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MevoFit brings to you its superior line of Dark Beat Wireless On-Ear Headphones. These high-definition stereo headphones are suitable for fitness-minded music lovers who want a deep, punchy bass and a dynamic power output.

These bold and stylish Bluetooth accessories come enabled with expandable memory and call support, and they are boosted by a sweat-resistant and skin-friendly experience. These headphones feature a prominent fresh and sporty look and are suitable for working and sports professionals, men and women alike.

MevoFit Dark Beat Z100

$ 95

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Headphones Fit Type

On-Ear Headphones

Connectivity & BT Version

Bluetooth 5.0 & Above

Headphone Features

Comfortable On-ear headphones, Multiple Operations, HD Sound, Sweat Resistant, Skin Friendly, Compatible with iOS/Android

Function specifications

Bluetooth, Microphone, AUX, SD Card Slot, Passive Noise Cancelling

Stand by time

300 hours

Talk Time

12 hours

Music Play Time

10 hours

Aux Connection



180 gms


Dual, Wired & Wireless


250 mAH


90dB + / - 3dB


16Ω + / - 15pct

External Support

Aux Cable (3.5 MM Jack) & SD card

Net weight

270 gms




As a premier specimen of peerless craftsmanship, MevoFit Dark Beat Headphones are your highway to a unique mix of sporty and professional style statement. You may count on its bold, classy, and trendy look to offer you just the attention that goes perfectly complemented with your music vibes.

They are designed for a superior music experience and for communicating with ease, even when you are doing some strenuous activity- be it at home, outdoors, or in a gym. We have engineered these headphones to provide seamless connectivity to your music and calls without being uncomfortable or difficult to use. Secondly, you can punch in your favorite music playlist in it through its SD card support and get going with your show instantly.

  • Premier Headphones with better Bluetooth v5.0+ connectivity
  • High-Definition Audio quality with 40 mm drivers
  • Superb sound quality with punchy bass and low treble
  • Ear-pads with protein muffs and swivel feature to adjust for the perfect fit
  • Seamless call support with dedicated mic
  • Play, Pause, Stop, Reverse and Forward + Volume Up and Down
  • Foldable and can be kept in a pocket
  • Can be used in wired or wireless form
  • Dedicated memory SD card support
  • Battery life of up to 8 hrs
  • Sporty design: can be folded and kept in pockets
  • Trendy colors with premium metallic shine
  • Sweat-resistant and skin-friendly
  • Lightweight and comfortable


There is a lot more that goes into the making of MevoFit Dark Beat Headphones and it is not just a simple mix of superior audio quality, a trendy look or call support. It is a lot beyond that and here’s how it all stacks up.

Your Music, in High-Definition

MevoFit Dark Beat Wireless On-Ear Headphones are powered by 40 mm High Definition Audio Drivers that churn out deep thumping bass and vibrant mid-tones and highs so you could always listen to your favorite music like it never was before!

A stellar combination of a strong and punchy bass plus distinct mids and highs ensures a superior musical experience every time. This results in an immersive audio experience for your favorite music. The headphone’s Digital Noise Cancellation is the next positive that will blow your mind away and it is not just limited to providing insulation for your ears.

MevoFit Dark Beat Wireless On-Ear Headphones pair equally well with laptops, PCs, Macs, iPhones, and Android phones through Bluetooth and the connectivity is stable enough to provide a seamless music experience. We have deliberately used Bluetooth version 5 because it is known as the best among all chipsets.

Engineered for an immersive and premium experience

These headphones are technologically engineered for quality of sound, comfort, and style without compromising on the mobility part. They are powered by deep bass, clear sound, and a wireless microphone (for call support). This results in a top-notch sound quality sound that can be best described as seamless and resistant to interruptions.

HD Music Drivers

MevoFit’s Dark Beat Headphones are your go-to accessories for a completely immersive musical experience for your favorite genre and songs, and you can wear them for longer durations without feeling tired or experiencing noise disruptions. This rides on the back of 40 mm High Definition Audio Drivers that provide a rhythmic and punchy response across a wide frequency range. This precedes its reputation of them being one of the best Bluetooth headphones under INR 4000 in India.

Call Support

With its seamless Bluetooth v5 connectivity, achieving superior call quality is a child’s play. MevoFit Dark Beat Bluetooth On-Ear Headphones come powered by a superior microphone to enable hands-free call support so you could be in sync with your A-game. This setup is boosted by a digitally-enhanced noise cancellation process that keeps unwanted noise of your surroundings out. You can simply power the headphones on, pair them up with your smartphone and you’re ready to roll!

Dedicated SD card support

With its expandable memory, you can insert a micro SD card in it so you could listen to ‘n’ number of songs even when you are on the go. It also means that you can fill it up with songs of different genres, with some requiring high bass or high treble, and this trendy metallic headphone will take them all in its stride.

Battery life

Every MevoFit Dark Beat Wireless On-Ear Bluetooth Headphone comes powered with a jumbo-sized 250 mAH battery to ensure 8 to 12 hours of continuous play on a single charge. It means you can enjoy music and HD videos and movies and teleconferencing all in one go!

The MevoFit Dark Beat Z100 Headphones offer you an immersive music experience without needing you to rob a bank. These cool and classy headphones are best suited for working and sports professionals alike besides being are equally suitable for men and women of all age groups.

Wired or Wireless- your choice!

We understand that working and sports professionals prefer to make a distinct style statement, and that’s exactly why we have equipped these headphones with a 3.5 mm jack and a connecting Aux cable so you could always have your say in your music. If the battery runs out, you can connect these headphones with an aux cable and use them in a wired form.

Play, Pause, Stop, Reverse and Forward + Volume Up and Down

Yes, you could enjoy all these controls on your headphones as physical buttons. You can play or pause, or adjust the volume or rewind or forward the music directly in the Bluetooth mode. There is no need to take out the connected cellphone every now and then to skip a few songs.

Sweat-resistant and skin-friendly

MevoFit’s stylish and classy Bluetooth headphones come with an IP-X5 certification that makes them sweat-resistant and skin-friendly. It means that you can wear them for longer lengths of time while strenuously working out or traveling or while attending a video conference (via its hands-free calling support) without feeling a thing with sweat or discomfort.

Comfortable even after long hours of usage

These are trendy on-ear headphones for men and women are use memory protein muffs and swivel earcups to offer a soft and flexible experience. These are padded supports for your outer ears that provide insulation of music and also make listening a better experience. You may also use them for video conferencing and ensure proper two-way communication with their enhanced microphone support and noise cancellation features.

Lightweight and Compact

Your music experience doesn’t have to be complicated and tiresome. MevoFit’s Dark Beat Z100 headphones weigh less than half a pound and their ergonomic build helps you enjoy the musical vibes. You may thus use these headphones for longer duration of time and get closer to your music every second with feeling tired.

Bold and Sporty looks in different colors

Available in Red and Black, MevoFit’s Dark Beat Z100 Headphones ooze a genuinely bold and sporty style statement with their well-rounded ergonomic design and attractive colors. They have a strong and sturdy metal frame with adjustable headbands and black-colored ear muffs so you could always keep all your music to yourself.

Please note that these bold sporty headphones have a distinct colorful metallic shine. They have that signature look and feel of a premium and genuine accessory that you should come to expect from a top brand any day. It is much unlike those cheap and plasticky headphones that are found a dime a dozen in the marketplace. That’s exactly why we are stressing so much on the ‘style statement’ part.

In case you’d be looking for some exciting discounts, we have you covered for that too. Please follow this page to know more about the deals and discounts that we offer on the MevoFit online store. Please note that most of the orders we process qualify for free shipping and you could be the one with the next!

MevoFit Dark Beat Headphones offer a punchy bass and a pronounced treble range by shutting you out from outside noise. You would be able to change the musical tracks and take any incoming calls at your discretion through its physical controls. Since the battery life is capped at 8 hours on a single charge, you can well multiply the effect by the same denominator to know the result of such an immersive experience!

Also of note is its unusual form factor that lets you use this over-ear headset in wired and wireless form. The latter form is just where its advanced Bluetooth version 5.0+ comes into play to offer you a stunning sound experience without bothering about the wires.

Not only this, you may also use the physical buttons to play, pause, stop, revise, and forward a track and also control the volume. It is fold-able across its sides too.

You may buy these genuine, over-ear Bluetooth headphones from MevoFit Store at the best prices today. We offer exciting deals and discounts to make your shopping experience even better. Alternatively, these classy headphones are also available on all leading eCommerce stores in India and the US.


Yes. MevoFit Dark Beat headphones feature Bluetooth v5 that helps in better utilization of Bluetooth bandwidth, thus offering you an immersive sound quality that’s free of static.

Bluetooth headphones disconnect frequently when they have low battery power left. Check if your headphone and your smartphone have enough juice left. Alternatively, you may simply plug in an Aux cable and use the headphone in the wired form to listen to your music.

Meant for working and sports professionals, MevoFit’s Dark Beat headphones offer a robust and classy feel to themselves. You may further care for them by keeping them clean and not using them in a rough manner. Take care of the wired cable and do not fold it unnecessarily. Do not keep it near electromagnetic devices that consume more voltage than it does.

No, it’s not recommended. While these headphones are made of top-class circuitry, fluctuations in voltage may override their resistance after 100% charging. Thus, you should not charge them for more than 2 hours.

While Bluetooth frequency doesn’t interfere with that of airplane’s communication frequencies, it is still advisable to check with your airline operator first. The headphones are more than okay for traveling by train and buses though.

The standard rule for Bluetooth connectivity is 7 ft.

It has a standby time of 300 hrs., talk time of 12 hrs. and music play of 10 hrs.

MevoFit assigns tremendous importance to the quality of its products. We have used high-quality manufacturing materials for the best acoustic experience. These headphones go through a series of quality checks with regards to their usability criteria that make them way different from their counterparts. Even the packaging material reflects the same philosophy because we serve the customer with the same respect as we give to our products.