. The host of design and functions
offers the selection that is practical for you and your needs.

Here is most optimized recommendations from us, with a host of color options to choose from:

MevoFit Drive

These activity trackers define power and function for daily basic use.

Most Suitable for Men and Women

MevoFit Drive Swim

These bands are perfect for daily fitness and the pro - sports, outdoors & swimmers.

Most Suitable for Men, Women, Boys and Girls

MevoFit Echo Dash

These activity bands come with a host of functions with sleek design.

Most Suitable for Women and Kids

MevoFit Drive Care

These activity bands offer a host of fitness, with superior health & heart care.

Most Suitable for Men and Women

MevoFit Slim

These trackers have the slimmest form with special for women.

Most Suitable for Women and Kids

MevoFit Drive Run

These fitness tracker bands are special purpose bands for runners & sports pro.

Most Suitable for Men and Women

MevoFit Drive Bold

These fitness trackers that look bold and beautiful with color screen.

Most Suitable for Men and Women

MevoFit Slim+HR

These trackers have the slimmest form with special functions for women.

Most Suitable for Women and Kids

With a bunch of choice in your hands, you can explore the device that you can pick and start the journey of making you at speed with your fitness goals with the assistance and style you relate to. The great thing about a fitness tracking band is that you can wear it with or without a watch on your other wrist. People sport these bands that look smart and chic whether you are wearing it solo on your wrist or if you already have a watch on your other hand, and yet that holds good. You can see a lot of men and women wearing one everywhere they go, be it home, work, gym, travel, leisure or just about anything that fits their daily journeys. And the kids too, both boys and girls have made it part of their accessories to be worn for the better of them, and assuring parents of a mechanism to watch out for their well being and physical fitness and progress.

In-fact it has become the new normal now to be wearing an activity tracking band, like carrying a cell phone device with you. It is also a statement linked to your state of mind and your determination to be on top of your good health and fitness quotient. So don't shy away, no longer, and don a cool new gadget that makes you look and feel smarter and strong, in style. Whether you are a Man, Women, Boy or a Girl, there is right fitness tracking and activity band of style and substance for you. Just take the plunge, and start re-defining yourself from today. Ready with your choice of activity tracker that would be the band of your choice - shop with style and confidence on the MevoFit online store to secure the best price and discounted deals, available online for the fitness band you want. And we will gladly ship your device with free shipping on most of the range.



  • Each kind of smart wearable range is available with a wide range of color options, that suit every need, style and personality. From the bold, colorful and trendy, to the more upright, classy and sophisticated.

Some of the color options in the device range are:

  • Black, Dark Grey, Light Grey, Navy Blue, Blue, Green, Red, Orange, Lilac, Purple, Silver, Gold, Metallic color options, etc.

  • At MevoFit, its - Your Choice, Your Preference, Your Style.


The MevoFit smart watches and activity tracker bands are compatible with all major mobile cell phone platforms - Android and iOS.

  • Android Mobiles : Samsung, Xiaomi (Mi, Redmi), One Plus, Huawei, Vivo, Oppo, Realme, Motorola, Lenovo, Honor, other brand cell phones

  • iOS Mobiles : Apple cell phones

Activity Trackers Bands


All MevoFit products a standard warranty of 1 Year against any manufacturing defects.
For full details on our warranty and exchange policies, checkout these links:

Warranty Policy

Warranty Policy

Exchange Policy

Exchange Policy

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The most wide range, variations and color options of MevoFit products is available on MevoFit Online Shop and MevoFit Fitness Tracker App.

  • Our range is also available on major online stores like - Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, PayTM

If you cannot find anything on our best priced shop online, it could be out of inventory, but we suggest to check with us on support, email or call to know if its available or will be coming next.



Wherever you purchase your MevoFit product from, the product support - help, setup, app, or other issues
and warranty support will be provided here on our Online website or the MevoFit app.

Here are the links for these issues for Product & Warranty Support:

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Just get in touch with us, and we will put our best foot forward to help resolve your issue proactively.


Want to learn how MevoFit Smart Tracking Technology helps you to keep fit and healthy?

Checkout the knowledge base that gets you at speed for everything you need to know about this phenomenal technology and how MevoFit Brand stands to watch your back in your journey towards a rewarding health, fitness and lifestyle.

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